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Posted October 27th, 2008 at 3:52am by satellite78
To be honest, I was not too fond of Jezel. In a shelter-type environment she proved problematic. Daily, she was the source of many yowls, and I would often find her and her victim in a cloud of flying fur.

Not to say that she didn't have her good traits. She was a gorgeous cat, a long haired tortie with a diva attitude to match. She was the official adoption center greeter, and gave everyone who walked through the door the chance to admire her.

I came back after Christmas last year, and Jezel had been adopted. Oh, happy day! No more fights! No more chasing her around the store with a water bottle, or losing fights to get her back into her cage.

Then, several months later, I was working at the adoption center when Jezel returned. Her owner carrying her sheepishly in her carrier, telling me that she couldn't keep her anymore. Her son was allergic, she said, but she was a great cat, and they were sorry to see her go.

I had never fully realized the trauma of a cat being returned to us, abandoned by a human, again. I made up a clean cage for Jezel, and her mom attempted to pull her from her carrier and place her in the cage.

In a send-off that was strictly Jezel, she peed on her. A river. All over her white sweater. Her mom left in a hurry, and never saw Jezel again.

As weeks passed Jezel slowly became her old self again, and started her greeting ritual. By this time I had gained a new respect for her fighting spirit, and her determination to find a new family.

A couple of weeks ago I returned to the adoption center to see that Jezel was once again adopted. By a nice lady, I was told, with a couple of grandchildren who doted on her, and she them.

A week or so after she was adopted one of my fellow volunteers received a call about Jezel. She was holding her breath, she said, but in a moment she realized that it was good news, really good! Jezel had made herself at home, like she was a princess. She jumps from bed to bed visiting the grandchildren, never quite sure which bed to finally curl up on.

And then she said the thing that will be in my heart and mind forever. She had taken Jezel to be groomed, just like a princess should be. And when she picked her up, she had ribbons behind her ears! Our little diva had ribbons!

And I just know that she loved them.
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