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March 11th, 2005, 11:06am
MrDave, weren't we discussing this very thing and it's Implications a few months back? It looks like our fears are coming to fruition. Especially where the genetically modified seed is concerned. Seems we've opened ourselves a market...

Plowing for Profits
U.S. agribusiness eyes Iraq’s fledgling markets

Iraq’s Fertile Crescent, the fabled birthplace of ancient grains and agricultural civilization, is emerging as a new market opportunity for American agribusiness. Even as U.S. officials tout gracious shipments of food aid and technical assistance to thankful Iraqi farmers, the agenda articulated by government agencies and industry groups is clear—Iraq’s fragile food sector, battered by decades of war and sanctions, is open for business.

Order 81 paves the way for genetically modified crops (GMOs), stating: “Farmers shall be prohibited from reusing seeds of protected varieties.” The order, exposed by Focus on the Global South and GRAIN in an October 2004 report, does not require Iraqi farmers to use GMOs. But it etches into Iraqi law WTO-style patent protections for genetically engineered crops—assuring U.S. GMO-producing firms a legally protected niche in the country’s future.


March 12th, 2005, 12:01am
“For the record, Monsanto has no plans to introduce biotechnology in Iraq,” insists company spokesman Chris Horner. “It doesn’t fit with our business plans.”

Gosh, dandy - waht are you worried about? You DO trust Monsanto - right?