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September 25th, 2001, 7:21am
I am still trying to trade my gc to Reflect.com. It is for $100 and good through 5/2002.

Will trade cheaply!! Email me at satnick@yahoo.com

September 25th, 2001, 7:56am
Did you know that you can get...

Free Palm m100 from Reflect.com
Use coupon code PALMREBATE to get a FREE Palm m100 from Reflect.com with your purchase of $100 or more. Shipping: Free!
Expires: 10.15.2001

September 25th, 2001, 8:41am
Wow, how did you know about that one? It is worth using the gc now for some presents and getting the Palm too! You are awesome!!!

September 25th, 2001, 1:04pm
Or you could keep the offer open and trade for something you want "not so cheaply." You have until October. Also there are lots of codes for reflect. You can find them at deal of the day or currentcodes, but I don't know if they can be used with that deal.. I would try one anyway.

October 11th, 2001, 4:14pm
UGH! I wanted to take your advice about the Palm and created all the custom items at Reflect.com. I proceeded to checkout and tried to use the code with my gift certificate and it is not valid with gift certificates! BUMMER!

Still looking to trade, will make a nice Xmas gift for somebody!

October 11th, 2001, 5:13pm
I'm terribly sorry, Satnick, for all that time wasted.. and the trouble that you had picking out everything. I wish I had known that.

October 15th, 2001, 12:58pm
No problem, not your fault! I wish they were more coupon friendly though.