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New Blog System!?

Posted January 10th, 2008 at 11:30pm by Jennifer
Wow this is an interesting feature! One I guess that I never expected. A great added bonus.

Who am I on the forums you may ask yourself. I have had several people PM me and ask me who I am because I have a lot of posts but a different name. I changed my screen name for a reason, because it contained my last name. When I signed up I honestly didn't think i'd stick with this hobby, but that all changed. If you are curious to see who I was, all you have to do is scroll through my posting history prior to November 2007 and look for someone who quoted my posts. My original name will be in the quoted text. There are many sides to me, so if you just got done reading a thread that got a little heated, there are some explanations.

I am very opinionated. I try to keep my opinions to subjects that I know at least a little something about. If I'm passionate about a particular subject, I tend to voice my opinion a little more than I should. I don't hate anyone, I'm not a mean person. In reality I'm a shy, forgiving, Christian girly/woman who loves to write, be a mom, and love my animals.

I refrain from interacting with anybody that wants to argue about what a "true christian" is. There are folks on the boards here who feel the need to bash someone because something they did was "un-christian". Get real folks, even the purest of pure Christians make mistakes once in a while and do or say something stupid or ridiculous. It happens to all of us. Nothing riles me up more than someone telling someone else they must not be a true christian because of something they said on the boards. I don't have a problem with other religions or the non-religious.

I LOVE a good a debate. Some people call it whining, some people call it other things. A debate is a debate. It's not because I want to keep things going, it's because I am really interested in the topic at hand and I love hearing everybody's viewpoints on the subject.

For instance, the current JW thread going on.... it may sound like I'm doing some religion bashing, but I'm not. I think being a JW constitutes being a member of a cult, so it falls into a different category for me personally, so I feel it's ok to voice my opinion on the subject. Others will think it's bashing a religion, which is ok.

In my short life on these boards I have learned a lot about other people on here, and there are some I respect and others I don't because of some of the off the wall things they say.

Not everybody agrees with everything. This is a public forum. Some people think it's comical to have one thread devoted to grammatical errors. I think it's ok. Nobody personally attacks anyone, but all of a sudden you got folks coming in there saying it's the grammar police, even though it's contents are contained in one thread.

I am a techy geek-head. I'd like to think I'm just as experienced as FastFreddie on here and am open to answer anyone's questions on the topic of computers in general. I design web sites, do tech support, and even get into the complicated side of things. I have a husband who has a masters in computer science and is also available to help me if I need additional answers to a problem.

Also, roboform is one of my very opinionated topics. I'm working on every possible testing at the moment (programming wise) to test it out and it's detection capabilities, but preliminary research results tell me that it is untraceable... for those that care. That little test you see on a website isn't doing anything server side, just client side. It doesn't actually tell anybody on the other end that you are using roboform.

Again, the reason I post so much is that I love to write and can write and write and write forever. Sometimes I do take a break. I just had a 4 day break from forum posting (i think!) and I'm back joining the action.

I'll keep my blog postings to my very cool wins though, because nobody cares about anything else!!
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