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Crazy Weather

Posted January 30th, 2008 at 11:42am by yomomma2
Yesterday the high here reached 72! We had a tornado watch. Today's High is in the 40's.

My kids are wishing for snow, lol
Hell I'm wishing for snow. I want to be snowed in for 3 days. Just 3 days.
We could drink hot chocolate , play cranium WOW and just visit with each other.

A few years ago about this time we had a big snow (big for Arkansas) we had the best time.
My kids built a 10 foot tall snowman. His bottom ball (snowball that is) was 6 feet across.
He was awesome! They had to use a ladder to put his hat and scarve on. (donated by our elderly neighbors)
The neighbors got a real big kick out of him too.

They barrowed the neighbors yard and snow (no kids better snow)
They wheelbarrelled snow from our yard over there to have enough.

It took them about 4 hours to build him. They also built a smaller normal size one of a lady in a bikini.

We live on a dead-end street . We never get much traffic here. But I guess word got around about the snowman or snowlady because our street had a traffic jam going on that day.

We have a chance for snow thursday night so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed .
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I know what you mean about crazy weather. The other day it was freezing here...well freezing for Florida (OK it was like in the 50's but that's freaking cold when you're not use to it anymore) and today it was like 84 and suppose to be the same tomorrow. I miss snow from when I lived in Tn (I can remember being snowed in for a week at a time and out of school...man those were the days). I really hate the cold though now so I'm OK with winter being over. Bring on the shorts, flip flops, and swimming in the pool already.
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