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July 19th, 2003, 11:07pm
I love hearing about everyone's animals. They seem to appear in lots of different threads, but I thought it might be fun to put them all in one thread. What are they--dogs, cats, birds, snakes? What are their names? How did they get their names? How old are they? Where did you get them? Any funny stories about them? Other memorable pets you want to mention?

I'll start: I have 3 cats, and their names are Jade, Willow, and Zoey. They're all female. (I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened!) Jade is 5, Willow's 4, and Zoey will turn 1 at the end of this month. Jade was a stray who started hanging out on the porch of a family I used to babysit for but the mom was terribly allergic to cats so they couldn't keep her. She was named for her beautiful jade-green eyes. Willow was also a stray that I found at this motel where I used to work. After a lot of thought she was named after the character of Willow from the TV show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," because she's really sweet and shy. We found old Zoey last year when my husband and I were eating out on the patio of this restaurant in Oklahoma City called Zio's, which is how she got her name--if she had been a boy it would have been Zio.

Can't think of anything really funny or crazy or strange they've done. Jade really likes to hunt straws and Q-tips and all of them are fascinated by the toilet, but I think that last part is true of all cats!

Anybody else?

July 19th, 2003, 11:14pm
Originally posted by Rapunzel676
Jade really likes to hunt straws and Q-tips and all of them are fascinated by the toilet, but I think that last part is true of all cats!

:laugh: My cats :love: straws and Q-tips - Bailey has to have a q-tip every morning and if you have a drink with a straw in it? You have got to guard it with your life because she is quick and will have it out and gone in no time.

My babies are Bailey and Smokey. They are a year and 3 months tomorrow. We had talked about getting cats for awhile and then one day Tony called and said he was looking in the paper at kittens and called this one home and they said they had some and that one was the runt and very ornery. Well we went and fell in love with the ornery one and one of her brothers. They are Bailey (which was the last name of the family we received them from) and Smokey (his coloring just screams smokey) and are the loves of my life. We totally treat them like they are our kids and they are spoiled ROTTEN!

Every morning we have a routine that we play "wand" with them (you know the wand thing with different attachments - feathers, etc) and then they get a treat. They chase us down the stairs meowing to play - they KNOW their routine! Bailey is very sassy and talkative and was the less independent of the two until she got fixed and now she is more independent. Smokey needs loving more from his momma and they are just the sweetest things ever.

Ok seriously I could go on and on and on about them so I will stop now :)

I know there is a pet picture thread somewhere and mine aren't up there yet:( Gotta shrink a pic and get it posted!

July 19th, 2003, 11:25pm
We found a sweet Shit zu back in 1998 along the highway. Nobody claimed her so she became a part of our family. We named her Sandy (Sandy Sue) because of her coloring. Decided to give her a companion and adopted another shit zu in 1999. Sandy was always a laid back "LADY" of a girl, we lost her in Oct 2001 of unknown reasons (her kidneys just stopped working and 2 vets told us there was no hope). To this day we only still have our second shit zu, her name is Kodiak Ann (Kodi for short). Right after we adopted her we went camping, she looked like a little bear thus the reason naming her Kodiak.
We miss our dear little "lady" very much, she is buried under my bleeding heart bush....we thought that was a proper place for her since she loved laying there when the weather was hot.
(Boy I didnt realize writing this would bring tears to my eyes... great question!).
Happy sweeping everyone....win lots!!!

July 19th, 2003, 11:27pm
We have an old greyhound named Blue... He adopted us. We were living in Tallahassee Florida at the time and I was in the back of the house. My wife yelled that there was a big dog in the front yard. When I came and looked out the front window, he was gone. I opened the door and he was standing right there. He walked right in and layed down on our couch and we have had him ever since. We found his race record online using the tattoo's in his ears and it also gave his birthday. He's now 12 and he raced for 2 years. His last race he was involved in a crash and was unable to race after that. His real name was King Mech and he had alot of wins during his prime. Now he just lays around and sleeps about 18 hours a day... If you want a great house dog, get a greyhound. He's a great watchdog too... If anyone broke in to the house he would just lay there and watch them clean us out :laugh: We gave him the name Blue because he is solid grey, also called a "blue". I did have to chase him once. He has storm anxiety and made a break for it when a thunderstorm rolled in and we had the door cracked open. All I could do was keep him in sight until he had to stop and pee. It was only then that I was able to catch up to him... Ever had to chase a greyhound? It ain't easy :D

July 19th, 2003, 11:33pm
My 7-year old cats are Rocko and Heffer, named by my kids after the Nickelodeon cartoon. Their mother died shortly after giving birth, so they were hand-raised. I think this confuses them, since they sometimes act very human (me, my family and friends have all heard Heffer saying "Mama").

Rocko's the real baby. He has to have his nightly cuddle (which is a good time to trim the claws). He drools like a baby when he's doing pat-pat. I usually have to change shirts after he's done.

The funniest thing happened when Heffer was 3 years old. Some guys were working in my attic and one of them scared Heff. He jumped on top of the washing machine, slid off, and became trapped upside down between the washer and the wall. I kept hearing this pitiful "mau," like in Maui, for about 15 minutes before I found him.

Heffer's fav "people" position.

July 19th, 2003, 11:34pm
What great stories you guys! Keep 'em coming!

Beverhart, my friends have a retired greyhound and he's such a great dog. Like yours, he's escaped only once but boy oh boy was he something! He caused quite a stir in the farmer's market that day! Other than that all he does is lay around just like yours and all the other animals (they have like 7) walk all over him. What's really cute is when their orange tabby cat curls right up next to him, imitating whatever position the dog's in--and their colors match too!

July 19th, 2003, 11:39pm
We have a 5 month old kitten named Gracie. Don't know why we named her that really, just that we wanted something cute and girly lol. We adopted her from a rescue they had at the PetSmart store. She *was* a long haired kitten but seems to be growing into her hair and it's not so long anymore :laugh: . She likes to chew pony tail bands. Not one left in the house anymore that she didn't chew in half. And she positively freaks if I try to clip her claws. Just today we did it and ended up wrapping her bottom half round and round in a blanket to keep from getting scratched to death, and my daughter held her head while I tried to clip. She makes the most god awful noise when I do this, like I'm torturing her. She's a cutie, and very affectionate when she wants to be, though she has the interesting habit of, errr, passing gas when she gets very relaxed in your lap, sooooo....she gets shoved off a lot :laugh: :laugh:

We also have a hamster named Bob, which my daughter got for her birthday last year. Why she named him that is anyone's guess, maybe that I cracked up when she mentioned it because it seemed so funny at the time. He's one cool dude, and loves to eat yogurt and bread soaked in milk (I figured this out when he was sick a while ago and I was trying to get him to eat...anything). He seems to know his name, if that's possible, because when he's awake and I walk near his cage I say "Hey Bob Bob" and he comes to the edge of the cage. He has a plastic ball that we put him in so he can walk around the house, and he seems to like that a lot.

Those are our 4 legged furry friends!

July 19th, 2003, 11:51pm
We have two dogs named rebel and samson. Samson is a red boxer we got from a pound in Florida. We go two dogs that day, the other was a female boxer named Delila. Delila passed away about two weeks later from parvo.:cry: We moved to Florida and about four months ago Samson didn't come in after being let out to use the bathroom. We found out several weeks later that a co-worker of my brother's had taken him and was fighting him. There's a lot of that here. We went to the man's house and he wasn't home. We were calling for our dog, and here came Samson, but we almost didn't recognize him. He was starving to death, and had open wounds all over his body. It almost made me sick. We brought him home and have been nursing him back to health. He almost looks like the same dog now, but he is a lot quieter, and doesn't like to wrestle with the kids anymore. Rebel was a stray german shephard-chow mix we found at a local shelter and we've had him about three months. They are both very protective dogs and love to roam the fields behind the house. They are members of our family, and we treat them as such. I am glad that there are others out there that think of their animals with such affection.:)

July 19th, 2003, 11:57pm
Oh goodness that is so horrible about Samson - I watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet and the stories are so sad :sob: and the people they arrest for fighting the dogs or inhumane treatment just don't seem to give a rats booty:( I'm glad you guys found Samson.

I had a kitty named Rebel once, she died of breast cancer:( That is one thing I always found so interesting the many ailments that humans have that animals also can get.

Ok I'm really done this time :)

Mary Beth
July 19th, 2003, 11:58pm
Let me toss Minerva down on the floor so I can tell you about my cats.

We had two cats, brother and sister. They were Bart and Jessica. We got them from my ex-sister-in-law in 1979. Bart died at age 5 from feline infectious peritonitis. But Jessie lived to the ripe old age of 19, dying in 1998. She was the sweetest cat. She always was allowed outside and she used to make friends with everyone who walked up and down the street. She loved to be petted, and would even put up with little children petting her. My granddaughter, at the age of 8 months, petted Jessica. When Amelia grabbed for her eyes or ears, Jess just walked away.

I was able to stand it for about 3 months. Then we went to the local pound.

DH fell in love with a 20-month-old cat - she was grey with tuxedo markings. The markings are not symmetrical, which DH really likes. She was given up for adoption because the owner found out she was allergic. From the sheet the old owner filled out, she walked on tables and counters, dug up plants and bit her owner. She has never walked on the tables/counters or dug up a plant and her biting is just little nips to get you to pay attention and she does that rarely. DH named her Bast, after the Egyptian goddess who has the head of a cat and the body of a woman. What Bast is good at is manipulation. She's got DH tied around her little paw. She climbs up on the Taj Mahal (DH made them a 5' tall cat tree - it sits in the center of the living room) and lets out a demanding "meow" and DH runs to get cat treats for her. We brought Bast home first and she thought this was a neat place - no other cats and two humans to pet her.

We also adopted Xena Warrior Princess and Minerva. Xena was my favorite. She looked like a midget, long-haired calico - I've seen pictures of Maine Coons and Norweigen Forest cats that looked like Xena. She was tiny when we got her and never got very big. Her top weight was 7 pounds, but she could take care of herself. She was found abandoned at the age of 4 weeks and had ear mites, roundworms, an eye infection and an upper respiratory infection. But she was a fighter and pulled through. Unfortunately, and surprisingly because she hated cars, she ran into the road in front of the house on January 30th. She was struck and killed. The car never stopped. My neighbor across the street called me and told me. I still mourn her passing.

We got Minerva so that Xena would have someone to play with, but Minerva was frightened when she got here. Another person had given her up for adoption, after keeping her for only 2 to 4 weeks. She said she was giving up Minerva because her husband didn't like the cat. Personally, I think husband and his dog (the existence of a dog was on the sheet) were terrorizing Minerva. I think the woman should have kept the cat and gotten rid of her husband and his dog. With us, she's much better, though I think she will always jump when something startles her.

So we were a family with three cats until I went off to take a stained glass class one Saturday. When I got home, I found out that DH had driven to Virginia and purchased a Bengal.

We named him Tigger. Bengals are a mixture of Asian wild cats and domestic cats, usually Egyptian Maos. They have spots all over their trunks, with stripes on the legs, head and tail. He's sort of taupe colored for the background with black markings. Yes, he's a beautiful cat. But he's also a bully. He's much bigger than all the other cats. Tigger weighs 16.5 pounds, with no fat on him at all. And, with this wild background, he's a hunter. DH put in a cat door, so Tigger brings in mice, birds, bunnies, etc. Sometimes they're dead, sometimes not. DH wanted a cat who could beat up any cat in the neighborhood. See, there was this big orange cat who used to harrass Jessica. The big orange cat doesn't come around anymore. He's lost his territory. Tigger's taken it over. Tigger's only ever gotten injuries in fights in the front - never in the rear. He never retreats. But he also likes to jump the other cats in the household. Xena used to fight back, until finally the two of them made peace and became hunting partners. Tigger is the cat who missed Xena the most when she died. He meowed and complained for months. Minerva has never gotten along with Tigger, and that's probably why her nervousness has never been completely cured. Tigger and Bast get along at times, until he decides he's going for her throat. He's only playing, but the others don't understand.

So now DH is talking about getting a cat larger than Tigger, so there's someone to beat Tigger up! I don't think it's such a good idea.

July 19th, 2003, 11:59pm
Rapunzel... That is funny... Our son, who is almost 3, like to pet him and pull his ears and never once has Blue even thought about snapping at him. Blue gives us this look that says "Please make him stop" :laugh:

July 20th, 2003, 12:00am
I have a dog named Liam. He's a black lab/daschund (sp?) mix. He is about the size of a small basset hound with thick black fur just like a lab. He has the personality of a lab, meaning he thinks everyone loves him as much as I do. He also is stubborn just like a daschund, meaning that he is only obedient when it serves his purposes.
My husband and I got him from a no-kill shelter about 5 years ago when he was just over a year old.
It took a long time for him to bounce back from the treatment he had received before going to the shelter. The only thing I know about his history is that he and his brothers and sisters were taken from their owners for cruelty.
Liam is a world traveler. We were stationed in Germany for 3 years and Liam traveled with us everywhere we went.
My husband and I did something kind of strange with Liam that may gross out some of you but my husband and I find it very amusing. When we first went overseas, we started taking pictures of Liam in each of the countries we visited. The gross part is that the pictures are of him peeing. We have a entire photo albulm titled "places Liam has peed". Yes, we know it's kind of twisted but both my husband and I have a strange sense of humor.
Liam now lives in Colorado. Behind our apartment complex, there is an enormous dog park. Which is one of the main reasons we chose where we live. He plays everyday with a lot of his dog friends and learned some new play habits from them. Some of them are good, some not so good.
Liam is very short. Much shorter than a lot of the other dogs so his way of slowing them down while they are trying to outrun him is to bite on their legs (only in play not with any meanness or agression) so that they have to slow down so he can catch up with them.
His favorite places are Petsmart and Petco because I let him walk up and down the toy and pick out his own toys. Which, since he has so many toys is now becoming a chore for him to find a new one that he doesn't already have.
Since the day Liam came into our lives, he has been treated like a son and will always be treated as such. Trust me, he manipulates me just like a child would.
I can go on forever about Liam but I won't subject you to any more babbling......lol

July 20th, 2003, 12:01am
Oh my goodness. I just saw the size of my post. I didn't realize I wrote that much....sorry guys......lmao

July 20th, 2003, 12:08am

That sounds like a great photo album... and alot like the sense of humor my wife and I have...:laugh:

July 20th, 2003, 12:08am
Hey, it's okay--everybody feel free to write as much as you want! Pets are so much fun to talk about, and I'm one person who loves hearing about them!

Beverhart, I know that look. James (the greyhound I know) gets it when the other animals are chasing each other under his legs. He also has the best begging face, hands down, of ANY animal I have ever known, and I've known a lot! Those big brown eyes and that long, sad face get me every time!

Mary Beth, I love the Taj Mahal idea! We have a fake ficus tree but I had to move it into the bedroom because the cats were always knocking it over in the middle of the night and making me think there was a burglar in the house!

July 20th, 2003, 12:11am


July 20th, 2003, 12:13am

We always ask Blue " Why the long face ?" :laugh:

We refer to him as the bottlenose freak and when he's begging, always during meal time, his ears look like bat wings... How could anyone refuse a face like that? The bad part is that if you feed him too much table scraps, he gets a bad case of gas... were talking gas that will knock a buzzard off a garbage truck!

