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Update on robbery...

Posted April 8th, 2008 at 1:35pm by catlady13711
I just spoke to the detective who is working my case and he filled me in on some very interesting info.. according to him, he talked to the two children who were home alone and they said their dad started a new job that day.. but.. when He came over to tell me the cops came and talked to them, he told me that HE talked to the cops and let them come in.. so.. there.. a lie... which tells me they wouldnt be lying if they didnt have anything to hide.

This, on top of them using my address and stuff had the detective curious and he is running a check on her now to see if she is wanted.. she had told me a story about loosing her kids cause of her friend turning them in for smoking crack, which I told the det. that too.. so, hes checking with human services and stuff.

I know i will never get my stuff back, but at least now I am sure it was them who broke into my house.. and im glad they moved, but im worried a little cause I dont know if they stayed in the area or left the state or not.. will be glad to find that out too.

Just wanted to post the update since more info came in.. Ill post any other developments as they come.
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Ever since I heard about them using your address and taking your stuff I've been wondering about identity theft.. meaning them using your name for things but I'm sure the detective would find out what with the paper trail and all.I hope they never coma back and that they leave you alone from now on. Just be glad they moved away!
Posted April 11th, 2008 at 4:40pm by webgirl256 webgirl256 is offline
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Wow. I hadn't read any of this recent stuff happening with you. The identity theft would bother me too. I remember them taking a bunch of your wins. That mail person is gonna be in deep doo. I used to be a postal employee, make sure postal inspection follows through on her. It's a felony what she's doing.

Hope everything will continue to get better for you and you get your new home soon. Luv that pic! lol.
Posted April 21st, 2008 at 3:44am by tawnjun tawnjun is offline
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