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September 28th, 2000, 1:35pm
Would like to trade for an N64 game or stamps. If you have something else you're dying to get rid of, let me know...I'm open to offers. If I don't get any offers in a week, I'm going to copy Robert and donate it to the library :)


September 29th, 2000, 12:01pm
Hi Magoo. The last time I gave something to the library, the librarian gave me an insulated water bottle. She appreciated all that I had donated and wanted to give something back. I have felt a great satisfaction in donating these things to the ligrary because they are given out as prizes to kids that show an interest in books and learning. This is very nice karma for me.
...Robert Lake

October 18th, 2000, 3:31pm
hi there just trying to put up an animation

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October 18th, 2000, 4:15pm

October 18th, 2000, 4:17pm
you were close -- just use the [i m g] http://image.fg-a.com/anidog6.GIF [/i m g] command, but without the spaces between the "i" "m" and "g"