July 20th, 2003, 12:21am
We have three cats and three dogs. In chronological order they are:

Cat 1) Kimba (11 yrs) shorthair domestic from the ASPCA. I chose her for two reasons: she was already named the name I had picked out, after Simba the white lion which I had remembered incorrectly as Kimba and she was the quietest cat there, sitting calmly with this queenly look on her face. She is now the loudest cat I have ever heard and she queens it over all the other animals. She fetches the rings from milk jugs and will bite your chin if you aren't paying enough attention to her.
Cat 2) Tio (10yrs) longhair domestic adopted from a family who's pet got 'knocked up'. We got him because my DH whined that Kimba only liked me. He got his name from the way my DH signs his name, Timothy, it looks like there is no m so Tiothy is his name. He drools like crazy and can leap onto the top of the fridge straight from the floor. His feet are HUGE.
Cat 3) Cinderella (1 yr) all black shorthair. She was a stray my mother adopted and brought to us to take care of until she moves in. Cinder isn't scared of the dogs, prefers to sleep on her back, feet in the air and if you pet her she will grab on to your arm with her mouth the whole time as if to say don't stop or I will bite.
Dog 1) Cleopatra (4 yrs) 'blue' and white Chihuahua. I have no idea how we came up with that name, we wanted something with a nut since her mom was Sweet Pea and her dad was Peanut but nothing worked and we came up with Cleopatra. She loves to eat vegetables, fetch and harrass the neighbors.
Dog 2) Sister Rosa Parks (6 yrs) nicknamed Sissy is my mother's Maltese. She is afraid of everything but loves people. She also loves to lick any exposed skin. She plays fetch with herself, throwing her toy up in the air and getting it back.
Dog 3) Gemini (1 yr) black lab/pit bull mix. She was found hiding on our friend's porch after a horrendous storm. After three days in our house, we discovered she had parvovirus ~75% lethal for most dogs. She spent a week at the vet's and he thought she wouldn't live. Both my DH and our roommate visited her there because the vet said it might help. After their visit she got better. She is now 70 lbs of bouncy health. She jumps up and down with all four feet in the air when she is happy, and twirls in circles when she is really happy.

I love them all, my pests! My DH says we don't have a house, we have a zoo! :laugh:

July 20th, 2003, 12:23am
I think that most dogs have an inbred ability to look starving, mistreated and unloved when they want whatever it is that you are eating. I must admit, I'm still a sucker whenever Liam does it to me. However, Liam has the same gas issues. More than once, I have wanted to make him sleep on the balcony because he made me physically ill.

July 20th, 2003, 12:29am
LOL, Beverhart, James has exactly the same problem! My friends are always have to light incense or something because that dog can clear a room in seconds flat with his "silent but deadly" gas! But you still can't resist that face, even when it's stealing your sandwich, lol!

Eg, your animals sound so cute! My sister has an American Eskimo too, and like yours, she's pretty bossy. She's only like 20 pounds but boy howdy, the big dogs do NOT mess with her when it's meal time! She's also really beautiful with her long, fluffy white fur but they have her shaved now since it's summer and it gets so hot here. She looks so small without her hair--when I saw her the first time after her shave I said, "Who's that dog?" My sister thinks she looks like a little lamb. :smile3:

Dwndrgn you have quite a collection but sounds like lots of fun! Like your Cinderella two of mine like to lay on their backs with their feet in the air. Willow actually "sits" like that on top of the cushions on our big chair so she ends up looking like a guy watching football! And I swear Jade thinks she's a dog--she greets me at the door, always wants attention, and has been known to fetch.

July 20th, 2003, 12:42am
I have 3 dogs and a cat. Two of the dogs are Maltese, and they came from a puppymill rescue. I named them Scotch and Jigger. At the time I got them, I had another little Maltese that had been given to me by a co-worker. His name was Thumper, and he was the dog I had wanted all my life, who showed me what having a dog around the house was really about. Two months after Scotch and Jigger joined us, I lost Thumper suddenly to massive seizures that the vets could not control. They think he had brain damage from birth that wasn't detected. Later on that same year we visited my brother in Kansas City, and came home with KaCee, a fiesty little Pomeranian. Scotch and Jigger had spent their entire lives in a wire cage, so they had no idea how to play, but KaCee sure taught them fast. Scotch is really just learning to play now, after 2 years. Jigger and KaCee chase each other all over the house, and Scotch has just started joining in. He's still not really sure what it's all about, but he runs after the others anyway.

And then there is Tiki, my cat. My son gave her to me in 1994 for my birthday. She is the epitome of a fraidy cat. You can't ever find her unless she wants to be found, then she'll climb up on your lap and demand attention. I have friends who have been to my house numerous times, and have never seen Tiki.

My son and his family have a 100 + pound boxer/Great Dane mix named Dakota, and Widget, a tiny Maltese, and Tidbit, who is KaCee's brother. Both Widget and Tidbit only weigh about 4 to 5 pounds. Widget is the solid white of a Maltese, and Tidbit is completely black. They look like negatives of each other. They also have Bastain, a big old tom cat who adopted Geri and I one day at the animal shelter.

That's my pet family!


July 20th, 2003, 1:20am
I love this thread and love to talk about my babies....

First off is my pug/dacshund mix - his name is Taco. My ex and I got him from Operation Kindness. The ex actually picked Taco out and we named him Taco for some unknown reason on the ride home. Taco first became the exs dog while we were living together, but one day Taco warmed up to me adn has been my shadow ever since. Taco is 5 and has been with me since he was 7 months old. The shelter found him wandering the streets eating garbage, which breaks my heart still. Taco obeys when he wants to , but is very loving.

Next up is Kego - she is a shelty mix. The anme Kego means "Hairy Baby" in Japenese and is also what silk worm babies are called. Kego come to me via the SPCA. My SO and I had wandered into an art festival just seeing what was going on. Walked into the childrens area to use the real bathrooms instead of the festival potties and the SPCA was there set up. We walked over and were looking at the animals and there was Miss Kego - hiding in the back of her crate scared to death. Well she was so needing ahome, so I decided to give her one. Now I can't get away from her - she is within 2 feet of me at any given time. She goes to no one else and looks at me with the saddest eyes and needs lots of love.

Finally there is Greysie - the name caome from Grey C or Grey Cat. Greysie was a stray kitten. Her mother gave birth to her and her 7 siblings right next to a busy highway that my SO works near. All 8 kittens have passed through this house, but Tiny miss was the most playful, so she stayed. Being untouched by humans for the first two months of her life has left a little wildness in her. She will want the occasional love, but it is alway on her terms, Picking up adn carrying is not allowed in her world and she is a great hunter. Her favorite game is to get under the sheets while I making the bed adn claw me through the covers.

Sorry this is so long.

July 20th, 2003, 1:57am
We have 2 cats. Both from our kids who couldn't keep them when they moved. So they're really our grandkitties... Beastie..(she was named Beast but a beast she isn't) and toonsis...(remember the driving cat on SNL). They're our best girls. They're indoor girls .
Beastie falls asleep on the arm of a chair and falls off. Then she gives us this look like why did you push me off. How rude of you. This happens at least once a day..
They won't eat or drink from the same bowls or do their business in the same box. But when we have a thunderstorm there they are hiding together. All snuggling while they shake. At the first sound of thunder I hear them running. Poor little girls.

July 20th, 2003, 2:15am
I have 3 cats...Sugar Magnolia (7), Calvin (5), & Hobbes(5). Heres their story..
I adopted Maggie from the humane society about 6 months after my kitten Coal died from antifreeze posioning. I don't really want to get into that..it was HORRIBLE. So, my boyfriend at the time wanted to get me a kitten (it was around my birthday) but apparently there is a "kitten season" and it doesn't fall around my b-day, so there were no kittens to be found in all of Tucson. We wound up going to the humane society and there was Maggie, a 6 month old tiny runt of a tabby with the biggest jade green eyes I ever saw. I had to take her home. I have a feeling she must have been abused b/c she is extremely skittish. She runs out of the room if I sneeze. She is an angel and loves me to death. her favorite toy is from the "weasel Ball' a furry weasel that is attached to a battery operated ball, needless to say the ball scared the hell out of her, so she tore the weasel from the ball and loves to walk around in the middle of the night with it in her mouth thinking its her "kill". So, it never gets lost I often find it in the food dish.

Calvin & Hobbes - Again, I thhought it was time for Maggie to have a friend. Me & my roomate went back to the humane Society & you guessed it, no kittens. So we went to the worst possible place in the world for me to go with thoughts of adopting a cat...the POUND. OMG...I wanted to save them all, that's how I wound up with two. I Loved Calvin,all grey with green eyes,
he was so cute, meowing like crazy, I'd take him out of the cage & hold him & he'd stop meowing, I put him back in and he would start up agian. My roomate her Hobbes in the palm of her hand, a fluffy white &t tan siamese/burmese mix with blue eyes (crosseyed). She said "Don't get him (pointing to Calvin), Hes too noisy". I was under a lot of pressure, they were both on death row. So I left with 2 kittens.

Calvin is the best, I've had people offer me money for him. Even people who don't typically like cats, love Calvin. He has such a great personality and he loves everybody, especially if they rub his belly. His favorite toy is shoelaces. You take your sneakers off in my house, tuck in your laces. When I wake up in the morning there is always a shoelace in my bed. He also LOVES tape & plastic, which I have to be careful of, so that he doesn't eat it. NO tinsel on the tree for christmas.

Hobbes..well Hobbes is the demon seed. B/c of his mix I suppose, he's quite ornery. He is always getting into trouble & driving Maggie crazy, but I love him all the same. He loves bottlecaps.

When I left AZ, I brought them back with me. I went to my live with my grandmother & my parents thought 3 cats were too many..."leave one there" they said. They have 3 kids..I said "which one of us would you leave behind?" So all three came with me.

So, one day calvin got out the back door (all three of them are fixed, but they love to go out). When he came back, he went into my grandmothers room, which i thought was odd. I looked more closely at him and saw blood on his hind foot. I freaked, called my brother & rushed him to the emergency room (it was a sunday). He needed emergency surgery, he was hit by a car. i contest this b/c I cant imagine how he would have jumped over a 6 foot fence, and came up the stairs to the house in that condition, but animals are known to do amazing things. they couldn't perform the surgery there so I had to bring him to the city, the Bobst hospital. Turns out he had a Diaphramatic hernea, all of his insides were pushed inside his chest & he couldn't breathe. they had him in Kitty ICU. $3000+, 5hrs of surgery, a team of doctors, and a week in the hospital Calvin was as good as new. When they said they could fix him, I said fix him. I couldn't imagine being without him. He is closer to me than ever before, if possible, as if he knows I saved him..twice.

Sorry to have gone on & on, but I love my cats, it's late & I'm bored. I loved reading all your stories. :grin5:

I will attach pics when I shrink them down

July 20th, 2003, 2:34am
We have one kitty -- Lola. We gave her the name because "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" (you know the song?). She is almost 4 years old and she is really our baby. She is just the most lovable thing ever, loves people and follows us around like a dog. Speaking of cats having people-type ailments, Lola has a touch of asthma and last year she blew out her ACL just like a football player. You know you love a cat when you will spend $1000 so they can have knee surgery! Oh well, whatever Lola wants... Lola gets!


July 20th, 2003, 4:14am
We have two cats. Our first is baby, where not sure how old she is because she was a stray that we let in the house one day and she decided not to leave. We have had her for 4 years. She is huge!!! And has 6 fingers on her front paws. They look like boxing gloves. She is loving only when it suits her( which is not often enough ) but we love her still. 4 months ago another stray come to our front porch(DH fed her/him) and her/him hasn't left. We named her/him Timmy kittie. We decided not to let her/him in the house as Baby would freak out. So he stays outside, rooms the neighborhood and comes to the door at exactly 630am and 430 pm when my DH goes to work and comes home. Last week we decided to give him a bath. He was eating and I said Timmy Kitty we are going to give you a bath this morning. He looked at me with this NO WAY face and took off. SO needless to say he hasn't gotton a bath yet, but I asm still trying. I want a dog but we are going to wait till Baby is no longer with us since we feel as Queen of the house she wouldn't like to share her throne.:grin5:

July 20th, 2003, 4:28am
Tongo’s Story
By Tongo

Mmmm, mmm, good! Mmmm, mmm, good! That’s what Tongo is, mmmm, mmm, good. Oh, hi. My name is Tongo and that is what I tell anybody who will listen (and some that don’t). I am an African Grey Parrot. I live with Ron, my dad, Debbi, my mom and Paul, he is a ten-year-old human. I know all their names and say them often. I love to play tricks on my humans. I make the sound of phones ringing, microwaves beeping and doors opening. Sometimes, when I make the telephone sound I answer it and hold a conversation, i.e., “Hello…,uh huh, uh huh, yeah.. the prettiest bird you ever saw! Uh Huh, okay! Love you, bye.” But, there are plenty of times that I just want to play a stupid human trick and make my house noises to see who I can attract. Did I mention I do voices too? I can do Debbi calling Ron and Ron calling the dogs but my personal favorite is Ron reprimanding Paul. When I do this voice it places me higher up in the pecking order (excuse the pun.)
I love my family but it wasn’t always that way. I used to live in a different home where nobody talked to me and nobody was ever home with me. I was not loved because sometimes I bite when I get scared and the people I lived with did not understand what scared me. Being lonely scared me, not being fed properly and played with scared me too. People sometimes forget when they see a pretty bird like me that we require more care than most pets and that we can live for a very, very long time. The family I lived with must have not known these things because they left me alone all day, only fed me cheerios, and got angry at me when I bit there son (I was innocent I tell you, the kid was playing way to close to my cage). Well, that was the end of the line for me. I ended up as a three line classified add in the Inquirer the very next day.
Luckily, Debbi was looking for me. Ron had heard about my brand of parrot (African Grey) and how smart we are. I am the smartest of all the African Greys but they did not know that yet. Anyway, back to my story. Debbi was reading the classifieds because she had researched parrots when Ron decided that he wanted a talking bird. She found out that parrots require tons of care and a lot of attention. She had other pets but thought that a bird would be a good addition to their family. So she called the phone number in the want ad. I heard the conversation and I was scared. I only liked men at the time and did not want any women to come and look at me! When Debbi showed up she brought Ron with her. I guess that helped a little. They took me home that night (me, my cage, my perch, half a box of cheerios and a cup of pine nuts). That’s all my old family gave me but they really gave me much, much more! I got a new lease on life!
My new family only cared about what I wanted and needed. They played with me every day and talked to me all the time. At first I was very nervous and bit them as often as I could get them. I especially enjoyed biting Debbi. Did I mention that I hated women? But after awhile that changed too. I started to like Debbi a little. She fed me and talked to me. I learned most of my four hundred plus word vocabulary from her. Now, we have some great conversations. Here is a typical one:
Me: Debbi
Debbi: Yes, Tongo?
Me: Tongo needs breakfast, with apple and pine nuts.
Debbi: Okay Tongo
Me: and water…
Debbi: Soon Tongo
Me: warm water! One, Three, Four, Five!
Debbi: You forgot Two Tongo.
Me: Tongo right! One, Three, Four, Five!
See what I mean? I am really smart and now I am happy too because the family I lived with recognized that we were not a good match. I was lucky that another family researched my needs and decided to adopt me instead of getting a brand new baby bird. Hey, I know I have issues but doesn’t everyone? How would it if your family gave up on you the first time you did something wrong? Okay, well maybe it wasn’t my first but whose counting? One, three, four, five…… watch it! Tongo Right!

July 20th, 2003, 5:00am
Atlas, just yesterday won the"biggest dog" contest on base! We went home with a giant size kennel (strapped to the roof of the car) and treat goodie bag! (He enters contests too). He is a black and white Newfoundland and is 150lbs.
In Belgium, where we got him, the kennel club rules state that the name of the dog be beween 3-10 letters long, and must start with a particular letter, the letter of the year. He was born in 2001, so all dogs born in that year MUST start with the letter "A" (his mom's name is Xotica, dad is Yardo). SO, we were going through the dictionary ....Alcatraz...Albatross...Amenotep...Afflack...Armpit...my favorite was Attack, thought that would be funny yelling his name in public.
Although the breed is large, they are called the gentle giant, they are really mellow, great with kids, barks when someone is outside the door ( if he isnt laying in front of it), and are built to swim with their webbed feet, and save lives in the water. BUT they drool, so it's not a dog for everyone.

July 20th, 2003, 6:45am
Oh, I love talking about my babies:

First there is Brandy - she was a rescue, and is about 90 % german shepherd with a little lab thrown in. She tips the scales at a bit over 90 #'s now. During the winter months she comes in at around 100 #'s, but right now she gets a lot of exercise an does a lot of running. When we got her, she was so tiny, and such a runt. I was still staying with mom and dad as I had just gotten transferred back to my area after being in the academy and downstate for a couple of years. Dad's like "I wish you would have waited until your place was finished before you got her". One night, shortly after getting her, Mom and I went to Bingo, and I asked Dad what he wanted me to do with her, and he said to put her in the bathroom, on her blanket and to shut the door. When Mom and I came home a few hours later, Dad was asleep in the chair with Brandy curled up in his arms sound asleep..he is just in love with her, and spends time with her everyday.

