View Full Version : XCAM contest

February 7th, 2000, 4:05pm
Yippee! I won the XCam contest ($500 in merchandise from X10.com)

I was wondering if anyone wanted to buy this for $400? I am open to ideas.

February 7th, 2000, 4:14pm
HUH!!! Man you lied ahhhhhhhhh you said you were going to use it for your reunion, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm turning you in! ahhhhhh lol j/k, congrats on winning though! I'm hoping to win it this month! How come you don't want the cameras? they just came out with the new x10 cam2!

February 7th, 2000, 4:46pm
Well, the secret is out! I was so excited I finally told dear hubby that I was entering sweeps and contests. Lo and behold, he came up with many uses for the prize! Namely, trade for $ and pay on bills. :-(

But at least he is supportive of me playing now!

February 7th, 2000, 5:06pm
:D Well, now afterall, what did you expect from an Aggie? :)

Please~let me be a winner K