View Full Version : How U Gonna Keep M Down on the Farm?

September 15th, 2004, 10:18am
I have noticed that there R posts on the home page from winners of contests that R
not listed in the current sweeps. I assume these R from premium members giving
those who R not, a clue as 2 where 2 look 4 sweeps. Certainly, I found those sweepstakes (4) by searching the net & entered M.
I plan to become a premium member this week but my reason is not 2 get access 2 proprietary sweeps. I love the synopsis at the bottom of the sweep info that guides U
along. I think everyone ought 2 pay just 4 that information alone.

September 15th, 2004, 1:16pm
The idea of posting wins is not to give a hint to nonpremium members that there is a contest out there that they are missing or to say "Nyah Nyah" we got a contest that you cannot enter. The idea of posting wins is to let everyone know how blessed/lucky you are. I have listed in "My wins" contests listed that I entered from another site and stuff I found on my own.

It is nice to see someone win. It gives hope and faith that it is possible to win. It also shows that OLS members are winners and we are beating the odds and the world. Try premium and if you do not like it then you can quit premium and go back to being non-premium.