View Full Version : MP3 Player, anyone?

June 22nd, 2000, 9:19pm
I just got an Audiovox MPDJ in the mail from a local sweep. It looks like a sweet little machine--emphasis on *little*--and it goes for about $149. But it's not Mac-compatible, so I can't even use it as a gift. Anybody interested? I'd swap for an e-book or other likely gadget (including, of course, an MP3 player that works with Mac), or sell it for cheap.


June 23rd, 2000, 1:07pm
Hey Fou,

I don't suppose you need a plain paper fax machine? I don't have much in the way of gadgets, but I've ended up with an extra fax.

If so, drop me a note. Actually, drop me a note anyway because I'd be interested in buying it too.