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January 28th, 2006, 7:59pm
A couple of days ago, someone here listed a sweeps for a couple nights' stay at a resort not far from where I live. It didn't offer any real details... no official rules page, no details on how often we can enter, etc. Obviously a small-time offer from a sponsor who hasn't really offered many sweeps before. But it's a nice resort, and I went ahead and entered since I'd love a nice weekend getaway with my husband, even if it was just 15 minutes away from home in the next town.

Today, the sponsor of the drawing called me. No, it's not over and I didn't win ... they have received such a "HUGE, overwhelming number of entries" in their drawing lately that they wanted to check with a few entrants and see how and where we found them! :rolleyes: :laugh:

Ah, the power of the Internet and OLS....

January 28th, 2006, 8:08pm
Seems I recall that happening before. Some sponsors love all the entries. Others get really annoyed...

January 28th, 2006, 8:11pm
What did you tell them, and if you said OLS did they seem okay with that?

January 28th, 2006, 8:14pm
What did you tell them?
I know some sponsors (or many) hate Sweep sites, but I hope they come to realize the exposure it gives them. I often don't enter small-site contests because - believe it or not-I feel guilty knowing that I probably won't buy from them (due to financial constraints). But then again - look at the BZZZZ agent program - it's all about getting people to talk about a product. That is truly the best sales technique. And I have bought from sponsors out of gratitude for their sweeps, or to get codes!
I just did a survey for ClosetMaid that came from being on their email list through entering their sweeps at one time. I didn't win, nor can I afford their product at this time. But I am grateful that they run promotions and my ethic is to give back where I can. I often opt in. I don't get much of what I consider SPAM. A newsletter is not spam - I can unsubscribe but often get new promotion news and exclusive entry opportunities for opening their mail!
What would it hurt to hit a sponsors links and ads sometimes? They get revenue from that and I HAVE found new entry opportunities to post right here at home by doing so. Be a good Sweeping Citizen! and that's my :twocents: :twocents: :twocents: So dere!

January 28th, 2006, 8:22pm
I would think that maybe the servers for the smaller companies cant handle hundreds or thousands of people entering. Look what happened here on Jan 2!

I dont usually tell them how i heard about them. I always say (or check off the box for) ''A FRIEND''. They may DQ you for entering from a sweepstakes site.

January 28th, 2006, 8:24pm
Yup, I told her that while I was "a local," I'd actually found the drawing posted on an Internet sweepstakes site. She was... surprised, I'd say, that someone had added their little drawing to a site like this. I honestly didn't get a feel for whether she was thrilled, annoyed, or just how she felt about it... just surprised. I'm sure by now she's looked up the site and formed an opinion of one sort or the other.... hope it's positive! :halo:

January 29th, 2006, 1:29am
I got an email from a small site wondering how I heard of it and if I knew why so many people were entering. She was cool with it and kind of excited that so many people were checking out her website.

Although I don't spend much money online, I do tend to remember sites that are specialty type when there is a birthday or other gift to buy. Especially ones that offer regional merchandise and such. And name recognition is a big thing too. I'm sure many of us have sponsor's names pop into our heads when we are thinking of taking a vacation, taking up a craft, or other similar things.

January 29th, 2006, 7:49am
When asked, I never tell them I got the sweep from OLS. I just tell them I found it from an internet search.