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October 9th, 2007, 12:13am
I want to take this opportunity to show all of you the extent of some of the problems we have to deal with on OLS.

This is about Gergory.

Gergory was banned by the moderators sometime last week not long after the "Jerk" thread was posted. He was banned because he continuously made posts that clearly violated the first OLS rule:

Online-Sweepstakes.com Site and Message Board Rules
Personal attacks; trolling; flaming; and any messages that are knowingly false, deceptive, inaccurate, defamatory, derogatory, abusive, inflammatory, disruptive, insulting, hateful, threatening or otherwise violates of any laws.

By any stretch of the imagination, Gergory's behavior on OLS was that of a "jerk."

A day or two after he was banned from OLS, Gergory re-registered under the username EKU and sent me a PM (private message) stating:

You're Being Reported To the BBB.

I'm reporting you to the AG and the BBB...

for stealing peoples money....

Perhaps you'll enjoy adding to that your rap sheet..


BBB = Better Business Bureau
AG = Attorney General

And just today, Gergory posted this on another site:

Reply #216 on: Today at 09:29:06 AM Quote

"logging in" shouldn't have anything to do with that.. you're paying for service to get sweepstakes and be able to enter....

So when you can't do that, you're not getting what you paid for and therefore constitutes a refund... at least thats how i view it.

ZZZ just received my 20 dollars now i'm waiiting on paypal to clear it.. so i can file a complaint.

ZZZ = The other site's ingenious little nickname for OLS

Gergory, even though he has already been banned from OLS, is trying to buy another Premium OLS subscription for the sole purpose of filing a complaint against OLS.

Let's be perfectly clear about a few things.

Gergory, just like every other OLS member, explicitly agreed to follow the OLS rules when he registered. OLS membership (free or premium) is offered only on the condition that our rules are agreed to and followed.

The agreement that Gergory specifically entered into with OLS was broken by Gergory each time he broke our rules.

The conditions of a Premium OLS subscription are CLEARLY stated on the Premium Subscriptions page (http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/forums/subscriptions.php?):

By purchasing or making use of an OLS Premium Membership subscription, you agree to the Online-Sweepstakes.com Terms of Service and you agree to follow all OLS Site and Forum rules. This service is offered as-is only, and no guarantees, explicit or implied, are given as to the availability, suitability, or usability of said service or any and all information contained therein. Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime. All subscriptions are final and refunds will only be granted at the sole discretion of the owner of the OLS web site.

Gergory did not live up to his end of the agreement, Gergory chose not to follow our rules, therefore Gergory got himself banned because of the choices he made.

Yet Gergory seems to think that it was OLS that didn't live up to our end of the agreement and has clearly stated his intentions to file frivolous complaints against OLS with various agencies, including PayPal.

Gergory says he has already filed a PayPal complaint on the other site. He hasn't.

Gergory was banned from OLS, meaning that his forum permissions (including sweep notes) were reduced to that of an unregistered visitor. He couldn't post and couldn't access some of the forums or sweep notes. But he still had full access to all premium sweeps including MySweeps.
you're paying for service to get sweepstakes and be able to enter....

So when you can't do that, you're not getting what you paid for and therefore constitutes a refund... at least thats how i view it.
He wants a refund even though the subscription he had was a gift. And he's complaining about not having access to sweeps even though he still had full access to all sweeps.

He did. His OLS account and the premium subscription has just been canceled.