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April 16th, 2002, 5:37pm
Hi everyone,

I was up very late last night (or early this morning depending on how you want to look at it), trying to figure out what could be causing the problems some of you are having with MySweeps.

I think I made a breakthrough. Using Netscape 4, I was finally able to replicate several of the errors a lot of you have reported. After I update the sweepstakes directory today (I'm just going to add 15), I'm going to re-write some of the MySweeps code. I believe it will fix everyone's problems once and for all (at least all the problems that have been reported to me here in the forums).

Internet Explorer versions 4 and higher on a Windows PC (90+% of you) shouldn't have any problems with MySweeps at all right now (except maybe with having to manually login to MySweeps sometimes). Everyone else could have problems.

I really appreciate all of your patience and understanding with these MySweeps problems. With all the different operating systems, browsers, browser versions, and the myriad of ways MySweeps is used, it's impossible for me to test everything out myself. You guys have been a HUGE help. THANK YOU!!! :smile4:


April 16th, 2002, 7:05pm
Actually, I think you did me a huge favor with your commentary about Netscape 6. Remember, I had tried it before and dumped it, 'cause it gave me some problems. But, I was going to try it again, on your advice. Well, it turns out that my system (Mac 8.5.1) doesn't meet the system requirements for Net 6. So, I have ordered Mac X 10.1, and should receive it in a week or so. Maybe that will also take care of some of the other problems I've been having (after I upgrade Netscape, too.)
See, I told you I was the world's biggest tech dummy!

PS I really hope this stuff helps, because sweeping has become a daily aggravation for me; I have cut down considerably, and was just about ready to hang up my sweepin' shoes!

April 16th, 2002, 7:47pm
Hi Joni,

I would think jumping from 8.5 to 10.1 should make a big difference, especially if you weren't able to upgrade to Netscape 6 because of it (which seems a little strange to me). I don't know much about the Mac operating system, but if I remember hearing right, version 10 was a big upgrade.

I would suggest trying the latest version of Internet Explorer (5.5 ?) for the Mac. I used to be as anti-IE as anyone could be, until I made (had to make) the switch to Explorer a year or so ago. Microsoft has used their monopoly power to make it almost a necessity now days (and AOL's takeover of Netscape certainly didn't help that browser any). There are just so many things that you can't do or at least do as well with other browsers.

Do you use a form-filler program to enter sweeps or are you doing it by hand?

I really think you will be happy with the results of the upgrade. :smile4:


April 16th, 2002, 8:16pm
I do use a formfiller that I have come to love, altho' I didn't much like it initially. It's one that works for Mac users, since Gator, Roboform and etc. don't.
You work out your own code, like I use j for joni, and a bunch of others. After typing in the letter I designated in the code, I hit tab (or return), and it types in the word or phrase. Seemed like a pia to begin with, but it's second nature now, and very fast.

PS I traded that Savin laser printer I won over a year ago for a Gateway Solo laptop; it has windows and IE already. I don't have it online yet, but will.....so I will have lots of stuff to explore (and learn!)