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September 7th, 2004, 9:55pm
Is anyone else still waiting for their $100 GC from City Search?

September 7th, 2004, 10:06pm
Yes. This is the reply they sent me.

We apologize for the delay in the receipt of your prize. The Sponsor has determined that instead of receiving a dinner certificate you will be sent a check for $100. Your prize will be mailed out no later then 09/30/2004. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

September 7th, 2004, 10:44pm
Yes, I wrote them too and they said some people will be getting a check and some people will be getting a gift certificate it just depends on how many winners there are in each area. He couldn't tell me which one I would be getting and said it it taking a while to get it all sorted out.

September 8th, 2004, 10:18am
i posted this before, they called me to let me know id be getting a $100 check instead of the GC first part of october. go to eprize.net and e-mail or call them, they do respond.

October 11th, 2004, 2:02pm
Update, finally received a response from e-prize they will let me know by 10/19 about the delivery of the prize. Thanks to all who responded!