View Full Version : Free 5 dollar Circuitcity.com gift card

August 30th, 2004, 1:15pm
First person who PM's me will get a free circuitcity gift card for a value of 5dollars. I will post when its gone :smile9:

August 30th, 2004, 1:22pm
Gone SOrry everyone. I will do more surveys like like the ajoined research one and will give them away :)

manic sweeper
August 30th, 2004, 1:23pm
Thanks for the offer! It makes life more interesting!

August 30th, 2004, 1:28pm
N/p i will have more of theese from adjoined research ( i hope) lol

August 30th, 2004, 1:30pm
What is this some kind of a pitiful attempt by the company to generate sales by giving away 5 dollar certs? They don't even have anything for 5 dollars, so you would have to spend your own money to use it.

August 30th, 2004, 2:46pm
dbuske--don't like it? Don't read it.