View Full Version : Disney's Treasure Planet Playstation One game

March 6th, 2003, 6:21pm
I won a Disney's Treasure Planet game for Playstation One. My boys are 11 and 14 and they don't want it. It's never been opened out of the plastic wrapper. Will sell for $15 including shipping.:smile3:

I finally got a store credit for it, so it's gone. Thanks to all for advice.

March 13th, 2003, 1:05pm
I took mine to a Sam Goody's and they gave me $32.00 store credit. for Playstation one. My husband got $43 store credit for Playstation Two.

March 13th, 2003, 8:07pm
How long ago did you get that price? We don't have a Sam Goody, but there is an On Cue or Walmart. I thought about taking it there but I didnt know if there was some kind of code that made it so you couldnt return it or something. Thanks for the advice.


March 14th, 2003, 2:01pm
We kept this one (fun!) but I exchanged the last one that they had at Target. They didn't give me a problem at all. It was only worth 19.99 though. I was able to trade it in for a gameboy game that my kids wanted.

March 14th, 2003, 6:37pm
thanks alot guys..I'm going to go try to exchange it this weekend. :smile3: :laugh: :grin2:

March 15th, 2003, 7:48pm
:mad: I took the Treasure Planet game to Walmart today and they said it didnt come from there so they wouldnt give me anything for it. There is a hole punched out on the UPC under the plastic wrap. They said their games dont have that! I was in there for 30 minutes while they screwed around asking different employees! All for nothing. I finally just said never mind and left.:mad:

March 16th, 2003, 3:21am
Thanks for the advice! We don't have a Play Station. I took our PS 1 Treasure Planet game to the Super Wal-Mart this afternoon--told them "we received this as a gift"... She used the scanner wand, it didn't ring up, she did notice the hole punched but didn't say anything, just typed the UPC code number in. It rang up at $29.99 plus tax. She said, "I can't give you a cash refund, but I can put it on a gift card" and I said "That would be great!" I was one happy camper! :grin5:

March 16th, 2003, 8:27pm
I'm glad it worked for you. The idiots we got working at our Walmart suck. I dont know where else to take it to. We dont have any other stores in this town that sell video games. I'd have to drive 20 miles to find a Kmart or some other store to try.:(

March 16th, 2003, 8:36pm
Some stores won't take it back because when a record or game company gives out free promotional items, they usually drill a hole in the cd case or put a hole through the UPC (like yours has). This is supposed to show that it is not allowed to be sold in retail stores. Try to find an employee that looks clueless or lazy or sell it on Ebay. LOL :smile2: :smile2: :smile2: :smile2:

March 16th, 2003, 8:51pm
You can also try to point out the scan that's on the wrapper itself.
That's what I did at Best Buys. I got a store credit something like $43. :smile3:

March 16th, 2003, 8:58pm
Return it to Walmart or one of the others for a gift card or exchange. Oh well, forget my suggestion as I see that you have already tried it. I'm bad to read the original post and one more and then post my thoughts.

March 16th, 2003, 10:11pm
I pointed out the other scan code on the wrapper itself.. Stupid clerk said "we dont use those"!!!! All I wanted was a store credit, not security clearance for the FBI!!!:rolleyes: Gimme a Break Walmart. $29.99 ain't gonna break ya is it?

March 28th, 2003, 10:54pm
I finally got a store credit for the Treasure Planet game. I took it to Toys R Us with no luck. Then I tried Circuit City and Voila! I hit paydirt. I traded it for the new Pokemon Sapphire for my son. I got 19.99 for it plus tax and only had to pay 8.00 for the extra on the new game. Not too bad! :grin3: :smile3: :smile2: