View Full Version : Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

March 30th, 2003, 6:44pm
I won this jacket in the Motel 6 "The American Classic Getaway".
It is brand new, never worn. All the orginal tags are still attached and it even comes on a HD coat hanger. I would love to keep this jacket but it does not fit me, too large and it does not fit my husband, too small. It is considered a Medium which has a waist size 32-35 and chest size 38-41. I thought I had the jacket sold to a friend but he never came up with the $$, so before I put it on ebay I would like to offer it to another sweeper.
The Harley link is:

I also have pictures which I have taken. The suggested retail price is $300. PM me with any questions or offers or to see my pictures.


April 4th, 2003, 12:46pm

No interest??? It's a it's way to ebay.