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August 22nd, 2001, 1:20pm
Has anybody else won on this site? I've won four times and I'm looking to trade a couple of my jerseys. I have a Kurt Warner and Tony Boselli autographed jerseys. I'm looking for any Minnesota Vikings jersey, preferably Culpepper, Carter, Moss, Robert Smith, Michael Bennett or anybody else from the team. LMK & Thanks!

August 23rd, 2001, 2:31pm
I also have Steve Buerlein and Tim Couch autographed jerseys that I would be willing to trade, but these are already framed. Thanks.

August 24th, 2001, 3:19pm
Where can you find the answers for the questions? My son wants me to enter this so bad. I have no clue to answers & was trying different sites for info. thanks.

PATTI... :)

August 24th, 2001, 3:28pm
Checkout NFL.com, they have a lot of the answers there. I usually don't look them up and just know them.

August 25th, 2001, 12:08am
Patti if you give me your e-mail addy I will try to remember to send you the answer of the day. I know most of them and if I don't my husband does! :D


Lucky Lavender
August 25th, 2001, 5:54pm
I though maybe you would like to share answers so that we could enter too??? If so, could you please post this in the "Contest Answers" section and contribute your daily answers?????

I'd be happy to share an answer if I know it (or find it)!!!


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August 25th, 2001, 7:31pm
How silly of me not to think of that but then again I usually have alot going on here. I will post it over there but in case you come here first today's answer is Ernie Nevers Good luck! :D


September 19th, 2001, 10:57am
Here are the jerseys that I have to offer in trade for an autographed Vikings jersey from NFL Players.com:

Kurt Warner
Tony Bosselli
Frank Wycheck - I just won this won
Tim Couch - already framed
Steve Buerlein - already framed

I'm only looking for Vikings players (Culpepper, Moss, Carter, Bennett, Birk, etc...). Thanks!