Then there is Frankie (named after Frank Sinatra) the cat - who is pretty sure he is a dog. He was also a rescue from someone who had bred a form of the wild cat family "bengals" to a domestic. He's in between 17-20 #'s. The colors on him are so beautiful and his tail is so long. I taught him to fetch, and when you tell him to sit he does, and he also shakes. He's a indoor baby, doesn't go out. He loves to cuddle, and be close to me, right now he is right at my feet.

Also there is Bogie (of course named after Humphry Bogart) who is my sable ferret. He and Frankie are so funny to watch chasing each other in and out of the cat condo. Then I also have numerous fish (gold fish, mollies, red fin sharks, algae eaters).


July 20th, 2003, 8:36am
All live outdoors on my 3 acres, but we are surrounded by a cattle lease and far from the road. They have a huge shed with kitty door in the side for cold or rainy weather. Many sleep there during the night.
Honey is 1/2 Persian and 1/2 romantic stranger. She is 10 years old. I named her Honey because that is what I wound up calling her the night she came. We went to get her in another town. Once we were back and planting vines, I had to keep her out of the way. So, I was saying, "Come here, Honey." The name just stuck. She has a speckeld coat of brown, gold and tan. Hard to describe it. I had the pick of 6 kittens and they all were beautiful. I got her from a coworker. The only thing different about her is that she has a dime-sized dot of white fur in between her ears. That is how she was picked. She is the alpha female and doesn't take bull from the others, even though she is smaller than them.
Flopsy and Mopsy are sisters from the same litter. It is hard to tell them apart-they are nine. They are 1/2 Himalayan and 1/2 Persian. They are dark gray with white chests and feet. They are beautiful in the wintertime. One has the color of eyes like Mountain Dew. I got them at a garage sale. The lady asked if I would like a kitten and I asked to see them. When I saw those 2 I started to vibrate/shake. I knew I wanted them, but at the time I had Honey and 3 others. I told her to hold them for me, but my Mom suggested I go ahead and get them before someone else did. So, I called my husband and told him I found something at a garage sale I wanted. After a few questions I said it had gray fur, so he knew he was in for trouble. He said ok and I went and fetched them. He thought there was to be only 1, but they were so much a matched set I would have never considered one and not both together.
Annie, Archie and Marvin are sister and brothers from a calico momma. They are a little over a year old. I found them at the a garage sale. Annie is calico and very small. Her hair is slick, the colors are white, gray, orange and tan. A cute face, too. She is quiet and layed back. My daughter named her. Archie is the orange and white. He tends to arch his tail-that is how he got his name. He is fiesty and the dominant male. Marvin Thomas is gray and white tuxedo marked. He is very loving, but shy. He like his brother, is long bodied with a long tail. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Though I have seen them work as a threesome to run off other cats. At first the other cats didn't accept them, but then when they grew up, it all worked out.

July 20th, 2003, 3:14pm
Awesome stories, guys! I woke up this morning looking forward to these and I wasn't disappointed. Keep them coming! :cheer:

July 20th, 2003, 3:47pm
My dog died last Monday.

July 20th, 2003, 4:00pm
Sorry about your loss Norstar. It is always hard to lose a pet. Said a prayer for you and your family.

July 20th, 2003, 4:00pm
My girlies:

Scampers is a shorthaired black and white kitty. We adopted her from the local pound when she was a baby. She is very shy and is afraid of her own shadow. We have nicknamed her Weinie.

Callie is another adoption from the pound. She is a short haired, calico/tiger. Every action of hers reminds me of Hobbes, from Calvin and Hobbes. She has a slight birth defect of her mouth, which makes her fangs very pronounced. She had a very bad gas problem when she was a kitten. Pheww, never failed to let one go when company came to the house. Her nickname is Stinky.

Twiggy is our newest baby. I have written about her before. Last year she was an abused kitten that lived next door to my parents. She would cry so much when we would drive up the driveway and she would try to get into the car. After visiting my father one day, she came running over mewing so much and was all wet. She was making a awful mmmph sound too, like she was having a hard time breathing. I scooped her up and found she had been sprayed with a pine cleaner. Her poor skin was so hot. I ran her into my parents house, put her in the tub and sprayed her down with cool water. She just sat there and let me spray her all over. I bundled her up and brought her home, where she fell asleep in my arms still wrapped in the towel. She was brought to the vet who had to do numerous tests on her to check for organ poisoning. They used a very long needle to collect urine from her bladder and to take blood from her little veins. She never made a sound or moved. Such a good kitty. She had a severe bladder infection and was extremely thin. (that's where the Twiggy name came in) I was on the bed with her a few days after we brought her home, just petting her and telling her how no one would ever hurt her again, when I noticed little dried blisters on the tiny pads of her paws. I started to cry. Evidently, someone had burned her feet too. Poor little baby, no animal should have to go through torture. Today, after antibiotics, misc. meds for parasites, loads of food and love, she is a healthy and loving cat.
Right now all 3 are sleepng here in the living room. Callie, in her favorite Hobbes sleeping position-on her back with her back toes curled. Scampers, on the floor up against the couch looking like a baby cow and the baby Twiggy, also on her back on the couch with a little smile on her face. Love my girlies. :love:

July 20th, 2003, 4:01pm
So sorry for your loss Norstar1.

July 20th, 2003, 4:03pm
I have one rabbit named Buffalo, who we adopted almost 6 years ago when he was 2 years old. He's an American Fuzzy Lop who was languishing in a cage, pretty much forgotten by his owners, not even being fed at times. They had named him Floppy, and we wanted to give him a new name. I studied him for a couple of days, then it struck me that he looked like a miniature buffalo, and not at all like a traditional rabbit. He had a wide, rather flat face, shaggy fur that was very much in need of grooming, and full of mats and clumps, and pretty much of a humpback, when sitting. To me, he was very reminiscent of the buffalo I had seen on nature programs, so he ended up with this unorthodox name. He now lives a life of luxury in the house, never caged, and is spoiled rotten. What was one family's trash to be discarded, turned into our wonderful treasure.

July 20th, 2003, 4:04pm
Hi all here is todays funny story. Tasha my 2 yr old Dobe, Shepard little husky part demon seed. Yes this is the same one who was sprayed in the face by the skunk

I was sitting on the couch reading this thread she lays down on her doggy bed and guess what shes playing with.....

a key lime! I had apparently dropped it off the counter. You should have seen her face when she accidently bit into it! But she was enjoying playing with it so she kept tossing it around and would stop whenever she got juiced!

July 20th, 2003, 4:14pm
Norstar I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Losing is like losing a close friend. You will be in my thoughts. I hope you find the strength to get through this very difficult time.

Tigress what a cute story! I remember a few years ago I had one of those mini pumpkins in my kitchen window for Halloween and it kept winding up on the floor. I thought it was falling. So I would replace it. After a while it just disappeared completely. Months later I found behind the TV cart in my bedroom, shrivelled and full of tiny teeth and claw marks! Apparently the kitties thought it was some kind of delightful new toy. Must not have tasted too great, though!

marilyn lux
July 20th, 2003, 4:16pm
Two cats now, Snickers 13 and Sam 3. Snickers is my son's cat and named her when he was 10. He can't remember why now. He brought Sammy home three years ago as a kitten because his cousin's girlfriend's grandmother didn't want him any more, and since his cousin's cat was female he was afraid they would "get together" and didn't want his cousin dealing with a litter.

Snickers is very sweet and loveable but Sam is just demented.
He'll jump into the car if the window is rolled down a bit and then pop his head up in every window looking "trapped" he kind of reminds me of a mime-in-a-box routine. After he is done he'll jump out of the car again.

Neither cat likes other cats, so there is always a cat-fight since the neighborhood cats like it here. I jjust spent $250 on Snickers latest cat-scratch absess. She's old and never wins,but she starts the fights.

I have had animals my whole life and can't imagine not having one.

I love all the other stories here!!

July 20th, 2003, 4:24pm
I have four cairn terriers, Dobee Do, Scruf Berry Muffin, P.P. Puddles and Puppy. My husband bought me Dobee for Valentines day. We got Scruf Berry from a rescue, he is quite nasty nobody else wanted him, he once bit my husband up pretty bad but all in all he is a great dog, then Puddles since I had two boys I went and got a girl to breed my dogs so we ended up with Puppy. And I need to mention Howard half shepard and half beagle we had him 12 years just lost him to a stroke. God Bless my Howard. Puppy bites anyone who is not a member of my family started biting at 5 weeks old so we had to keep him. Bit the Vet down to the bone, So my babies are as cute and loveable as can be, but meaner than junkyard dogs. My Dobee loves to swim in the ocean , he has goggles and flippers and has never eaten dog food. I COOK ALL HIS MEALS FOR HIM. He is my best friend. Then well I have three cats Purrdy 2 years old, Lucy 8weeks and Pusswhatty 8 weeks old. Adopted from a shelter. Had a cat Jupiter 28 years he passed away last spring. We went to adopt a new one and came home with three. I have a bunny snowflake the most behaved of all she is 5 years old and housebroken. She goes in and out a little door we have for her. Had a parakeet but Puddles ate her. Came home and found the dog in the bird cage with feathers in her mouth. Then I have lots of fish (19) my pleco is 12 years old and alot of fun. Well I love animals more than people so anytime there is a dog in need I give them a home. At one time I had 12 dogs abandoned I had them fixed trained them and found them good homes. I also raise seeing eye puppies. Zimmie was the most recent a beautiful golden retriever just left to befriend a blind person. We miss him but a new puppy should be arriving soon. :cheer:

July 20th, 2003, 4:26pm
Ok here it goes! (our dogs)
#1 Binkie. Binkie is our 2 year old beagle. We got her at Tully's Kennel. It's a place that has tons of the cutest puppies that you have ever seen! We were actually on our way to a farm in Iowa to look at a Wiemeraner (sp?) pup. Tully's is right off of the interstate, so I said lets go there first. So we go in, and we are looking at all of the puppies, when we notice these 2 little beagles in a cage. Binkie was the only beagle with an all tan head, and there was just something about her. I said shes the one! DH and I had no idea what to name her. I was looking through a magazine, and happened to see an editor with the first name of Binkie, I thought it was cute and that is how we picked her name.Binkie is ALWAYS hungary, she has a cute pot belly!Binkie is mommy's girl.
#2 Daisy.Daisy is our 2 year old Plott Hound mix, not sure what she is mixed with, but she has very unusual markings. We were watching the local news, and on Fridays they have a little segment called adopt a pet (humane society). They showed a little dog about the size of Binkie, and we thought that Binkie would like to have a friend, she was getting bored being all by herself. So DH and I went down to the humane society, the dog we had seen on tv had already been adopted. So we looked around. DH was immediatly drawn to this thin and very scared dog. She wouldn't even come to the front of the kennel. But DH had to see her. So we went into the playroom and played with her, she was already attached to Shane. We brought Binkie in the next day to meet Daisy, and they were playing and having fun, and we brought her home! She is still scared of everything, and she is defiantly daddy's girl.The people at the humane Society said that her previous owners had left her in the overnight drop box :( and didn't even know her name (they named her Daisy). I have a feeling that this is why she is so scared of everything!
You can see their pictures on this forum http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46170&perpage=15&highlight=pets&pagenumber=6
These dogs are spoiled rotten! They love to go to my parents house! We say "do you want to go to grandma and grandpas house and see Ziggy (parents dog)" and they FREAK out!

July 20th, 2003, 4:54pm
Pets are family members. Our 10 year old shih-tzu is daddys baby girl and mommas teddy bear. I believe that the love she was shown in her illness helped pull her through as much as the work of the great vet.

July 20th, 2003, 5:15pm
Ok, here we go again! (lizards)
#1. Puff. Puff is my Chinese Water Dragon. I got him about a month (November 2002) after my 8 year old Iguana died from a kidney infection. I was heartbroken! I wanted to get another iggy, but they are now illegal in our city. (because they can get to be over 6 ft,) So, DH was at PetCo getting food for our other lizard, he called me from his cell and said "they have Water Dragons here!" I wasn't sure if i wanted a new guy yet, but Shane came and picked me up and we were off to see the dragons. I looked in the cage and saw this little green guy hanging upside down from the cage top. I knew that I had to have him! When I got my iguana, she was hanging upside down from the cage top too! So we brought him home. I had to pick a name. When Water Dragons get older, there "cheeks" get really round, so I thought Puff would be a good name. (puffy cheeks) He is such a sweety, he just sits in my hand and loves to be petted!
#2 Staley. Staley is our 1 year old Bearded Dragon. He is name after Layne Staley, the lead singer of Alice in Chains. (one of DH's favorite bands) DH wanted to get some fish and I said no. (I think fish are boring) So, we decided another lizard would be fun to have. Staley is a funny character. He loves to come out and sit in the window. But, when we try to get him out, he becomes very territorial and tries to bite. He never does bite, but he likes to act tough. He will sit in the front window for hours, if we let him. He loves to watch people play pool. (we have a table in the basement) Staley LOVES apples and grapes. I will ask him if he wants apples, and he will run by his bowl and wait for them.
#3 Sidney. Sidney is my Malaysian Gold Gecko. A friend of ours is a locksmith. He was out on a call (this March) and some guy gave him the gecko as a tip! Ryan works 5 pm -4am, and really didn't have time to take care of the gecko, so he asked me if I would adopt it. I couldn't wait to se what the gecko looked like. The previous owner didn't tell Ryan anything about the gecko, so I had to do some research! Sidney is named after Sid Vicious. When I got her, I had assumed that the she was a male. Until I saw her hanging upside down from the screen top. I knew she was a girl, so instead of Sid, I changed her name to Sidney. She has the funniest personality!
#4 Nancy. I just got Nancy about a month ago. She is also a Malaysian Gold Gecko. Shane and I were at Petsmart getting crickets for Puff and Staley, when we saw it. I used my $25 pre-paid Mastercard that I had won from Hershey's to buy her. She is just as silly as Sidney is! She LOVES banana baby food. She is alot smaller than Sidney is, but they love to run around and play. Unfourtanatly, we don't know if Nancy is a male or female yet (not old enough to tell), I hope that she is a she! Nancy would be a funny name for a boy!!
#5 Cyan. Cyan is a Mountain Horned Dragon. Once again Ryan (locksmith) asked me to adopt him. Ryan's room mate wasn't taking care of him. Ryan said he couuuuldn't let the poor lizard live like that! So Ryan stole him and brought him over here. Cyan was in bad shape, the first night we had him, he was very dark and hungary. I gave him a bath and he had some food. The next night he was bright and vibrant and very happy! He has only been here for about 2 months. Cyan wasn't handled very much, so he is kind of skittish about being picked up. He is a very unusually lizard. He actually changes color to match his mood. He turns a dark brown when he is upset, and turns a green color when he is happy. His spikes turn yellow when he is mad too! Ryan didn't know his name, so Shane and I had to name him. We picked Cyan because it was the middle name of our friend who had OD'd on heroin.
All of our lizards have very distinct personalities. They can be very bratty sometimes! But, I wouldn't trade them for anything! They are all spoiled rotten!
Pictures here! http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46170&perpage=15&highlight=pets&pagenumber=6

July 20th, 2003, 5:52pm
Sorry norstar, what a beautiful German Shepard. Our prayers are with u:grouphug:

July 20th, 2003, 6:03pm
Norstar------I am truly sorry that your dog passed. My dog also died a month ago. Time will help heal our losses. Hang in there.

Prezli------Loved Tongo's story and it was only fitting that he should be the one to tell it. Great story. I am a bird person too. and a cat person, and a dog person. I have a few of each. Nothing outstanding about any of them, but they are all very special to me.

Loved reading all your stories . They were great. Thanks for starting this thread Rapunzel. What a great idea.

