View Full Version : oh yeah, everyone will want to trade something for this!

November 18th, 1999, 2:56pm
WOW amazing, look at this great prize (lol hhahehehahhaa) THe great and amazing Nick-O-Matic Design Factory software, with an amazin retail value of who knows what (maybe around 15 bucks) I just recieved it in the mail today (dang they did a crappy packing job! the box looked like it went through one of those branch shredding machines!) It comes with these free items ! -2 sheets of printable shrink sheets to create key chains and jewelry! and 2 sheets of clear decals for removable tattoos (warning can make kids look like they just came from a harley gang club downtown!) or window decals (if you let your kids put these on your car, all the nieghbor kids will start swarming to your house cause your a "cool" mom that lets her kids trash her car lol) , anddddddddddd 20 restickable round sticks, plus look at this! 9 restickable Large Round stickers (great for older kids to slap against there cheeks and rip them off again so as to use them to shave)! It's a great software for those budding 6+computer nerds! anyone wanna trade? lolllllllllllll

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November 18th, 1999, 5:10pm
I'll trade you a dreamcast for it, NOT!

November 18th, 1999, 5:11pm
ohhhhhhhh man, you had ma hopes up there fora second!!!!!!

November 18th, 1999, 10:57pm
Don't feel bad. I wish I had a dreamcast too. (Ever since I saw that NFL2000 Game.)