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January 4th, 2003, 8:41am
I won the 43T90 which sells at Best Buy for $1599.99
I live in Westfield , NJ in a small house and it hardly fits into the house never mind the TV cabinet my husband made for our current TV, and I really like the cabinet:)
So New in box and we can deliver within 20 miles, it fits in our small SUV just fine. $1300 or B/O.
We want to use the money for a trip to the Grand Canyon (boo hoo got disqualified from the Veryfine/Spirit sweep)

Jackie jarnocan@iwon.com

January 4th, 2003, 10:25am

Can't help with the problem - but congrats on the win! Wish I would have such a problem - the Tagless T's fit in my house just fine!

January 4th, 2003, 10:30am
Can't take it off your hands either. But congrat on your win. Put it on ebay.

Oh, welcome to the sweeping family here at O-S.

January 4th, 2003, 11:04am
Nice win. I too have a small house and it would never fit without
removing all the furniture.:smile3: Sorry I can't help ya, but it is a nice win!

January 4th, 2003, 11:10am
Great win! Congrats~!

January 4th, 2003, 11:58am
e-bay could be the answer for you

January 4th, 2003, 12:08pm
this is fun, first time I've done this. I'm going to try locally at first, to sell it but then might try e-bay.
Thankyou everyone. I love this site!!!

January 4th, 2003, 3:40pm
Oh how I wish, wish, wish i could buy it from you, hubby and I would love it our largest TV is a 25". The Superbowl is coming up and my EAGLES are so close to going all the way how I would love that TV. I wish I had your problems LOL :laugh:


January 4th, 2003, 6:18pm

Can't help you either but my mom grew up in Westfield - small world:)


January 16th, 2003, 1:45pm
Originally posted by suzannek1

Can't help with the problem - but congrats on the win! Wish I would have such a problem - the Tagless T's fit in my house just fine!

So are you saying you want a smaller house so the t-shirt wont fit in it? :confused:

January 16th, 2003, 4:57pm
My husband and I are coming to Colorado, for a ski trip we won!!!
at Bekenridge and then to the Grand Canyon and the Lake Powell area during the summer. I didn't win the Veryfine/Spirit trip (boo hoo disqualified shame shame) but we are going to do it any way.
Lake Powell sounds awesome we want to go see Rainbow bridge. Have you ever been there?
Sold the TV to help pay for the trip, and I'm trying to sell a Panasonic portable DVD player I won on E-bay, let you all know how that works out, to also help pay for the GC trip.

January 16th, 2003, 5:10pm
Colorado rocks the rockies. Hope you enjoy the stay!

January 24th, 2003, 5:13pm
Hope someone can make you a good offer. It is hard to believe that you can't use a big TV. My kids would go nuts over it and toss out the cabinet we have now. (It is a very nice cabinet, too!)

January 24th, 2003, 5:51pm
We sold it for a thousand dollars to a friend. Good deal for him, (nice family) but OK for us too. When we opened the box, and took a good look at it I decided if we ever win another one, we're keeping it:) Took the money and bought the buy one get one Tickets for the Grand Canyon trip on Amtrak!!!!
Won a DVD player for my son from TBS so that was nice.