July 20th, 2003, 6:09pm
Ok here is Calvin, I forgot I had him entered in Care 2 pets. This was taken right after the surgery. I had to cart him around with me so that he didn't jump around or play/fight with the other cats. My Dad took the picture...he's a professional Photographer, although Calvin is a most excellent subject:D

July 20th, 2003, 6:23pm
We have 2 cats, Kassie and Violet. They are my babies (since my daughters are now 5 and 7) and are definately family members. They are indoor cats only. Kassie is 1 1/2 and Violet is 3 1/2. They are so cute and loveable. Kassie likes a lot of attention and affection. Kassie likes to sleep on top of the covers at my feet and Violet likes to sleep under the covers curled up against someone. Usually Violet sleeps with my 7 year old daughter, but in the mornings will come and cuddle up to me. Violet likes to scoot her water dish out to the middle of the hallway and dip her paw in it, then like her paw, and does this over and over. Then she will drink the water out of the bowl. Violet loves cat treats, but Kassie doesn't seem to care for them. Kassie likes to sprawl out whereever she is, but Violet likes soft places to lay and likes to curl up into a little ball. They both like to lay in windowsills with the window open and feel the breeze through the window screen. My husband gives them a shower about once a month before they get their Advantage flea treatment, so their fur is always soft and well cared for. I keep teasing my husband that I want another kitten, but right now we are actually thinking about getting a dog. My daughters want a hamster, so we are considering that too.

July 20th, 2003, 6:26pm
Leslie - My cats LOVE the breeze too! Especially Bailey - she will get up on a chair under the AC ducts to feel the breeze - I hate that it is a zillion degrees so they can't have their open windows. They know when we usually have them open because they will go to the sliding glass door and mew up a storm until its opened and they can get a breeze and watch the rabbits, squirrels and birds on our patio. Cats are crazy animals - :love: them!

July 20th, 2003, 6:26pm
We have a cute little Maltese named Beau pronounced "Bow" like you put on a gift..lol

We got him about 4 months ago from some neighbors that couldnt keep him. He is a cutie and I concider him my lucky charm:)

Before him we had a long haired american house cat, we had her for 6 years before she was taken from us by cancer. We will always have a place in our heart for her..she was very special to us.

Below is a picture of Beau

July 20th, 2003, 6:33pm
Here is my baby Smokey

July 20th, 2003, 6:35pm
And my baby girl Bailey

July 20th, 2003, 6:35pm
One dog and her name is Daisy. I mentioned her in the "How did you choose your screen name? thread. She's a boxer. The best dog I've ever had. She has a slight heart murrmer so is not quite as large as most Boxer get. I trained her myself, she hardly ever barks and is very gentle with kids. I would own another Boxer in a New York minute!

It's good to see all of your cute family companions in this thread.

July 20th, 2003, 6:35pm
I have 2 dogs. MAX, he's 11 years. Found him when he was 4 months. He was a beautiful big red ball of fluff covered with ticks. The vet had to dip him 3 times. He now has bad arthritis in his spine and legs and 2 years ago was diagnosed with Lyme disease. He's part Chow, Golden Retreiver and Shepard. Gentle, gentle, gentle. Chloe, she is 2. part Pug and ?. Adopted from pound. She is deaf. They said no one would adopt her. They were wrong. This sucker walked in. She was abused in her earlier life, but she is the light in mine.
2 cats. Ally, 11 years. A friend found a litter starving after the mother was killed. Most died. Ally still is small. She is less than 5 lbs.
Stormy, 7 years. mother killed by car. She gave birth to 3 kittens in my garage. I think she was transporting them. I only found him. He was 2 weeks old. There was a terrible storm that he lived through alone, hence his name. He weighs in at 18lbs.
2 parakeet. Kiwi and Blu. Enough said.
3 fish....ditto

July 20th, 2003, 7:03pm
Does anybody elses dog do this? Daisy bites her nails! How weird is that!! :rolleyes4
norstar1, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! It is SO hard to lose a pet. :cry: :hugs:

July 20th, 2003, 7:04pm
What precious pets you all have! I'm thrilled with the response this thread has generated. And the pics are great. The stories and the pictures are making me wish I had more pets! I can't wait to get a bigger place with a yard so we can have more cats AND dogs. I'd like to have birds and fish but my cats are such little hunters that I'm afraid they'd find some way to eat them.

Purple's post reminded me of something funny my cat Willow does. She not only drinks water and sometimes milk (the few times she's allowed to have it) that way, but one time I was in a big hurry and eating some oatmal in the bathroom, turned around for a moment and there was Willy, scooping it up and chowing down just like a human! She's also eaten lettuce. Zoey will eat absolutely ANYTHING--raw potato, cheese, lasagne, cream of chicken soup, you name it! Of course, we don't feed this kind of stuff to her--she uses her paw to "fish" it out of the trash. She can even open boxes to get the food inside. One time I accidentally left out some crab-stuffed flounder from Red Lobster in a styrofoam box overnight and in the morning there were bits of it all over the carpet. We have to set things on top of the trash can lid to keep her out of it. Her nickname is "Trash Cat" and "Garbage Kitty." She'll even sneak spaghetti off your plate if you're not looking!

P.S. One my cats bites her nails. She's the one who thinks she's a dog.

July 20th, 2003, 7:26pm
Sounds like everyone has a menagerie of critters!! I keep telling my husband I am going to name our place the ark!! We officially have 2 cats, Booger and Chia, both bobtails. Everyone thinks we mutilated our felines. But my husband has always had a bobtail cat. And right now we have 3 dogs: Nocona, fullbloodied Blue Heeler; Max, a french bulldog and the only male of our brood that we know of!!; Tanner, a white labrador. We are supposed to get another puppy this week, a rottweiler/boxer mix. We had to put our other one, Rot, to sleep about 6 weeeks ago. This one will be part of my son's 6th birthday present. But we also have a sulcatta tortoise, Sully. He will eventually weigh close to 200 lbs. Right now he is just 2 years old and weighs about 5lbs. And we have 2 aquariums full of all kinds of fish. Those will soon be joined by 4 more when we had on to our house in the next few weeks. We live on 4+ acres and have lots of deer, rabbits, turkeys, etc. around too!! In fact the deer like to watch us swim!! I just hope they don't try to get in our pool!!:)

July 20th, 2003, 7:56pm
Ok, here I go again! (snakes)
#1 Snowball. Snowball is an albino "snow" Cornsnake. He is white with light pink scales with red eyes. This is the first snake I let DH get. He's just a little guy, only about 6 months old. Snowball is VERY tame. Snowball is usually in his "hiding" cave with his head poking out. (sometimes he looks like a turtle!) He loves to follow us around (in his tank). When we let the hamster run in her ball, he comes out of his hut and watches her. If the hamster even knew!
#2 Medusa. Medusa is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. She is really little! Her scales are very cool! They are iridesant (opal like). This will be the last snake Shane gets! I hate what they eat, I love cute fuzzies! Medusa is usually hiding, so we don't see her very often, only at night.

July 20th, 2003, 8:06pm
I am loving this thread!
I have 3 cats, Spanky, Buckwheat, and Froggie. I have just about every personality wrapped up in 3 cats. Spanky(13, pure black, mix breed) is my nasty kitty, you can count on 1 hand how many people she will tolerate(not like, tolerate). There are people that I've known for years that have never seen her, but she's my girl. Everynight she comes up on the bed for her petting, she just purrs and prances, if your not petting her, she'll reach over and tap you with her paw. My friend and I joke that she's lucky she's mine, cause no one else would have her. :)
Then theres Froggie (14 Pure black, Manx) named so beacause she is completely tailless. She's my middle of the road cat, If you want to pet her ...good, if you don't... good. She is loving when she feels like it. She is a kitten from one of my favorite cats I ever had, Casey, whom I lost about 4 years ago to liver cancer. He was the most loving, smartest cat I have ever known. If you ever have an opportuity to be owned by a manx( a well bred one), do it, you won't regret it.
Then theres Buckwheat(12, tabby mixed breed). He's my I love everybody cat. Oh Wheattie, I could write a novel on this boy. He has to be the strangest cat I've ever had. He has a condition called Pica, I think thats what its called, from my understanding of it, it is a mental condition, He licks everything and eats anything, and I mean anything He'll stand there and lick the wall for 20 minutes. He's like a baby, I'm constantly taking things out of his mouth. Anything loose on the floor, he'll try to eat it. I've caught him eating carpet fibers, q-tips, bits of paper, cigarette butts, bobby pins, you name it. He is our alarm clock, 6:00 everymorning he hops up on the bed and starts to meow, if you ignore him, he'll stand on your chest and meow, if you push him off, he'll start licking the headboard right beside you. We keep a squirt gun on the headboard, just for that. I don't actuallly have to squirt him, I just have to reach for it.
But he is the most loving cat, he'll sit in front of me and meow, and I'll put my hands down towards him and he'll put his front paws up to be picked up. He is my sweetheart. He loves to be held, and carried, If I'm home, he's not more than 10 feet from me. He's my baby.
Thanks for letting me share my stories about my little angels, I've loved reading about everyone elses pets!

I guess you could count our neighbors dog as our pet too. I think she's at our house more than theirs, lol. She's a pure bred pit bull. She is the sweetest girl, but she thinks she's a cat. She loves to hunt mice, (we live out in the country), when she finds one she pounces on it like a cat.

July 20th, 2003, 8:27pm
a nice thread...We have a parti-colorored cocker spaniel named Riley..he is now a year and a half old.My son in Va bought 2 brothers and decided after about 5 months what a stupid thing he did....lol.So,he put Riley in the car and brought him to NJ...my husband and younger son wanted NOTHING to do with him at first but Riley soon won both of them over.
My younger son found out you don't leave baseballs hats out...he chews the bills on them...another story...lol...his name ought to be Bills or Money because heaven forbid you leave money in your pants pockets.I have picked up bits of a $20(from the back yard...)taped it back together,put in a baggie and most recently he got 2 $20's at the same time.
My husband has told our oldest son that he can't have Riley back but he could have me anytime he wants....makes you feel real good....lol.Riley has most definately been the best thing that has happened to us.

July 20th, 2003, 8:48pm
We have 2 cockatiels named Yogi and Wally, 2 beagles named Baxter and Nelson, and a persian cat named Tricki-Woo who does favor Mrs. Pumphrey's dog on "All creatures great and small".

July 20th, 2003, 9:39pm
We have two cats. Floyd and Bevo. I recued Floyd from our old neighborhood. Some old neighbors had left him behind when they moved and I found him being abused by some kids one day. I chased the kids and they ran off, took Floyd to the vet to get fixed up and I've had him ever since. He is about 3 years old.

I got Bevo from a 'no-kill' cat shelter I do volunteer work for. Originally her and two other kittens had been left in a dumpster. Maintenence workers found them inside the dumpster and brought them to the shelter. One kitten didn't make it but Bevo and her brother did. I adopted Bevo and another lady I know took her brother, Bevo is about 2 years old now.

Bevo and Floyd get along wonderfully. They are like best friends. They always hang around each other and play together. Both cats are also very lovey-dovey to me and DH, which is surprising considering the abuse they suffered in the past. They are always really nice to friends when they come over as well.

They remind me of Laurel and Hardy because of their size difference. Floyd weighs 19 pounds...the vet says he is not unhealthy, he is just a BIG cat. Bevo is full grown but looks like a kitten. She is very very tiny. But she can hold her own when her and Floyd play rough. She'll kick him in the head and hiss and run off. :laugh:

Here are a couple of pictures of my kids. :)

This first one is Bevo.

July 20th, 2003, 9:39pm
Here is Floyd the mega-cat. :laugh:

July 20th, 2003, 10:30pm
I love all of my babies dearly and I enjoy reading about everyone elses. I have 4 dogs, and 1 guinea pig. A six year old sheep dog mix, boy, named Buddy. I had mentioned him in a previous post. I got him from animal control. He was on his way to be put to sleep because his time was up at the pound. Cinnamon is 2 years old and she's a shepard/golden retriever cross. Someone threw her out pregnant and she wandered into my yard. (God knows where to send strays.) She had puppies, all of who found good homes. I kept the runt, and my daughter named her Cream, because she's blond. Cream is 9 months old. I also have the neighbors dog that has decided to live at my house. They went to Germany for a few weeks last summer and she came over for some consoling. When the neighbors came home, she refused to go back. She even barks at them when they come over. Her name is Sassy. I have no idea what breed she is, but she weighs no more than 5 pounds and is around ten years old. Then there's Zip Zap, my daughters guinea pig that I claim as mine. She's absolutely precious. I dream of the day I win a lot of money, buy a big farm and start and animal rescue facility. If your going to dream, dream BIG.:grin5:

July 21st, 2003, 3:09am
i have 2 dogs, a male black lab and a female beagle/hound mix, both are 1 1/2 yrs old. the lab's name is ranger and the beagle is lucky. we got ranger from a akc lab breeder.he weighs 100 lbs and is a non stop playing machine. his favorite toys are an old 15" tire he lugs around and a basketball. if you hold is ball for more than 5 seconds before throwing it he'll charge you and knock you down. i learned this the hard way. he his scared to death of thunder and will try his best to jump in your arms , not an easy task to hold him while standing. we didnt get Lucky, she chose us. the neighbors got her as a puppy and they mistreated her so she came to my house everyday. i fed her( they didnt), bought her toys and gave her a blankie to keep warm. after several weeks of taking care of their dog i told them she was no longer theirs and now my dog. she has been with me since then and is the baby of the two. though they have dognapped her twice after i have taken her to the vet,got her fixed, all her shots and maintained her for a 1 1/2 yrs. i said they can have her if they paid me the costs of the vet bills and 1 1/2 yrs of kennel service and they would see me in court. they said a few unkind words and gave me my dog back. she's very jealous when someone comes around me and tries to get in between.they have a new dog house that was built just for them. it's 7'ft long, 4 ft wide and 4 ft tall with a window, siding, carpet, shingled roof and a pool beside it to cool off in. i guess you can say they are spoiled a bit. they like to catch birds eating their dog food ( caught 3 so far). and thats enough of my pets, i could go on and on. i have no steady pics of them yet cause they dont hold still very long

July 21st, 2003, 3:17am
Hey kbsocial,
The picture you posted of your cat Smokey looks just like my cat, Violet. They could be related. lol

July 21st, 2003, 7:58am
We have two cats. Isabel is a blue point balinese, who doesn't understand she is declawed. She came with her name and the declawed state. My fiance actually originally bought her for his ex, but Isabel the "slut" cat who loves everyone, couldn't stand his ex. She is our "in the middle" kitty who is always trying to squeeze in between us. She is also fond of sitting on books you are trying to read.

Rufus is Isabels cat :) that we got for her when she was seeming lonely. He is black and white and looks a lot like aarrgg's cat. We were given him as a kitten by a friend who knew we were going to get another cat. She forgot to tell us all his siblings were terrors till we already had him. With lots of love and help he is now mostly good- although he likes to chew foam and bread??? He also loves to roll on your feet right when you get out of the shower. Oh and he is named after the 13th apostle in Dogma.

July 21st, 2003, 8:34am
We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. My dog Mandy is a springer spaniel/lab mix and was found at the airport. She had been beated and starved. She is the most wonderful dog. She suffers from seizures. I have had her since 1992. She has cancer now and had some removed, but I think she is on her last year. We love her very much. My DH has a beagle, Roxie, who once was a esteemed rabbit dog. Now she is retired and very fat, she lays around the house on mandys rump. The two dogs are always together. They are like an old married couple, very funny. I don't know what will happen when mandy leaves us. Roxy is 13 now and she will probably follow mandy.

Our cat, Cyclone, we got from the human society, he is a Manx cat and very particular. he attacks us if his food dish is empty. One day, my DH father was here, and thought he was giving the Cyclone some food, wut he ended up giving him was some kitty litter. Cyclone jumped up, looked in the food dish, Freaked out, jumped down and jumped on poor Roxy and started to beat her up. Poor dog surprised, cat mad and grampa confused.:laugh:

July 21st, 2003, 8:35am
Norstar, I am so sorry for your loss, losing our family and friends is very hard.

Chancoli - NEVER allow my husband into your home! He has been dreaming of having a zoo of lizards and snakes forever. I love them too but I can't imagine the upkeep for so many (and I thought MY house was full LOL!).

July 21st, 2003, 3:04pm
My husband thinks I'm crazy because I'm laughing so hard at some of the stories on here! You guys are great!

I wanted to give :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: to all of you who "liberated" your pets from their cruel former owners. That takes a lot of courage and a sincere love of animals.

July 21st, 2003, 3:58pm
Oh I forgot to mention something! If any of you guys live in the Denver metro area and are looking for a dog or cat, please let me know!

