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June 23rd, 2004, 5:15pm
I moved recently and decided not to get long distance at my new house, but now I really need it. I would like to get in on some king of promotion. When I had long distance MCI etc. would call me all the time offering money and gift cards to switch. Does anybody know where I can get something like that just for signing up the first time?


June 23rd, 2004, 7:17pm
I don't know about the promotions and all, I think you end up paying for them in the end. I too did not have long distance for awhile. My son ran up huge bills so I decided to just use phone cards. That got annoying after awhile. Now I use USADATANET for my internet and long distance. Great company, never a problem. I pay 9 cents a minute up to 99 cents total for long distance to anywhere in the north east and $1.49 total anywhere else. So that is good for me. USADATANET, service nationwide. Google it or it's usadatanet.net

June 23rd, 2004, 7:41pm
I use phone cards all the time. I got mine at Walmart and it's 5 cents a minute to add more time onto the card you already have so all you need is one card. It equals out to 3.00 an hour and you can't beat that!!!

June 23rd, 2004, 8:35pm
I use Pioneer..

3.8 a minute, no monthly fees.


We've used AT&T, Sprint and MCI and always ended up paying in the end for their "deals". They call and offer them now and when I say we pay 3.8 a minute they saw ok thanks for you time, we don't have anything that can beat that.

Easier than phone cards and about the same price.

June 23rd, 2004, 8:42pm
We get ours at Sam's club and pay about 3.4 something cents a minute. They are from AT & T.

June 23rd, 2004, 11:45pm
We use the MCI one from Costco and it comes out to .3 a minute. Very easy to add time using a credit or debit card.


June 23rd, 2004, 11:58pm
We use the MCI one from Costco and it comes out to .3 a minute. Very easy to add time using a credit or debit card.

I use Costco too for 3 cents a minute. No long distance fees. We have Sprint, but, haven't gotten a bill in over a year. I add minutes 20 dollars at a time for 670 minutes, (I think it is) and have the same PIN# so I don't have to try and remember a different PIN each time. Good luck!

June 24th, 2004, 12:28am
I use 1010987 - you pay 35 to connect and I think it's like 2.9 cents a minute.
In some areas they will bill it to your regular phone bill, some will receive a separate bill, which comes from MCI........HAHAHA.....1 company...100 different rates and names.

NO fees, you only pay what you talk....my LD bill is like 5 bucks a month (I don't use it that often)......

Depending on what part of the country you're in, you can get a good deal on phone cards at gas stations, but as always, buyer beware, read the fine print.

I have used both, and like the 1010987 deal the best.

June 24th, 2004, 12:33am
I have SBC all distance. I can call anywhere in the usa for only $40.00 a month. That includes my local calls too. It's nice to have one bill and can call anyone and talk for as long as I want. It also comes with call waiting, caller ID, call waiting ID, and a message center. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. ATT has something very simular that you may want to check into.

June 24th, 2004, 9:27pm
I use 10-10-321 for my long distance. It is 99 cents for up to 20 minutes. I hardly ever make long distance calls so it works out well for me.