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April 6th, 2003, 12:29am
I have a "Half Past Dead" movie poster for sale or trade. It is what I would call standard poster size -- maybe 2 feet by 4 feet or something like that. (You know, the big size poster for your wall but not a full "one-sheet" movie poster which is HUGE.) It has the image of the 3 main characters in profile (Steven Seagal, Morris Chestnut, Ja Rule). Postage will probably be about $3.85.

This was from an N-Zone contest a while back.

I also have a small format (1' x 2' or so) Ghost Ship poster. It has the tag line "Sea Evil" and the image of the ship on it. It is in the original packing tube, and postage is about $2.00 for 1st class mail. I forget which contest this was from.

PM me if interested.