Some officers that I work with find dogs and cats from time to time that need to be rescued. These officers usually bring the animals to the PD first to see if any of us can take them. If no one can take them, they are taken to animal control.

I try to take the cats because I do volunteer work for a 'no-kill' cat rescue agency. I will then take the cat to the agency I volunteer for. But they have specific zoning laws so they can only have so many cats at one time.

I wish I could take all of these cats but until DH retires from the military, we can only have two cats. Just because if the Air Force says we have to move, they will only pay for two pets to be transported. If we got sent overseas, the cost of shipping an animal would be too much for us to handle.

Currently, I have a friend that lives on a farm near Denver. She has 50 barn cats and cannot control their population. I called another agency I volunteer for and they are going to bring a mobile unit out to her farm and spay/neuter all of them so they will quit having kittens. Currently she has about 15 kittens out there that are tame enough to be adopted if anyone is interested.

I am soooooo glad she asked me about this. She called her vet to see if he would give her a discount rate on getting all of them fixed. The vets answer??? "Just shoot them". I was appalled that a doctor would tell a person to do this. Of course, she would never ever shoot these cats but we are working on getting them fixed so they can continue to live there. The agency I volunteer for would fix them for free but we took up donations and are going to give them $500.00 to do it for us. They will trap the ones that are wild and fix them and let them go back into their colony.

Soooo, if you know anyone in the Denver metro area that wants to adopt a kitty, please send me a PM. Or perhaps give these fine agencies a donation if you can spare it?? All donations are tax deductable.

Here are the web sites for the agencies I volunteer for if anyone is interested:

Animal Rescue and Adoption Society:

Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance:


July 21st, 2003, 4:01pm
Hello again. Well here is another pet story. Yesterday we went to see a movie and while we were there a horrific storm hit the area. It was so loud you could hear it in the theater. I actually thought that T3 must have been playing next door. Anyway we come out of the movie. Suns out but there are trees down power outages etc. We hurried home because we have some very large older maple trees. Came in and called the dogs. Winnie was missing shes a 10 yr old flat coated retriever. She was under our bed stuck! We removed the carpeting in the bedroom several months ago and now she cant get the traction to get out once she gets herself in there! To make it worse its a king size mattress style waterbed on a pine log 'frame' In other words you cant lift up the bed. So I turned her on her side and pulled her out. Shes fine was already wagging her tail.

Oh by the way, since the bed is so heavy when we removed the carpet we had to cut around the posts. Needless to say when I was trying to do that I got my fat @$$ stuck screamed for my husband and what did he do.... Laughed so hard he couldnt speak! Obviously, I finally got out. :grin2:

Thanks for letting me share. Oh and I loved the parrot story told friends about that last night they couldnt believe it! They:laugh:

Forgot to mention we did have the top of one of our trees breakoff in the backyard. No damage to anything else. TG it fell in the clear space in the yard and not on the house!!!

July 21st, 2003, 4:19pm
Here are all my children

July 21st, 2003, 4:26pm
Here's the other, sorry so big

July 21st, 2003, 4:28pm
last but not least, my girl, the others are boys

July 21st, 2003, 10:45pm

This is Bart. He turns 14 next month. He's a Miniature American Eskimo.


My favorite story about Bart is when I took him up to the family cabin in the north woods (northern WI). He hates water, but loves riding in the boats. On the day we arrived, he and I were in the canoe, and we were rowing out to a diving platform in the middle of the lake. My mom and niece were on the platform. He was so excited to see them that when we were about 4 feet from the platform, he decided that he could make the jump. For some reason, he didn't take into account Newton's third law of motion..."For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." He jumped...the boat moved backwards, and he wound up in the water. I dove in after him, but I could tell that when he was safely on the platform, he was dumbfounded as to why he didn't make the jump. :D

BTW-I wanted to thank all those who were so supportive when Bart was sick a couple months ago. He's much better, but I think his illness did have a lasting effect; his back legs give out on him on occasion.

July 21st, 2003, 11:06pm
I am the proud mama of a one year old Bloodhound named Delmar. He was named after the character in O Brother Where Art Thou? All our pets have been named after characters in Cohen brother films. He now weighs 110 pounds. THis is a photo from when he was just a few months old. He's much bigger now, but just as cute!


July 21st, 2003, 11:25pm
Originally posted by dwndrgn

Chancoli - NEVER allow my husband into your home! He has been dreaming of having a zoo of lizards and snakes forever. I love them too but I can't imagine the upkeep for so many (and I thought MY house was full LOL!).

The upkeep really isn't too bad. It does get kind of expensive though! The light bulbs and the enclosures are what kill us! Most of them live in the same type of enviornment, so we buy large amounts of the bedding. We do have to buy gallons of drinking water for them.(our city has added some new additive) Food is not bad. - all 5 lizards eat crickets, the geckos eat jar baby food, 2 lizards eat mealworms, 1 lizard will eat apples or grapes (which I eat too), the snakes eat frozen prey once a week. Handling them all does get kind of tricky! We can't hold the geckos, but the others come out at least once a week, they get a bath and are held for at least an hour. They really are great pets! They don't smell or make noise. (once in awhile we do hear some ruckus) And they don't need to go to the vet- unless something is seriously wrong.

July 21st, 2003, 11:35pm
I'm sorry if I am dominating! But, I swear, this is the rest of my pets! #1 Cupcake. Cupcake is our Panda Bear hamster. Talk about 1 spoiled hammy! She has 3 cages that are connected by crawl tubes. She is a high dollar hamster- $20! I guess Panda Bears are a newer species. The dogs drool over her, but if she is in her ball, they are scared of her! Silly dogs!
and the last of our creatures. #2 and #3. 2 Fire Belly Toads. Names unknown, we started out with 6 of them, these are our last 2. They are funny to watch. Good cheap pet! They usually cost around $3 a piece and don't require much space.
Thank you for starting this thread! I love all animals, and is fun to hear about everybody elses little babies! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

July 21st, 2003, 11:47pm
Originally posted by Imajika
I am soooooo glad she asked me about this. She called her vet to see if he would give her a discount rate on getting all of them fixed. The vets answer??? "Just shoot them". I was appalled that a doctor would tell a person to do this.

I hope she got a new vet - I personally think any pets I might have would be better off without a vet than going to somebody like that - sort of like I wouldn't go to Dr Kevorkian for a cold.

July 21st, 2003, 11:49pm
I will try and not make mine so long! We have 3 cats, one was my husbands daughter's cat from another marriage, a beautiful calico with all of her claws and female tendencies intact!! and 2 siamese mix boys - someone left them at a dumpster and I took them in - no claws. The calico knows the boys don't have their claws anymore - and loves to do the three legged race..swatting the boys in the butt as she chases them around the house...funny to see!!:smile3:

July 23rd, 2003, 2:44am
I really like reading how many of yall have rescues. My two:
Jewel, DH & I were fishing on the Trinity River, right before a huge storm. We heard a howling like a wolf, and looked up and found a scared Rott puppy way up in a tree over the water. DH climbed up and captured her, she was biting and clawing, terrified, luckily he didnt drop her because she would have been gone. The other campers in the area all wanted her, and had been trying to catch her. We put her inside the truck, and she promptly hid under the brake pedal... she was so terrified for the first 2 weeks, she slept between me and DH. She is still scared of most other people, atvs, air brakes, now disel engines(DH took her to an unamed city in Texas, & took out a bridge & Jewel hit the dash from the sleeper she is fine, but she isn't too thrilled with being in the rig crosscountry) children, chihuahas, trash bags.....um tooo long to list. My 1yr old loves her to pieces, climbs on her, trys to curl up and sleep on her, and when she has had enough she just sighs and leaves. He terrorized her in his walker...(she enjoyed him chasing her, just not when he caught her between the door & the walker)
Bear: Walked up to me & DH. Kept in the backyard for a day before the family made me take him to the humane sociiety, I cried all week.... so we paid to adopt him back. He has a semi-lame back leg and some scars, but is the polar opposite of Jewel. She will frighten people, while he will give anyone a bath.... Chow/lab mix who thinks he is a lap dog. He is a sweet heart. It breaks my heart having to leave him outside alone:( but when I move! He will be an inside dog too at night.
Unfortunately until I move Bear has to stay outside:( which means Jewel does during the day, and she has issues with that.
I love Bear to pieces, but if I could find a good home that would keep him inside , preferably with kids to play with, I would really consider giving him up, so that Jewel could be inside during the day, she panics without me or DH around.

--You don't know snuggling until you cuddle with a rott at night:)

July 23rd, 2003, 2:58am
My mom had 2 shi-tzus, Frankie and Fluffy. We got fluffy when I was 2 and he died when I was 16 from diabetic complications. Frankie was Fluffys son, he came when I was 4 But frankie lived for 20 years, we just lost him a few months after my son was born. They were the smartest & sweetest dogs, so beautiful. Losing them was just like losing a family member, I still have pictures & memories of me when I was little putting them in my barbi doll house, and dressing them up.

Now mom has to deal with my 2 huge dogs (thats why Jewel now is inside at night, and Bear is outside always(cept when they are out of town). But thats what happens when you get broke and have to move back home, not all that family fits.
Maybe Mom & I can work out a trade, my DH sleeps on the porch & both my dogs get to come inside:)

July 23rd, 2003, 9:09am
There was a big thunderstorm here in NY yesterday, and my backyard got flooded. I opened the backdoor to assess the damage and THE DEMON SEED - Hobbes ran out the door. He was running down the stairs so fast he didn't see the 6+ inches puddle at the bottom of the stairs and jumped right in. Well, I never laughed so hard in my life...he jumped like 3 feet in the air & the dance that he did trying to get all four paws out of the water was too much. He managed to jump onto the picnic table and just stood there looking at me meowing to rescue him from his little island:laugh:


July 23rd, 2003, 9:40am
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: That is just too funny! Having a cat who tries to sneak out the door all time I can really picture this. Thanks for sharing Im still laughing:laugh:

July 24th, 2003, 10:51pm
We actually had a birthday "party" for our now one-year-old kitten today. Is that weird or what? LOL!!!

July 24th, 2003, 11:10pm
I am the proud mama of a 1 1/2 year old dachshund. Lucy is my baby! She is black and tan and weighs 17lbs. She is the first pet I've ever had, so you can imagine how rotten she is! Everytime I go to town I have to buy her something. She has come to expect it now.
Rapunzel676, we also had Lucy a birthday party! I'm going on vacation next week and she has to stay with her Grandma and it just breaks my heart to leave her. To make it up to her- I've bought her a new toy and game for each day. Maybe it will keep her mind off of us being gone!
I love to hear all the stories. It's just amazing what we will do for our babies!!! :smile3: :smile3: :smile3:

July 24th, 2003, 11:14pm
My kid is Maggie - a 10 year old dachsund/cocker mix who was dubbed by someone at Disney - the "tune dog". she looks like the Luck Dragon from "neverending story"(which is weird because I worked on that film) She's smart and knows how to play me to get what she wants. I can't walk her without people stopping and talking to her and its amazing what people, without thinking will tell her about their day ... or life... or self. It's as if they don't realize I'm listening.

July 25th, 2003, 12:17am
B]African Grey story but also looking to adopt a MINI/Male schnauzer puppy in Florida---cheap for desperate (only child) ten year old needing a dog[/B]

My grandmother was given an African Grey Parrot by one of her ten children as a gift after the passing of my Grandfather in 1986.
In December, she passed away and left behind the bird for my ten year old son to inherit. It has been quite an adjustment for him.
His name is Max and he's a delightful bird. He does everything PREZLI mentioned earlier (microwave pinging, answering the phone, the drip of the faucet, gurgle of water going down the drain etc) Simply amazing. He has dialects of different aunts and uncles who have visited and you can actually tell what he learned from who......just knowing the voices of each one. He says things like I LOVE YOU, WHAT's WRONG, READY TO GO TO BED etc. To know him is to love him. He's been known to bless the food or at least start the prayer!
I'm glad that we can care for him. I miss my Grandmother so much and hearing his daily ritual words spoken in her voice (just like on tape recorder) makes me remember all those good times when she was so close by.
It reminds how much she loved us and most likely this is the reason she left him to my son.
They do take a lot of time. He is messy but it is all worth it.

July 25th, 2003, 1:06am
Tawanda, your story and Prezli's are making me want one of these wonderful birds! Of course, I have three cats, so I'm not sure that's a good idea! :smile3:

July 25th, 2003, 9:43am
Originally posted by Rapunzel676
We actually had a birthday "party" for our now one-year-old kitten today. Is that weird or what? LOL!!!

Not at all! We used to have a party for our dog when I was growing up included was the vet, the pharmacist (remember the bleach incident) neighbors and their dogs:smile2:

Ok maybe we are both weird!:grin5:

July 25th, 2003, 10:04am
Originally posted by Rapunzel676
We actually had a birthday "party" for our now one-year-old kitten today. Is that weird or what? LOL!!!

If that's weird, then I guess we are too. We did the same thing for one of ours. I made a tuna cake and my DD decorated it with cream cheese and cat chow stars. She made placemats and party hats too. And by the way, cats don't like to wear party hats... :D

July 25th, 2003, 10:14am
Okay, I don't feel so weird now! Tuna cakes with cream cheese and cat stars, that sounds absolutely adorable! Maybe for our next cat's birthday I'll try that! I don't think I'll do party hats though. Somehow I can't see my cats taking to that anymore than yours. We had a hard enough time with the "candle" (which was actually a matchstick since we were kind of broke, lol)!

Tigress did the dogs at your parties wear hats? That would have been so cute! Although I'm sure my cats would enjoy the human guests I think inviting other cats would probably produce cat chaos! :smile3:

July 25th, 2003, 10:43am
[B] Hey Rapunzel76 [B]

Cats and large birds aren't too bad together. You just have to watch them. Max is forever calling my Grandmother's other cat who was inherited by another family member. He will say "Come here Fiesty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty." (all in Grandmother's voice of course)

July 25th, 2003, 10:46am
I have a miniature schnauzer named Mickey - he was two years old when I rescued him from an abusive family. He is a very spry 10 year old now, and a great companion.
I also have 2 fantail goldfish named Spotty and Shiner - my four year old came up with their descriptive names.

:smile3: :smile2: :smile3:

July 25th, 2003, 10:46am
Originally posted by TAWANDA

Max is forever calling my Grandmother's other cat who was inherited by another family member. He will say "Come here Fiesty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty." (all in Grandmother's voice of course) [/B]

:laugh: Tawanda that is so funny!!:laugh:

July 25th, 2003, 10:46am
I have a dog named Stout. He is very short and stout! Cross between a Lhaso Apso and a Sheltie, but looks like a Corgi. I love him so and he is very playful.

July 25th, 2003, 10:49am
this my new baby kitten his name is mikey and also i have a dog named shadow that i've have for 5 yrs and also i have to love birds named ma and pa kettle and also have two rats named blaze and jaz and i will be getting a new puppy in about two weeks :smile3:

July 25th, 2003, 10:55am
My baby is a white German Sheppard-Pit Bull mix. Her name is Diamond She is two years old and smart as a tack. I don't know what I would do without her. She keeps me sane and happy!

Sunday night I took on two new puppies. They are so adorable and so tiny. They will be four weeks old on Saturday! I will post pics this weekend for everyone to see! Their mother died when they were a week and a half old. They have been quite a handful. My poor friend has had to take care of seven hungry puppies for the last two weeks. I took two of them off her hands. Foxy and Missy Blue. They are sooooo Cute!!!

Hope everyone has a great day! Thank goodness it is Friday!! I get to spend the weekend deworming puppies! YUCKO!!!!!!!!!


July 25th, 2003, 11:04am
I have to get one of those birds! I want a whole zoo someday like Chancoli has, but have to wait till we have a bigger place and more money, lol. Hubby is nuts with three cats as it is! I just love the descriptions of everyone's animals and the pictures, too, particularly of the puppies and kittens!

