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November 23rd, 2002, 4:52pm
Anyone interested? It's from my "24" gift pack win. It's new in box and never been opened. Make me an offer :D

Here's a url with the details:




November 23rd, 2002, 6:40pm
Wow... Congrats on your win. I'm not really looking for a GPS device myself, but before you decide you don't really want it though, check this out: Geocaching.com (http://www.geocaching.com/)

Ever hear of geocaching? It's "The sport where YOU are the search engine." It's a fun hobby where you use a GPS device to find hidden "treasures" called geocaches. Folks go out and hide things, somewhere, anywhere and then post the global coordinates on a website, so other people can go find it. Once you find the geocache there are different things you can do. Some of them might have a take-a-prize, leave-a-prize thing. Some of them have journals or cameras, so you can leave a little memento of your visit. There're all sorts of geocaches.

Our family has done this several times, (we even placed one nearby which at least a dozen people have visited since July). It's great fun, and usually pretty good exercise. (All the caches we've searched for were hidden in the woods.) I think of it as a treasure hunt where the coordinates are like the big ole "X" on a treasure map.

November 23rd, 2002, 6:43pm
You read my mind squdgy - geocaching is very "up and coming" and an extremely big hit with those that do it - there ya go magoo:)

November 23rd, 2002, 6:59pm
Wow, how cool is that! :cheer4: I'd never heard of geocaching, but it looks like fun. Now I wish I had one of those GPS thingys so I could play too!:(