View Full Version : More obnoxious telephone follow-up calls!

October 11th, 1999, 4:23pm
Mare, what is it with Floridians? Every time you enter one of their contests, they bug you with phone calls. Had someone today call about "Tampa Resorts" offering 70% off vacation package deals. Said they got my name from some contest I'd entered. (Bet he doesn't call again, though, cuz I read him the riot act) Then again, he might not have understood me; I certainly had trouble understanding him! Finally got the name Edgar! Anyway, beware of Florida contests. Obviously, they don't get enough visitors already and have to resort to phone solicitations.

October 11th, 1999, 4:53pm
That's exactly why I try to avoid as many of them as possible!


October 12th, 1999, 6:17pm
You guys quit picking on me! I can't help it if I'm temporarily stuck in the state of Florida. I've been trying to escape to NYC for months now! (Or at least win a trip there.)(:
Mare "I left my heart in NYC" Rivera