July 25th, 2003, 1:40pm
Man, I am so sad right now. I was looking at the web page of a local "no-kill" animal shelter and they were featuring some animals from one of the kill shelters--just broke my heart. Two precious little black kittens, "Bo" and "Boo," in Edmond, Oklahoma. A notice scrolled by in big red letters that read "PLEASE HELP!!! WE'RE ON DEATH ROW!!!" I started crying. Of course I went and checked the Edmond shelter's web site and they weren't there but several other kittens were there, also on "Death Row." So now I'm just bawling. I want to go get them all right now so bad but my husband would kill me. I sure hope one of the no-kill shelters takes those kittens in or they get a good home. If anyone lives in or near Edmond, please please consider going by the shelter and picking up on the these babies! :(

July 25th, 2003, 1:46pm
That is so horrible that they present it like that - but they definitely pull the emotion factor into it:( I am sorry you had to see that:(

July 25th, 2003, 2:03pm
Thanks Kb. I just wish I could do something but my hands are tied. It's just agonizing for me to think of their poor innocent little faces and how they're going to be put to death soon simply for being born unwanted.

People. . .for the love of everything that is good and holy, GET YOUR ANIMALS SPAYED AND NEUTERED!!!!!!! Please don't condemn any more puppies and kittens to "Death Row." Also, please please support legislation to make your community "no-kill."

Sorry for the PSA. I'm just not going to be able to sleep or eat for a while now. I know a lot of people here think I'm this cold, nasty, rude, unfeeling person but when it comes to this sort of thing I just absolutely break down.

I hope someone in the Oklahoma City area is reading this!

July 25th, 2003, 2:08pm
For 14 years we had a Shelti name Nicky, the greatest dog I ever had, We had to put him to sleep on July 15th 2000. Still miss him dearly :O(.....due to age and wasnt eating, and couldnt support himself, couldnt stand or walk.
A week after him leaving us, we found an add in a local paper someone selling Shelti 6 week old pups. Off we went, drove 60+ miles. We had a choice of 2 and picked out the nicest one and named him Jake.
Jake has really helped in the loss of Nicky, bring smiles to my face on a daily basis. But I still have those sad times when I think of our poor dog Nicky.

July 25th, 2003, 2:09pm
Amen Rap!

Yesterday we took a group of kids to the Humane Society for a tour and to volunteer. I think it gave the 9 kids we took a look at reality as they learned about spay/neutering and why some animals end up there. The kids didn't want to leave until they had walked and played with every dog and played with every kitten. It was a great experience for them.

July 25th, 2003, 2:21pm
I have two dogs, Oz and BeLanna.
Oz is a refugee from the shelter. He was supposed to be an Australian shepherd. Hence the name (one nickname for Australia is Oz). Turns out he's anything BUT an Australian shepherd. In fact, he's been accused of being everything from a pit bull to golden retriever. He loves car rides and treats. Hates thunderstorms and his arch enemy, that dastardly villian, Mr. Vacuum Cleaner.
BeLanna showed up at the back gate when she was a puppy and no one claimed her. OK, Oz claimed her. He was thrilled to have a playmate. At first she was a little scared of him and would hide behind me. Then I gave her a feminist pep talk and soon she was giving as good as she got, despite being outweighed by a factor of three. I asked a friend for a good Star Trek Klingon woman warrior name and that's how she got her name, though my BeLanna spells it differently. Dogs can't spell very well.;)

July 25th, 2003, 2:22pm
Here I am in my home office. DH is one the phone with Germany and all of a sudden I hear him sort of scream. Im like what the heck. I was on the phone at the time (cordless);) Anyway I look out my office door and what do I see.....

a small dead goffer!!! Not like the cute stuffed one from caddy shack. You guessed it Tasha's at it again. Remember last week was the skunk spraying now this. Almost afraid to ask whats next? Any guesses??

By the way, she still stinks a bit.

KB Social what a great idea for an outting WTG!
Hey Rap. For the record all my pets are rescue animals and they are all spayed/neutered:grin5:

Until next time on .... Tasha world of wild animals

July 25th, 2003, 2:24pm
Ah, Mr. Vacuum Cleaner! My cats are well-acquainted with his evil ways, although Jade's real arch-enemy is Orange Cat, who lives next door.

P.S. Rock on, Tigress! :cheer:

December 31st, 2003, 10:41am
Here is a rare moment of my boys, Calvin & Hobbes hanging out. Sorry about the possessed eyes, I'm working on getting the hang of my new digital camera. Be on the lookout for more antics from the trouble in fur duo!!!!

December 31st, 2003, 10:49am


December 31st, 2003, 1:10pm
Nicole & Covergerl love the kitties! Kitty pictures always turn me to goo, I love the little bastards.

December 31st, 2003, 1:15pm
Anyone who has seen my avatar already knows I have dogs. :)

December 31st, 2003, 1:36pm
So sorry for your lost, norstar. Looks like you loved each other very much.

December 31st, 2003, 1:43pm
For those of you whose pets are stressed by storms (or fireworks!), Rescue Remedy helps. It's for humans and animals. I gave it to my Manny (about 2 drops since he only weighs 7 pounds) and he immediately stopped shaking.

December 31st, 2003, 1:46pm
I hosted a neighborhood birthday party for my Gabe's second birthday. He was a terrible host; wouldn't let the other dogs play with his toys! The humans (adults and children) all had a great time. They often ask when I'm going to have another!

December 31st, 2003, 1:51pm
I have four pets -- all rescues.

Sage, male Turkish Van cat -- 12years
Matty, female Persian cat -- 6 years
Diva, female Bernese Mountain dog -- 1.5 years
Scout, male Bernese Mountain dog -- 16mo

Yep, all of us in a 2bd, 2ba house!


December 31st, 2003, 1:51pm
I have a really nice neighbor but she just doesn't get it. She's forever going to the shelter and getting dogs and cats for her family but no one in the family pays attention to the animals and they run away. Once she even returned one to the shelter because her DH didn't like it. I told her how every time a pet is returned, it gets a black mark on its record. Closer to death row....Once she let her cats have kittens (for the kid's experience - PUHLEEZEEEE!) and told the kids the papa and kittens ran away when she really took them to the shelter. She found an adorable Doxie and kept it because it had a shock collar on it (on a sweet tiny little baby!) but she then tried to mate it to a friend's Doxie. Did she know the health history of either animal? NO! Thankfully, it didn't take (poor baby must have been scared to death) and has promised to spay her. Now she's talking about giving her away (after three years in the "family") because she started going in the house. Talk about begging for some loving. I try, try, try but some people just don't have any idea that animals aren't furniture or decor - they are living, breathing, sencient (SP?) beings that only want to be loved. <sigh> Sorry. :(

December 31st, 2003, 2:02pm
To Norstar and anyone else who has lost a loved pet, so sorry. I am still getting used to not having to walk around a big white shaggy lump when I get out of bed. It seems strange at dinner time to just fix two bowls for the girls. And of course, you count to three, opps I mean two when the dogs run in from outside. I hope you feel a little less lost soon. Someday you might want another friend. They don't take the place of your other pet, they just give you a spot to put the love and attention that you need to let out. (They are good for soaking up tears too.) You will know when it is time.

December 31st, 2003, 2:05pm
When I stopped travelling for work, I decided to get a pet. I'm allergic to cats, although I love them, and, it turns out, to most dogs. But Poodles aren't really dogs. Similar, but not quite. :) So I researched and researched and found a breeder in Austin who had a black, miniature puppy almost ready to leave his mom. My Guardian Angel, Gabriel, is the light of my life. He has taught me so much (mostly that it's a good thing I don't have human kids 'cause I'd spoil them rotten!). Since I got him on a neuter contract, he was neutered at six months. I was a nervous wreck; I called the vet twice and my Mom called them once! But he bounced out of the clinic happy as could be. He is happy and healthy and very much a Poodle. It helps to know what the breed is meant to be and do so you can be prepared. I knew Poodles had a sense of humor but I wasn't prepared for practical jokes. Gabe snuck a ball into a box of my "winter" clothes (I live in Houston - we don't really have a winter!). I came into the room and found him with his nose in the box. I said, "Gabe, I'm surprised at you. You know better than to play with my things." Then he pulled his head up with his ball in his mouth and I swear he laughed! "Ha, ha! It's my ball. I didn't touch your clothes!" He cracks me up every single day. The neighbors all say one thing about him - he's very entertaining.

Because I was so thankful that Gabe was so healthy and happy, I wanted to give back to the Poodle world in some way. So I called Bluebonnet Rescue but they won't adopt to someone who works. That's understandable; a rescue doesn't need to be alone all day when s/he's already been through so much. But I had a playmate for the rescue - Gabe. No go. Then I saw a photo of Manny. He was with the Carolina Poodle Rescue group. The woman who runs it "knew" me and Gabe from a mailing list I'm on and said I could have Manny. I flew out on my last frequent flyer freebie and brought him home 9/21/2 first class! He is a silver toy Poodle and, we think, an escapee of a puppy mill. He exhibits behavior of a dog who has been kept in a crate his whole 8 or 9 years of life. Gabe's nose was a bit out of joint but he and Manny are getting used to each other and even play together occasionally. Gabe is much bigger but very gentle with Manny. While Gabe is outgoing, boisterous (he's still a puppy at 4-yo), Manny is the quintessential (SP?) lapdog. If I so much as bend my knees, he's waiting to be lifted onto my lap, which I do, happily.

I took them with me to a sweepstakes you-must-be-present-to-win drawing for Super Bowl tickets and they were quite the hit. Another woman brought her min pin. I hate to leave them for anything but work and I guess she felt the same. Neither of us won but I did meet a fellow sweeper who is also a dog lover/rescuer.

Anyway, I'm sure I've monopolized this board for too long! Thanks for starting this thread. I adore my boys and will sieze any chance to talk about them!

Blessings to all of you who take in lost ones and rescue others from "shelters."

December 31st, 2003, 2:06pm
I love reading everyone's stories!

My dog, a black lab/ german sheperd mix is named Vegas. We named her that because she had been returned to the pet store twice before we got her. The first family's other dog didnt get along with her and the second family was worried about her getting sick alot (which she did as a puppy). The vet told them it might be Parvo. So, we decided we would take a gamble on the lost looking little puppy in the corner of the store and therefore named her Vegas. She turned out to be the sweetest, smartest dog I've ever had. Everybody loves her.

Although she does have issues with the dreaded vacuum , hates the site of suitcases (she knows that means we're leaving) and really hates hearing the word "bath"!

December 31st, 2003, 2:26pm
This is my cat, Hobbes. She's not being mean here, she's yawning, which she does ALOT! She loves her Snuggle Bug (a cat toy--go get one, they sell them at Wal-Mart and Kroger and at www.fatcatinc.com and are AWESOME) and is about the coolest cat I know. She does not like going to the vet in the cat carrier but if she can be out of it she's ok. She shakes a bit but knows if she fights it will make it worse. She likes to get into a crumpled blanket and wrap it around her like a cocoon. She also perfers to squeek, like a monkey, instead of Meow. We have never heard a real meow come out of her. She also likes attention, but will pretend she doesn't. For instance, she'll only get on your lap if there is a blanket on it. And she'll sit next to you on the couch with her back to you, as if she doesn't like you, but she has to be in the same room as me. If I leave while she's sleeping, or leave the house, she'll wander around calling "Mom? Mom?" (my husband says she does when I leave the house). She's an awesome little kitty, only 6lbs but that's ok--she's fully grown just tiny.

dianne hluboky
December 31st, 2003, 2:42pm
Anyone have macaws or parrots? I have two mini-macaws, a noble named Buster,
and a Hahn's named Sweetpea. Buster was the first and now he is seven years old
and is addicted to Minature Nutter Butter cookies (only an occasional treat). He can
say cracker - (too much!) and Herro (Hello). Sweetpea is only 7 months old and is
smaller than Buster and very active and sweet. She is in love with her big brother
and follows him everywhere. Buster is a typical brother and sometimes gets annoyed
with her. Sweetpea imitates Buster (cracker!) and loves to cuddle and lay on her back.
Buster is more laid back and likes to have his head scratch and eat from my plate.

Karen Crow
December 31st, 2003, 2:44pm
Well, Ya'll, we have a small acreage in Arkansas, and have 60 chickens, and one very happy rooster, appropriately names "Happy", one very fat pig, "Stripe", our young collie mix, "Bucky", whom we love like a child, and of course, the resident queen, "Snowball", a pure white part siamese, with very blue eyes! Her mom showed up shortly after we moved in, and my husband promptly dubbed her Ol' One Eye. Had to be the ugliest, and sweetest cat I've ever seen. And she was pregnant. After the kittens got older, she took them off somewhere, and we never saw any of them again. However, my favorite kitten of the bunch, snowball, just showed up out of the blue a year later, and I was so happy! Now she owns us heart and soul, and she's reallllyyyy mean to other cats, lol. We heard an awful racket one evening; Snowball had another cat cornered at the top of a tree, clawing at the poor thing's behind! We're taking that mean thing to the vet to get fixed, lol.

December 31st, 2003, 3:02pm
We have two cats. One is my third child, Feffer(German for pepper). We talked a friend of ours out of her when my kids fell in love with her, in 1999. Up until last year we always thought she was a Siamese mix, or Burmese mix. I got my free Friskies cats of the world playing cards and there she was!! A snowshoe, a breed I had never heard of before. The picture on the card is almost exactly her, but she has a perfect black triangle on her nose. She is sorta skittish because of the kids wanting to carry her around, but she's my baby. She will tolerate anyone petting her after she gets to know them a while(at least a week), but I'm the only one in the house she will crawl up in the lap of and fall asleep purring. She is protective of the kids, even though they have tormented her in the past. My son was crying in his room the other nite and she left claw marks on the door trying to get to him.
Mustang is totally different! He is huge, not fat, but big. He has never met a human he didn't like. He will head butt your leg, or whatever is availalble to get your attention for some petting. He is the most tolerant cat i have ever seen. My kids routinely pick him up and rearrange him, he stays his ground. Feffer runs.

December 31st, 2003, 3:26pm
One of my favorite threads is resurrected! Yay! Thanks to everyone who's shared the new stories, and the old ones, too!

Well since I started this thread we've had a couple of additions to our cat "family." Yuna is 5 years old and a rare female orange tabby. A little girl in my friend's neighborhoods was giving up her cats, and we decided to take them because we were moving into a house and had more room. Unfortunately the other kitty disappeared. Yuna is named after a character in one of my husband's favorite video games, Final Fantasy. I usually name the pets so I thought he should get a chance to name one. Anyway, Yuna is not very well-behaved (pees everywhere except the litter box) and is really an outdoor cat but we live in an area that just isn't outdoor cat-friendly. So we may be taking her to live at my sister's, who lives in a more rural area and already has a bunch of outdoor kitties.

When we searching for the other kitty my husband visited the pound, which I won't do because I'll end up cleaning the place out! He didn't find the lost cat but he told me about a little of 7-week-old kittens that were just coming up for adoption and he asked me if I wanted one. Of course I did, and when I heard there was a calico/tortie I knew which one to get. Now Daisy is 5 months old and the most spoiled kitten you'll ever see. Zoey, my 1-year-old, seems to think Daisy is her kitten and loves to play with and bathe her whenever Daisy will sit still long enough. I don't know where the name came from, it just seemed to suit her. I was probably a little influenced by The Great Gatsby, though. Daisy (or Day-Day, as we call her) is really funny-looking; black-and-orange mostly, with one black ear and one orange ear. Her front legs are black, while her back legs are white. If I ever get a scanner I'll have to post pics of her and all of my kitties. (We tried to get Daisy's 2 remaining littermates--2 others were adopted--but the stupid shelter here put them to sleep because they had what were probably colds!)

