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May 8th, 2002, 7:46pm

Why does freelotto always send me an email message saying to subscribe to F.A.S.T. so no one else can claim my winnings? If I win will someone else steal my cash?They should call it $9.99 per month lotto not freelotto. :mad: :nay: :nay: :nay:

May 11th, 2002, 1:00pm
I got a $1 check from them the other day, and I'm not subscribed to FAST. But their emails really are a bummer.

May 11th, 2002, 1:34pm
Freelotto 86'd me for too many complaint letters about their hardcore marketing; if I try to log in and play, the screen says "You are not authorized to play Freelotto."

Fine...I'd pretty much had it with them, even though I'd won a number of $1, $5 and $10 checks.

But during my email battle with them (everytime they sent a deceptive email advertisement masquerading as a "win notice" I sent them a critical note) I *did* receive an acknowledgement stating there is no truth at all that "someone else may get your winnings." It's just hard-sell. If you win anything, you get an email notifying you. And every win comes in an email obviously titled as a win notice. One problem with them has of course been that they know people tend to ignore emails, *except* those that are titled "you won," so they've resorted to deceptive titles for a bunch of their advertising.

My sweeping habit is more pleasant now that I don't deal with those guys anymore. The "methadone high" isn't as exhilarating as one fueled by dreams of multi-million dollar prizes...but it feels healthier dealing with more legitimate sweepstakes sponsors. My inbox feels better also.

June 30th, 2002, 10:04pm
I use to love Free-lotto. I thought it was great that you had a chance to win 10 million for free. Well, Not anymore. I also get those annoying emails that say I need to sign up for fast so no one claims my prize. The other day I decided to go and play freelotto. I had not played for a few months. IT said I was not eligible to play, because I was not signed up for thier emails. Oh well, I don't know what I would do with 10 millioin anyways. LOL....

July 1st, 2002, 12:41am
The ten million refers to junk email, not dollars! ;)


July 1st, 2002, 10:04am
Last year, when I tried to "unsubscribe", it took me forever to get off their list!

July 1st, 2002, 12:45pm
I concur with a lot that's been said. I played faithfully also as did my husband. We've gotten $1 prizes and a $3 dollar prize. I quit playing about a month ago for the same reasons that have been mentioned. I think I'm finally unsubscribed to their emails.

July 1st, 2002, 10:51pm
I keep getting these too. If someone else can claim my winnings, go for it, because I don't even play! I can't seem to get off their list either. I think Shake Man's mom's toenail fungus is contagious!

Heidi :smile3:

July 2nd, 2002, 6:42am
I stopped playing after I posted this but ....today I got one of their emails and in the sender line it said from "Michael" and subject none. So, I thought...who's Michael? Maybe it's some old friend. So, I clicked...and wouldn't you know it.."warning this for your own protection..please sign up for F>A>S>T> so no one can claim.....blah..blah...blah.

What a crock...!

P.S. At the end of the email it was signed William something..Who is Michael?:confused:

July 2nd, 2002, 11:25am
I've given up opening emails with just a First Name for the sender and no subject. I think this is a way they use to get past all the blocking.

July 2nd, 2002, 1:05pm
I think I've played once and I still get their d**n emails. Can't seem to get off their list!

Take care,


July 4th, 2002, 8:49pm
Freelotto is a HUGE pain in the butt! I got tired of all their junk mail, and continued sending them mail, asking to be removed from their mailing list. It took several requests, but be persistent, and let them know how you feel about them harrassing you!

write to them at answers@freelotto.com

This is NOT their customer service address, but one for help with their site, so lots of "junk mail" their way will get their attention!

For free lotto chances go to webmillion.com You can get 10-12 free entries a day, plus play other games for chances at everything from t shirts to 3 million. (If ya win, remember who sent you! ) You do have to deal with pop ups, but hey, they have to earn the money somehow!


(Lin Pleiman)

July 19th, 2002, 4:11pm
I saw this on the free lotto website today:

"You are responsible for claiming any prize won from FreeLotto®! You must check your daily results email to see if you've won and follow the instructions within the daily results email to claim your prize. Any prize not claimed within 30 days of date of winnings will be forfeited. "

Its a little difficult to check the daily results since they can't seem to send you an email that says "from: free lotto, subject: daily results." Instead you get something like "from: Marty, subject: important you respond." Its almost as if they don't want to give the money away.

July 21st, 2002, 1:10pm
FreeLotto is real bad. The only lottos that I have ever won cash from are
www.iwinweekly.com and www.boxlotto.com

I won twice on iwinweekly. I'm in love with lottos lately its my new thing these days.

July 21st, 2002, 1:31pm
Lottos used to be my thing. I won $100 on http://www.cashgiveaway.com I've put most of them away now and play that and Lucky Surf. I just play sweeps now.

September 3rd, 2002, 6:27am
Like an earlier poster, I got a message a few months ago "ineligible to play Freelotto." I decided to just try and sign up again, and was successful. It seems they changed over to an "all-numbers" username and password system. After you register (or re-register, if you get an "ineligible to play" message and go to sign up again), Freelotto sends you a new username and password consisting of numbers only.

Although they aggressively try to sell you to buy their F.A.S.T., just don't sign up and keep playing for free. You do, however, have to check the results that unfortunately come with misleading subject lines. I've complained about the misleading subject lines and F.A.S.T. hardsells to them, too. And they do require you to check the results yourself, unlike many lotteries, so that they can continue to pelt you with messages to try to get you to buy their F.A.S.T. And make sure you record somewhere the confirmation numbers that are given when your picks are processed, or else they say you forfeit your prize if you win and cannot supply a confirmation number.