View Full Version : Barney DVD

November 18th, 1999, 1:27pm
When and if I receive this $25 Barney DVD, I'd be happy to trade it for the Penneys day scheduler that I can't seem to win. Any takers?

November 18th, 1999, 2:48pm
Yikes, barney! um I'm too old for barney :)

November 18th, 1999, 3:21pm
In the famous words of Robert Deniro, "You talkin' to me?" Sorry, Joni, this is an Anti-Barney household. My kids aren't even allowed to mention his name in my house. (We do, however enjoy South Park together.) I mention that so I can hear the cyber gasp from all the other moms in this forum! :) Maybe you'll win something I REALLY want and we can trade then.

November 18th, 1999, 4:48pm
I'll pass, too! :) I specifically did not enter that one just in case I would actually win! I can only handle the 30 mins each day that my 4yo watches that horrid dinosaur and all of those overacting children! I should say we are an "anti-Barney" house, also! BUT, we don't get to enjoy SouthPark because up here in the boonies we get one station only...PBS!