View Full Version : ohhh mannnnn

November 17th, 1999, 4:02pm
Man, I wish you would have started this sooner so I could trade my digital camera i won for a sega dreamcast! hmmmm, maybe I could send a person 100 bucks to cdnow.com, and they could send me a digital camera! but we each would have to pay for the shipping for the items we are sending!

November 17th, 1999, 7:43pm
Marinersrock- That's ok because I just know in my heart you are going to win one- you want one so bad. Keep on keeping on- Carol

November 17th, 1999, 7:46pm
lol, yeah i hope i do! I could sell all the stuff i have won from bolt.com, and get a dramcast, but mumsy says I am on the ole pc too much, and don't need another thing taking up my time! so I gotta win one somehow! :)

November 17th, 1999, 8:32pm
You will, you will! After all, you're a west coaster AND a little Irish!