Anyway, we now have a full house but of course I always want more. I'm working on my husband to get a dog, since I've never really had one, but he thinks we're overloaded as it is! One day I hope to move someplace a little more rural and secluded so we can have more pets of all persuasions. :gvibes:

feline~ fantastic
December 31st, 2003, 3:36pm
:halo: aww, I just love animal stories, and I especially love, and am genuinely grateful to you people that rescued all your animals from a pound, or took them in when they showed up on your doorstep. I wish I could save everything. If I could I'd have a few more animals in my house but my DH has put his foot down. :frown5: He doesn't think animals belong indoors and he never had animals in his house before he married me, now we've got 4 cats and a dog. Bert is a 2 year old male blue point Birman, Ernie is also 2 and he's a seal point Ragdoll, Garfield is our oldest,- he'll be 4 in April '04 and he's a huge 25 pound orange tabby. He's my big baby who was born to us, (we helped his momma give birth to him) & 3 siblings. He was my pick-of-the-litter, my son took one, and 2 friends wanted the other two. Last but not least, Peggy Sue is our newest. She is a solid black with yellow eyes (I call her my Halloween kitty). She's a baby at just 6 months old, she came from a local farmer who's barn cat had a litter & they couldn't keep any. Recently we got a new puppy, he's a 4 month old Shiba Inu,- his name is Predator. The cats are still not sure what to think of him just yet but i'm hopeful they'll learn to cohabitate eventually. My New Years Resolution is to either win or buy a digital camera & scanner so I can post pics of my babies. Peggy Sue and Predator actually play together and it's soo cute. Not sure why she's the only cat who likes him but i'm thinking it might be because they're both babies. Predator licks on her & she purrs & rubs up against him and then rolls on her back so he can lick her tummy. :binky. Sometimes Ernie gets within Predator's rope-extension range and the dog will latch on to Ernie's long hair & sort of drag him around and chew on him,- Ernie will just lay there all submissive & let him, I guess thats how Ragdolls got their name :laugh: :love: I've always wanted a pot-bellied pig soo bad!! Do any OLSers have one? My hubby would be packed up & moved out before I could get Mr Piggy near the house! :goofy:

December 31st, 2003, 3:55pm
Hi everyone...I just came across this thread and just had to join. this christmas we just adopted a beautiful Siberian Husky frrom a friend of my brother in law whose son was going to college. The mom couldnt take care of him, so we volunteered. I tried to post a picture but it said the image is too large....If I can figure out or find a smaller one I will post it later..He is so handsome and he's just three.

December 31st, 2003, 4:05pm
We have two dogs and two cats in our house. All are rescues and mutts!
I also care for a feral cat colony in a junkyard near my husband's warehouse. I trap/neuter/release them back because they are wild. I have fixed about 14 back there. I feed them everyday.

Please make sure your pets are spayed/neutered and tell everyone you know to do the same. Together we can all stop the senseless deaths of 6 million adoptable dogs and cats a year in the US!!


December 31st, 2003, 4:08pm
I have 2 cats myself. My son named them when he was living home....Dank a male who is the biggest baby and doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and Shadow (who only answers to Girl) who is a female, a typical female but loveable. They are brother & sister who look alike, all black, long hair, with a dime spot of white on their chest.

When my son moved out, he got himself 2 more cats....Nugget, a female manx, a real witch and Atlanta, a male who he found on his way to Atlanta, Ga. who is a beautiful gold/white color with big gold eyes and a real devil.

So now I have 4 cats living with me, since my son moved back home, in a 1 bedroom apt...fun, fun, fun. I have to keep them separated at night and when no one is home or my house will look like a tornado hit it.

"Girl" and "Dank" now get along with my son's cats, but "Atlanta" stresses "Girl" out so much that she now looks like a dalmation! She has been pulling her hair out in spots due to the stress...poor "Girl". "Nugget" doesn't like anyone or anything, she stays to herself and when she plays, she growls very loudly...just a down right witch! :laugh:

December 31st, 2003, 4:31pm
I have been reading about everyones different animals and it just made my day. Well we have two Chihuahua's.

The first is Tippy (Tippolini Honey) who is thirteen. She is fawn color with a white head and face (she is starting to show here age). Tippy is a typical Chihuahua, you know, a little shaky, not trusting of anyone other than us, etc. But oh goodness, does she love us (mainly me). She follows me as if she were my shadow and I love every minute of it. And what a good dog she is, doesn't tear up anything, doesn't mess in the house, hardly barks, etc.

And then there is Dobie (Dobalicious). She is ten months old and has the color and markings of a Doberman. Now this dog is a trip. Never in my life have I had a Chihuahua (I have never owned any type of dog either as a child or adult) with such an unbelievable personality. This dog plays with everyhting, toys, balls, sticks, etc., tears up anything, barks so that she can have constant attention, howls when you go outside so that you will come back and get her, bites you by surprise so that you will pet or play with her, hides in the morning so that she does not have to go out in the cold (keep in mind we live in Miami), torments Tippy, Etc. As you can tell, I can go on and on about this dog. She is a riot.

The best thing of all is that these two are my constant companions whenever I am not at work. They go with me everywhere, sit with me while I am on the computer, you name it, they do it with me.

PS: I think I love these dogs more than my husbamd and son. Not really. Well maybe the husband.

December 31st, 2003, 4:39pm
My Hobbes (pic. page 8 of this thread) is also a rare female orange tabby! I didn't know orange tabbies that were female were rare until my vet kept calling Hobbes "he" and I corrected her. She told me that only about 15% of red tabbies were female, and I've had 2 of them. Orange tabbies rule! (really, they seem to be the best cats I've ever had, in temperment, ect.)

December 31st, 2003, 7:12pm
Tignor, I've loved orange tabbies since I was a kid and first saw "Morris" on TV! I've never had one though, until Yuna came along, and it's saddens me that we might have to take her to my sister's. She's just so set in her ways and obviously not housetrained--she peed on the cabinet right in front of my husband. You'd think after 3 months she would have learned, but I guess she's just too old. We've been keeping her in the laundry room most days, which I think is just awful for a cat, so that's why I think we'll be giving her to my sister. She'll be much happier there anyway; she's never gotten used to my cats and she really belongs outdoors. I hope I can get another orange tabby, but I usually don't pick my cats--they pick me!

Fresh, I think Chihuahuas are so cute! I know a lot of people find them annoying, but they (and Pomeranias, especially) remind me so much of myself. They're little dogs who think they're big, and don't mind bossing everybody else around! What personality! And they're pretty smart, too, as long as they're not inbred. My friend "dog-sits" and once had a beautiful large male Pom at her place, and even my husband (who's not an animal person) was totally charmed by "Harley's" antics. If we ever get a dog (and I hope hubby will give in eventually) I'd like to get one of those two, although I have pretty much the same attitude about them that I have about cats. I'm such a sucker for strays!

Actually we may end up with kittens sometime soon since my girl Zoey, who we hadn't had spayed yet (and I strongly believe in fixing my animals, I just hadn't gotten around to it), looks to be pregnant. I'm going to try and get her to the vet before she gives birth, but we really don't have the money, unfortunately. But don't worry, we would just keep the kittens ourselves if we can't get her fixed in time. I don't believe in just giving them away to strangers and I absolutely will NOT take them to the pound. My sister loves animals as much as I do, so in all likelihood she'd end up adding a kitten or two to her brood (4 cats, 3 dogs--not to mention 3 kids!). I also do volunteer work for a no-kill shelter, so no matter what, if we do have kittens, they'll be getting good homes. And then Miss Zoey is getting fixed ASAP. I'm generally a really responsible pet owner, really!

Keep the stories coming, I love hearing them! Pets are good for your health, you know! :gvibes:

December 31st, 2003, 7:33pm
Rapunzel676, have you had Yuna checked by a vet for problems such as a bladder infection or crystals in her urine? If she does have something like this she needs medical attention and she could be in pain from a health problem. Before you give her away, you need to check this out. My orange tabby Oliver had a problem with "outside the box" peeing and it was because he was prone to infection and later developed a blockage that was life threatening. He had surgery and lived years more. He was on special prescription food after the surgery. He had been fixed since he was quite young. He has been gone 3 years and Honey still looks for him in the basement. She thinks he is up on the shelf, and we can't tell her otherwise.

The other reason a cat would wet in the wrong place is that another cat has done so in the past. No matter how you clean up the mess, a cat can smell it years later. This is a big reason I have not gotten Honey a new kitty. (She really wants one, and I like them too.) I read that cat urine in wood floors will remain for up to 15 years. A new cat coming into your home will know instantly each place Yuna had a problem. I hope she gets to the vet and can be treated with medication rather than move away. If she moves outside and is sick, she is likely to have a short life span. I will try to add Oliver's photo.

December 31st, 2003, 8:14pm
I love reading about pets. I have 2 cats and a dog. I have a black cat that we adopted 14 years ago. Her name is Jabot (french for beautiful; and those of you who watch the Young and the Restless will recognize it as the name of the Abbot's cosmetic company). Jabot does not like our other cat, who we adopted as a kitten from outside my husband's office. We call him Fat Boy, and he is the chunkiest, dirtiest cat ever. He looks like a cow when he is clean, and when he is dirty, he is solid black. Fat Boy's favorite thing to do is get in the shower when you get out and drink the water. Or, he likes to lay completely in the sink while you are trying to brush your teeth. Since he is usually dirty, he then leaves black prints when he leaves the shower or the sink.

We have a purebred boxer named B.G. She just turned 3. I got her for my birthday when she was about 7 weeks old. I named her B.G. because those were my mom's initials, and when we were small, we always had boxers. So after my mom died, I really wanted a boxer. Anyway, B.G. eats everything under the sun. My husband said her initials really stand for Billy Goat -- that is how bad she is. One time, she ate a popsicle stick whole. The way we discovered that was when she pooped in the house, and it came out on a popsicle stick (gross, but funny). B.G. is WONDERFUL with the kids; she protects them from strangers, and once protected my daughter from me when I wanted to trim her bangs with scissors (luckily I realized when B.G. wouldn't let me near my daughter that I probably would have messed up her bangs, so I didn't ever try again). B.G. is the one who cleans all the dirt off of Fat Boy.

The picture I attached is from when BG was about 2 and a half months old. My daughter would put B.G. in the stroller and push her all around the house for an hour.


December 31st, 2003, 8:25pm
My cats name is Emily, she is almost 6,I got her after I lost my 15 year old cat Tao to diabetes,after about 6 months I decided I was ready for another one,because I have had cats around me my whole life and it wasnt the same without one,So i went to the animal shelter with my mind set on getting a kitten,I saw some cute ones then I noticed a white cat with calico markings staring at me,I didnt pay much attention because I was getting a kitten,Then I walked past her cage and she reached her paw out and grabbed my sweater and wouldnt let go,and I looked at her and she stole my heart,so instead of leaving the shelter with a kitten I walked out with a 3 year old cat and she has been such a joy and blessing to me,I really believe she picked me to be her 'mom'

December 31st, 2003, 8:29pm
I used to have alot of cats. And I mean ALOT OF CATS. When I moved into my old house in 1998 I got 2 kittens, Cotton and Fuzzball. Then the neighborhood stray brought her newborn kittens onto my porch and I brought them in too. Long story short, before long I had become the "cat lady". I had like 35 cats running around. Well in 2000, the landlord a-hole tells me he's selling the duplex that I lived in and I had to move. Needless to say, I couldn't find a place that would let me keep the cats, so I set about finding good homes for them. I'm glad that I found homes for all but 4. I asked my new landlord if I could keep them and he told me no way. I had to take them to the shelter. I kept calling back to check on them and since it was right before Christmas the shelter had a open house and someone took all 4 of them together. I was sooo sad. I have pics of all of them still on my fridge. And then a month later my dad died. Talk about somebody being a mess!

On Christmas Eve 2000, I heard a cat meowing somewhere and I found this big brown cat in my basement. I brought her in and fed her but I had to hide her from the landlord for months. After my Dad died in Jan. 2001, I inherited some money and the landlord sold me this house on land contract. So then I got a dog, Lucky, a Pekingese. And then a stray mother with 2 all black kittens moved in; Stryper, Daisy, and Buttercup. Along came Frisco and Blackjack, 2 more cats. And then I got Nikita, a German Shepherd. And 2 weeks ago, my sons friend brought me a starving skinny little kitten they found and he's still here, recovering from the kitty flu.

All my cats are spayed and neutered now, so I won't become the "cat Lady" again.

December 31st, 2003, 8:39pm
I rescued a little puppy from my neighbor's porch. They had him outside at night when it was like 20 degrees...no dog house..NOTHING!! So I took him! He is so ugly he is cute! One ear stands up all the time and the other stays flopped over all the time. My ex boyfriend has my other two dogs: A basset hound..Bob Barker (Robert Earl when he is bad) and a weiner dog..Slinky Winky (Winston McFiddlestix when he is bad).


December 31st, 2003, 8:51pm
For Christmas we just got a 7 week old Boston Terrier. Her name is Gracie and she's ABSOLUTELY adorable. She's so tiny. There were six pups in the litter and she's the only one that's still alive. We were so worried at first, but now she's eating hard puppy food and drinking from a bowl just like a big girl. It's soooooooo cute to watch her play with our 5 yr-old daughter. Just hopping around like a little rabbit.

We've had a really tough year financailly and had to spend our 1st Christmas without family, so this was the best Christmas present for all of us. It's just like having a new baby.

December 31st, 2003, 9:14pm
I have a 5 year old silky terrier name Shelby. She's rotten as can be but I don't know what I'd do without her. She won't allow my DH to get in bed if I go to bed first and I have to hold her back so he can crawl in bed. She lives for tennis balls and since we're out in the country I can take her outside and throw them as far as I can. She's such a trooper and won't give up playing ball so you have to stop her after 30 minutes. I've had her since she was tiny and even cat collar wouldn't fit. Everyone laughed when I bought her a play pen but it came in handy.

When we were moving out of a place we were renting I noticed a little kitten across the street trying to get into an old camper. I had the front door open moving things out when the kitten zipped in the house. He ran in, sat down in the middle of the living room and talked and talked like he was telling me a story or perhaps to say well I am home so feed me. The next day I went to get the few things I'd left and here sat that kitten. DH said don't you dare bring that cat over here when you leave. Well he jumped in the truck and laid down on top of the seat and the rest is history. He was my dear friend for the next 13 years. He died of kidney failure 3 years ago and I still cry over that cat. We learned fast that you couldn't leave a bag of potatoes on the floor or he'd tear up the bag and take bites out of them. He loved car rides and would sit on my shoulder while I walked around or would wrap himself around my neck while I sat at the computer. I'm now just getting thoughts of getting another kitten. I wanted one for Christmas but didn't get one so may wait until spring or watch the shelter.

December 31st, 2003, 9:19pm
I've got 5 cats of my own Jareth, Rachel, Jack, Kelly, & Stubbin. I also work for a local animal shelter, I care for cats and kittens in my home until they are adopted. Right now I have 2 Mom cats - Mystique(she has a heart problem) & Alexis and 6 kittens about 7 months old - Kurt, Remy, Yuriko, Leo, Contessa, & Daisy. They are all sweethearts, they are hard not to love.

December 31st, 2003, 9:40pm
I have two Boston Terriers. One is black and white, her name is Rudy. She is 4 and a half and the other is brindle, his name is Paco, he is three and a half. He is so ugly he is cute cause he has BIG saggy lips and big eyes and very flat nose. When I have to kennel them, the girls there just love him death. He weighs about 8 pounds more than his sister and his legs are much shorter than hers. She is a Queen. Very well behaved and very sleek in her posture and mannerisms. He is just a little PIG. He is always looking for food, AFTER he has eaten his and hers, he still looks for more to eat. But he's my Baby. Very big lap dog, has to go everywhere I go and hates to go outside. Exercise is not in his vocabulary. She on the other hand, loves to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

I did not adopt them from a pound or anything like that, but for those of you have adopted, my hat is off to you all. My friend took me to the pund to adopt a couple of kittens. I could not stay there, I ran to the car and was crying my eyes out when she got to the car. i just cannot believe how people just bring their pets in there and dump them off and do not even care if they will be put down. I love my animals like they are children cause they really do have personalities.

I know this is long, but I have really enjoyed reading about everyones "FAMILIES". Even if they have four legs. LOL

December 31st, 2003, 10:04pm
I cannot believe that I didn't see this thread before. I love reading about everyone's pets and seeing the pics.

We started out with 1 kitten. She was cute and very fuzzy. Long dark gray hair with just a tiny white line down her belly. The kids named her Angel. She's almost 2 now and we've had her since she was about 6 wks old. She's a spoiled rotten little girl. She thinks she owns my hubby and wants love only when she wants it,but she's very tolerant of people picking her up against her will. :laugh: She loves to sit in the windows,especially when they are open.
We call her Miss Prissy,cause that's just how she is. She can and will kick the butts of any animal that annoys her though. :laugh:

A few months after we got Angel,hubby went to the grocery store,you see where this is headed don't you? LOL He came home with 2 more kittens. OMG they were SOOO cute! One was so tiny that I didn't think she was more than 2 weeks old. She is some kind of cat blended with calico. She's black with little calico markings all over her and she's so ugly she's cute. Since she came with a male cat(different litter,same age) who was a beautiful silvery gray and they were playing together,we named them Weave and Bob. Bob had beautiful blue eyes and was a super cool cat. Unfortunately,Bob was hit by a car because he snuck out every chance he got. Weave is still with us and she is now my daughter's owner. :laugh: She plays with Angel and they tear all around the house. They knock things off the tables to play with when they can't find anything on the floor.

