View Full Version : Norton SystemWorks 2002 Still Available

February 22nd, 2002, 9:08pm
I won this in the Microsoft Peak Perfomance Instant Win Game. You can see it at Buy.com

Their price is $69.95. I'd like to trade for stamps, gift cards (to Gap, Target, Borders) for $50.

February 28th, 2002, 8:52am
Sorry P, I didn't know those GCs were Non tranferrable. Hope you can trade for something else!

This is still up for trade folks........

February 28th, 2002, 9:11am
Mightmitt, I won one of those too. I was just going to return it to office depot or staples for credit but they stuck a "not for resale" sticker under the shrinkwrap. Grrr. Did yours have one too? Guess I'll just have to use it.

February 28th, 2002, 9:43am
Mine had the sticker....that's why I thought I'd try to trade it to someone instead of return it to the store. We have Norton already. Darn!