View Full Version : Mastercraft bed phone call

December 30th, 2006, 12:21pm
GRRRR! I'm a little po'd right now.

I got a phone call from Mastercraft because I entered the sweepstakes and opted out of any phone calls, etc.

Received a phone call and I could earn more entries into the sweepstakes if they could come into my home and show me the product and would next Tuesday be alright. I declined. So went on to say, "So you aren't interested in the sweepstakes?" I told her I was but that I wasn't interested in having someone come in to my home. She hung up on me!

No kidding, 30 seconds later, same phone number, a different woman, same thing. I cut her off and told her I just hung up the phone with someone from Mastercraft and I'm not interested. She hung up on me!!

Has this happen to anyone else? At this point, take me out of the sweepstakes for all I care!