Then came Tramp. He is our beloved little dog/son. I have no idea what kind of dog he is,but he is adorable. He came home from another trip hubby made to the grocery store. :laugh: He's black and white and about the size of a pomeranian,he weighs about 10 lbs.,he has a curled tail and long hair. I have no idea how old he is,but the vet says he's probably 5 or 6 years old. The lady that gave him to my hubby had him in a doggie carrier and said they always put him in it at night and when they weren't home. We thought he must tear things up or go potty in the house or something,but we couldn't stand the thought of keeping him in there. We have never used the cage and he's never done anything bad. He's very lazy and loves to go to bed. He does not eat dog food,I have tried every kind I can find and he hates it all. So he gets table food. It may not be good for him,but starving to death isn't either.
He loves to go to bed so much that when we go to bed he is the first one up the stairs and into the bed! :laugh: He sleeps under the covers curled up between us.

Next was Mooch. We call her that because we found her in our basement and we had to give her some food. She's a brat but we love her. She's a big tiger kitty. She's sweet,but she is not very sociable when it comes to the other cats.

Finally there is Callie. She was a barn cat that my hubby snuck home with him. He figured that if she hung around outside long enough that I would feel sorry for her and let her in. Little did I know that he had already been letting her in while I was asleep. :laugh: She's sort of funny looking,but very pretty once you get used to her. She's got thick soft fur and she's a calico with a tiger tail. :laugh: She is the most loving of them all. She's playful and sweet.

I swear they all understand every word we say to them. We talk to them like they are human and they answer us and do as we say.

December 31st, 2003, 10:43pm
I say we but mostly my daughter... We have Bonnie(black lab) , Buddy (yellow lab) , Calvin(beagle and ???), Scooter (rat terrier) Snuggle bunny lop earred rabbit and Tigger( Big Bad cat). We did have Milo (cat) but in Feb my husband had a massive heart attack and alot of people (ambulances and rescue squad)was here, well any way Milo hasn't been seen since. My husband really misses him.. We enjoy our animals alot. Calvin loves to sit in the swing with me and swing. Tigger will if he wants to (has a mind of his own and lets you know it). We haven't had the labs long. A man took a job out of town and wanted a good home so we got them.. All he wants is a puppy when his traveling job is over.But they love to fetch and play.. Big babies... Sometimes I feel I live in a zoo with all our animals and 50 ft from me is goats so I guess it is sorta a petting zoo..

December 31st, 2003, 11:10pm
we got our dog Pam Puff(named after a local newsanchor in town-Pam Huff) from a garage sale 15 years ago-she is mixed spaniel and spitz and in pretty good shape for her age. We also have a 2 yr old Guinea pig named Sandy, 3 lizards :) and several assorted fish. Our hamster and hermit crab both died within a few days last week. sometimes it looks like a pet shop at our home!

December 31st, 2003, 11:16pm
my dogs named cosmo, he's a shih tzu. i got his name from a crazy dumb hitman on a movie i saw awhile back. he reads sign language. i move my fingers in certain ways and he does tricks. he's six years old and his favorite toys are golf balls.

January 1st, 2004, 10:03am
velvet49329 I want to know what grocery store you shop at. Every time I tell MY husband to bring me a puppy home from the store, he says they don't have any. Actually that is how I got my Shaggie. She was listed on the for sale board at the Meijer grocery store. My kids were riding the horse (a family tradition at that time) and I was watching them and reading the ads. I grabbed the one that listed a small white mixed breed Malteese, Lhasa, and terrier) litter of pups $50 each. I wanted to get her sister too, but husband would only go for one of them. Shaggie was a tiny bit cuter -- they were so alike it was hard to even tell them apart. I like mutts as long as they are small to medium and furry. I know, I am being kind of picky--but you will spend a lot of time with a pet and it should be the one you want. Having trouble finding "just the right mutt" is what made me get Shih Tzus. I have not been sorry.

January 1st, 2004, 4:41pm
I am just laughing and crying and saying "Awwww," and my husband is wondering what's going on! I've pretty much converted him into a pet person, much against his will! Daisy is pretty much "his" kitten, very much a daddy's girl although of course she likes me because I'm the one who feeds everybody!

Skpaw, that had actually occurred to me recently. It happened to one of my sister's cats and he also has to have special food. The thing is, she also poops places she isn't supposed to, like on the kitchen counter. I think part of the reason is that my "head cat" Jade has never accepted Yuna into the household, no matter how hard we've tried. I followed the "rules" about introducing a new cat, but it didn't work--Jade (and Zoey, to a lesser extent) attacks Yuna every time she gets a chance. I wish I had the money to take Yuna to the vet, but I will go ahead and buy some special food for her and see if that works. I hate to get rid of her--she's a very sweet, good-tempered cat, but we've just had so many problems with her I really don't know what else to do. :frown5:

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all of your great stories and pictures. I have GOT to take some of mine and post them. :gvibes:

January 1st, 2004, 10:23pm
Rapunzel676 I knew a lady who took in a young female cat. Kitty would go poop on the kitchen counter and one time even on the toaster! (That went in the trash!!) Friend tried a lot of ways to housetrain the kitty, but it was not successful. The family lost patience with her and they did not keep kitty. I do not know if she was checked for medical problems. I just remember how bad the house smelled and how sad it was that the whole mess was occuring. She was very sad to give up that kitty, but kitty could not or would not use the litter box. People should not have to live in a house that has been turned into one big litter box.

I hope you can help Yuna. I think it is a medical thing. Cats want to be clean if they have a clean litter box available. Do you have several boxes since you have a bunch of kitties? If you have several cats, you might need to clean them one or two times a day. I used the "lift - n - sift litter box" it was a set with 2 solid pans and one sifting pan. You would lift up the sift part, throw away the waste and clumped litter and then move sifter to other pan and pour the clean litter on top. The pan that was holding the litter then went under the one that now has the litter and sifter in it. This system worked easily and was clean.

Somthing I just thought of--your older cats may not be allowing Yuna to use the litter box. Try keeping her in a closed small room with her own litter box and water and food. See if she will use it that way. If she does, keep it set up and carry her to it often. That could solve the problem for your Yuna, it is worth a try.

January 1st, 2004, 10:43pm
Okay, I'll start with Pet #2, just because. Pet #2 is Josie. Josie is a Bichon Frise. She was born on Mother's Day of 2003. Josie is not a girly-girl; she's more of a tomboy. She loves wrestling with Pet #1, Bob, our cat. I just picked the name Josie because I liked it, and because it's kind of old-fashioned. So, I guess, since we also have a cat, we can say it's "Josie and the Pussycat." Josie can pirouette like a ballet dancer when there's a treat involved. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to get her fully potty trained. She can be extremely stubborn, but she's a very loving puppy, and I'm very glad that we have her. I couldn't imagine our life without her around. The picture is from when she came back from the groomer. The bow in her hair lasted about as long as it took me to take the picture.

January 1st, 2004, 10:48pm
Pet #1 is Bob, our Ragdoll. My husband named him, so don't blame me. He just wanted to have a friendly-sounding name, so he picked Bob. Bob is pet #1, because he's two months older than our dog, Josie. Bob was born on St. Patrick's Day of 2003. Bob has grown tremendously fast, and Lord knows how big he'll be by the time he's full grown. Bob has some quirks - he only drinks out of the faucet, not out of his bowl. He also likes to sleep in the bathroom sink. He's really a big baby and extremely attached to his "mom", even though he was supposed to be my husband's cat. I love Bob very much, although he certainly likes to be involved in EVERYTHING I'm doing.

January 1st, 2004, 11:20pm
We have a beautiful, unneutered male dachshund, red. He has a funny problem. OK, its the Bob Dole problem.. Everyone wants to breed their female with him. He has never gotten the idea and it is now so embarrasing that we won't even let him try. It seems that for some reason every lady doxie wants his pups. He tries their eyes, noses, ears, sides, etc. The vet did many expensive tests and put him on thyroid which makes him irritable and now he doesn't even want to be around a lady dog. So, we stopped the thyroid and the mating. I see the look in doxie owners eyes, so I see your dog isn't neutered? Want to breeed him? I can't tell you how many people tell me that it's a natural thing, dogs dont have ed or need help. Well HELLO my dog is not going to be a father. I would have loved to have had a pup. It's just sort of funny, I've never had anyone to tell. He is a great dog, he knows when we hurt, when we need him, he loves us and we love him. Rudy, the beautiful dachshund. Just not fatherhood material.

January 8th, 2004, 10:09pm
Wow this will be long. I'm a total cat lover. I had 4, but I had to put "Stinky" to sleep over the summer. I only have 3 now - his brother (Grandpa), he's 4. He is the absolute best cat! Such a mush and a big dope!!! He got his name because when he was a kitten he had this white beard and stuff and looked like an old man. Then I have 2 female cats - Ninny (10) - Not enough room here to explain how I arrived at her name. Then there is Tiggy which is short for Antigone. I love my cats so much, I can't imagine life without a cat. They all sleep with me. Grandpa sleeps next to my chest, Ninny in the back cracks of my legs, and Tiggy usually somewhere along side of me where she won't be near Grandpa. They are all indoor cats. And I enter them all in cat contests! I used to also have a rabbit named Frederick but I had to give him away. As much as I loved him, I will never have another rabbit. And I'm one of those people that think cats have feelings. Well, that's it. I could write a book but I guess I'll stop here.

January 8th, 2004, 11:02pm
I LOVE this thread!!!

Mary Beth
January 8th, 2004, 11:14pm
Well, DH and I have four cats. First there's Bast (named after the Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat and the body of a woman). She's the most manipulative kitty ever! And she has DH wrapped around her little paw, too. She's DH's cat, as is Tigger. He's a Bengal - part Asian wild cat and part usually Egyptian Mau. He's brown with spots on his trunk and stripes on his legs and head. A neat looking cat, he's also very large. He hunts. He sometimes kills his prey before he brings it inside.

My cats are Minerva, who is the good cat. She's also named after a goddess. She's black with the tiniest bit of white on her neck and she's an absolute sweetheart.

Lastly, there's the newest addition - LT. That stands for Little Terror. When I got this kitten, I was afraid the big cats would beat up on him. He was so little, compared to them! I kept him segregated for two weeks. When I let him out, he attacked all the big cats! He's about 7 months old now and he's still a terror! He's my cat.

Bast is almost 7. Tigger and Minerva are going to be 6 later this year.

January 8th, 2004, 11:21pm
I have 2 pets.
Mya, our golden retriver, lab mix is the nicest dog. She is getting up there in years and somewhat heart broken by my recent divorce (she's realy my ex's dog, but he doesnt' have room for her....I got the house!).
My 2 year old kitty is Sprial.....she is soooo much fun!

January 8th, 2004, 11:35pm
I have a tabby cat named "Gone". He has a perfectly formed target on both sides of his body in black grey and white.

January 8th, 2004, 11:57pm
I have three dogs. A SPORGI (spitz/corgi) named Missy. I got her when she was 5 years old from the SPCA. Have had her 8 years. She was abused and is quite suspicious of people, but adores my 21 year old son to death. She would protect us to death. She looks like Lady from LAdy and the Tramp.

I got Ozzie - the CHORGI a year later (chow/corgi) when he was 5 years old from the SPCA too. He was to be Missy's pal. He's 12 now. He's my baby and is as laid back as Missy is frenetic. He can be quite ferocious, or acts like he is anyway. Actually he's afraid of alot of things. He looks funn, exactly like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz. Imagine a very furry long hair chow on corgi legs w/ a long nose. I swear he doesn't have any elbows or knees.

Then we come to Ginger Snap - the red dachsund. We got her a year and 1/2 ago from AARF. She's purebred miniature and six years old. She's all spunk and as tall as she thinks she needs to be. She prescribes to the 5 second rule. If it hits the floor and you don't get to it in 5 seconds, then it's fight to the death for it. Because she's not giving it up. :rolleyes: :laugh:

January 9th, 2004, 12:06am
[I LOVE pets. my problem is that I aquire too many lol.
I often look through the classifieds, and call on mostly small animals I find in there for free.
I think they all need a good home, and wish I could take them ALL in big or small!!
Right now I enjoy the ones I have, adn until they grow old, my DH has told me NO MORE!!
I have 2 dogs, Soda, she is named Soda, well I dont really know why, Katelyn my youngest twin named her actually. She was supose to be a shitzu. but now that she is a year old, it is plain to see she is a mutt... I think she is shitzu black lab LOL <don't ask> She is VERY onery, and over half the time noone in the house can stand her. She chews like crazy, and she whines to be let out, as soon as the door closes however, she is yapping to be let back in.
Then I have Mason, He is a 9 month old Chocolate lab. He is so much different then Soda, and even though he weighs 70 lbs, he thinks he is a lap dog. He also thinks he is a foot washer or something, when DH comes home, Mason will faithfully lick his feet.... till DH makes him stop. He is so sweet, and cuddly!!
I also have 3 cats, Talledega, BJ, and Boston.
Then we have 2 cockatiels, Quigley, and coco<also one of Katie's names>
and we have two mice, Patches, and Lucky .. the twins named them after the dalmations.... I say Luck is Lucky she isn't food for DH python.
The python's name is Newton...
We also have a Gunie Pig that belongs to my oldest DD, her name is Cheerio.
Then I have a frog fetish, and have a terarium filled with frogs, and salamanders.... it is divided. They don't have names though.
We also have a 55 gallon fresh water tank with two large Bala sharks, a craw dad named krusty, and a few other odd and ends fish. And last... but probably forgot something we have a 35 gallon reef tank.
DH wants me to help put kids to sleep, or I would write a little about others....
LOL DH reading over my shoulder, and asks what does DH mean?? I said Dear Husband, he Laughs and said yeah right... it means dumb husband... take it as you want hunny!![/SIZE] :halo:

January 9th, 2004, 12:08am
what horrible spelling too

March 26th, 2004, 1:00am
I posted last night about my 5 cats and thought I would share some more about them. They are all so special. We got Merlin(all black) about 5 years ago. He just showed up on our doorstep one nightA poor kitten, skinny hungry and alone. We had one cat prior but the week earlier he had died to kidney failure. When merlin was about 1 year old a guest we had over let him out side on accident. He was missing for 2 days. When he came home he had a high fever. We took him to the vet and he had been bitten by an oppossum. He almost dies from infection. Because he had all his shots up to date the vet could rule out a lot of things so it is so important to vaccinate your animals, even if they are kept inside.
Next we adopted Noel(grey tabby)From the shelter at xmas time.6 mos later we adopted Socks(blk and white) from the shelter as well. Twister(all blackand huge) showed up 2 years ago.She was so thirsty. We walked around the neighborhood trying to figure out who she belonged to but the ppl who owned her a block over from us left in the middle of the night. She was a outside cat for a while but was attacked by a pitbull.and I promised her she would never have to be out again. She sleeps next to me every night, and if I take a nap on the couch she is right by me. She is a very unique animal. We are non smokers and she hates smoke or cigaretts. She has destroyed several guests cigaretts and bit at my dads pocket where he keeps his cigaretts.
Our last cat Floyd (gray and white) shwed up one day while our kids were playing in the sand box and has never left. He has an unbreakable bond with my 5yrDD. He sleeps with her every night. He cries at the door during the day while she is at school and is spoiled rotten. He is dressed in baby clothes and pushed in a stroller from time to time. And he loves every min. of it. LOL.
Besides the cats we have a rabbit 2 ferrets and 2 dogs. We have lots of love to give and enjoy them all. :cool2:

May 12th, 2004, 10:15am
Pets add so much to your life. They are really family members. Right now I just have the 2 little shih tzus and I would welcome another one sometime soon. Lets hear more about your special friends.