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November 7th, 2004, 12:25pm
I think that if the editors won't catagorize the canadian only sweeps that I'm going to start giving them one star ratings. My goodness what is wrong with catagorizing them for the sake of convenience, it's just silly, do they think that someone is going to get mad, it's just silly. This thread will probably be locked now.

November 7th, 2004, 12:31pm
Thanks for posting

November 7th, 2004, 12:33pm
Grow up. It's like me saying I am going to one star all the American sweeps. Read already. That's it. And wow..look..eligibility is in RED!!!

November 7th, 2004, 12:35pm
such hostility! thanks for the insightful input! go canada.

November 7th, 2004, 12:43pm
I dont mind that they are together its pretty much outlined when you run through each section and u can find Canada easy enough ( yes im a canada sweeper)

November 7th, 2004, 12:44pm