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Notes From toaD's Lilypad 17 - toaD's Stock Tips

Posted February 14th, 2008 at 3:12am by Scary Snarky toaD
Wonder where your money will grow biggest in the next few years? What kind of job or product line will require the MOST new businesses and employees?

EVERYTHING GREEN, everything that helps people SURVIVE in adverse conditions.

Camping Equipment
Solar panels
building materials
Survival equipment of all kinds
Computers and electronics
New healthcare research
Health Care and all supplies
Transport vehicles
Water purification materials

You name it, BUSINESSES selling services and items YOU NEED TO SURVIVE will continue to find a market, even if Global Climate change were to do little more than it has been doing the past few years -- creating great havoc and putting people out of homes.

Put your money there, work for a business selling ESSENTIAL tools, equipment, or services needed in times of disaster, will continue to GROW in demand.

P.S. After you make million$ and million$ on my tips, please don't forget where this advice came from, lol!
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Lol!! You are so right though. I work for the environmental commission and am getting my degree in industrial safety, specializing in "green" works. Did a paper on this very subject last semester and the biggest growing sector is green industry.~~Jennifer

P.S.~~Happy v-day Joni,hope you had a great one, and thanks for the laughs about the bus ride the other day, priceless!
Posted February 14th, 2008 at 5:44pm by jking513 jking513 is offline

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