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November 14th, 2004, 2:36pm
Has anyone won any of their daily prizes? This is one contest that drives me bonkers because it takes so long to load...just wondering if it's been worth the hassle.

November 14th, 2004, 2:38pm
I haven't heard of any wins, And it drives me crazy too. :cool2:

November 14th, 2004, 2:40pm
I kinda like it, but alas, I haven't won... :worry: :worry: :worry:

November 14th, 2004, 2:42pm
Just Keep Trying, I Guess.
When You Least Expect It,
It Will Happen.

November 14th, 2004, 2:44pm
I won the MP3 player a few weeks ago and someone else posted they won the CD cases that same week.

November 14th, 2004, 2:56pm
That is the most annoying sweep. I haven't won anything and I
have been playing since day one...

November 14th, 2004, 3:01pm
I won the MP3 player a few weeks ago and someone else posted they won the CD cases that same week.

Wow thats great! Congrats on your "cool" win!!! :cheer7: :cheer7:

November 14th, 2004, 3:05pm
Is it an instant win or do they just notify you that you won? Or do they just send the prize? I obviously havent won either after playing and playing forever! I did win 2 movie tickets from Frito-Lay this morning though! That was cool!

November 14th, 2004, 7:00pm
Mon Cherie I am in the same mind as you.
I do it - skip a day - look to see what the prize is ....
It takes sooo long!
Sometimes the ones that drive you the most insane are worth the trip.
I hope this one is! :smile9:
Good luck :gvibes:

November 14th, 2004, 7:14pm
Daily Prizes: Twenty (20) Sunday Prizes: two (2) Fandango movie tickets. ARV: $24. Twenty-one (21) Monday Prizes: COOL Snowman CD collection from Universal Motown Records. Approximate Retail Value ("ARV"): $100. Twenty-one (21) Tuesday Prizes: Panasonic Shockwave Digital Audio MP3 Player (SV-SW20S). ARV: $129.95. Twenty-one (21) Wednesday Prizes: 3 Case Logic CD Holders (Model Numbers: CDY-128, CDY-64, and CDY-32). ARV: $58. Twenty-one (21) Thursday Prizes: NesteaCOOL Prize Pack including COOL T-Shirt, COOL Camo Bandana, COOL Visor, COOL Kooler, COOL Snowman Tattoos, and a package of Nestea COOL ice tea. ARV $36. Twenty-one (21) Friday Prizes: two (2) Fandango movie tickets. ARV: $24. Twenty (20) Saturday Prizes: one (1) Boost Mobile Phone and one (1) Re-Boost Gift Certificate. ARV: $50.

Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two (2) to the GigAmerica Urban Showcase Final. The prize consists of: (a) round-trip coach-class airfare for two (2) from the major airport closest to the winnerís home to New York City; (b) two (2) nights of accommodations (single room/double occupancy) at hotel to be selected by the Sponsor; (c) two (2) tickets to the GigAmerica Urban Showcase Final on December 30, 2004; (d) a tour of the Sony Studios offices located on 54th Street; (e) a meet-and-greet with Sony VIPs; (f) $500 spending money; (g) a COOL Snowmanís CD collection; (h) two Panasonic Shockwave Digital Audio MP3 players (Model Number: SV-SW20S); and (i) two (2) VIP tickets to VIP tickets to the GigAmerica Urban Showcase All Star Final at the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studio. ARV: $3,000. The winner must be able to travel on the dates required by the Sponsor. All expenses and costs not expressly listed above, including, but not limited to, ground transportation, meals, taxes, and purchases during the trip, are solely the winnerís responsibility. Travel companion must travel on the same itinerary as the winner and will be required to sign a publicity/liability release prior to issuance of travel documents. If the travel companion is a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian must sign the release on his/her behalf. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians

November 14th, 2004, 10:12pm
I won the Saturday prize last month :)

I received an email the following Mon or Tues notifying me of the win.

November 14th, 2004, 10:19pm
I won the movie tix, which delighted my teenager....

All I play for now is the Nestea cooler pack.

November 15th, 2004, 1:30am
Actually, this is one of my favorites although sometimes I have to restart it ....my trick is to open it in a new window then continue with something else while it loads up....the music will let you know when it's time to enter something.
Of course, I haven't won anything but I EXPECT to . . . .

November 15th, 2004, 9:55am
I just received notification through e-mail that I won Saturday's prize
Boost mobile phone and Boost G.C. arv $50.00 :smile9:

November 15th, 2004, 11:20am
Nope, I havent won anything on this either... I enter all the time, and nothing yet. BUT it looks like there have been some winners here at OLS, so keep trying!! :)