View Full Version : Family Trip To Vegas - Departing from Toronto Ontario

June 28th, 2000, 4:37pm

I hope someone can help. I WON A FAMILY TRIP FOR FOUR to Las Vegas. But, here is my difficulty: I live on a meager disability pension and CANNOT afford to go on this trip, even though accomodations and airfare are covered - need spending money to make this a real vacation. I NEED to sell HALF of the package - that is TWO return airfare from Toronto and one shared hotel room for TWO. The trip is 6 days in length. Cost to purchase this would be $879-1200 +$130 Tax PER PERSON. I would like to get $900 USD for BOTH! Will consider ONE person also, as I have a single friend who is interesred in going.

You need to travel the same time as my brother and I as it is a family package.