View Full Version : Did anyone else get email from Lindonwold??

June 22nd, 2000, 2:25am
Got this in my email tonight. Subject line said "Watch your regular mail...you won"

Dear Michelle Hudak,

You are an instant prize winner in Lindenwold Fine
Jewelers' National Giveaway.

It is our responsibility that you understand you are a
real winner with no purchase required because a purchase
will not improve your chances of winning.

Watch your mail for your notification. It includes all
the information you need to know to claim your winnings
from this National Giveaway.

Your prize winner notification will arrive between
June 22 and June 28.

Follow the link below to see what the envelope will look
like so you don't overlook your prize winner information.

Click on the above link, or copy and paste it into
your browser's address field.

Best wishes,
Thomas D. Waterfield
Director of Public Relations
Email: custserv@lindenwold.com

This is a sweepstakes entry confirmation from Lindenwold
Fine Jewelers. You are on this list because we have
received your name as a sweepstakes entrant. If you are
not interested in receiving this type of information we
apologize. To REMOVE your name from our lists,
please click on the link below, or copy and paste it into
your browser's address field.

My questions are these:
1) Why are they telling me there is no purchase required if I "won" a prize?
2) If you go to the website to view this incoming sweepstakes envelope so you don't "overlook" it, why does it bear a startling resemblence to a Publisher's Clearing House or Reader's Digest envelope??
3) Why do they add the "if you want to be removed from this list" at the end of their email....why the heck would I want to be removed from being told I won?

I know I had this contest bookmarked as a daily, but all told, I probably entered this one a dozen times before I deleted it and that was months ago. The website had that "hokey" look. I took a look at the sweep their running now. Unless I missed something, there wasn't any mention of an Instant Winner prize. Maybe I'm wrong and it's legit or maybe I "won" the $19.99 cubic zirconia pendant. Will be watching my mail to see. Curious if there are any other "instant winners" from the board.

June 22nd, 2000, 9:14am
Yup, got one too. In my past snail mail "wins" with them, it turned out to be hype. If I remember correctly, I got a tiny piece of raw rock and they said it was a diamond or ruby or some such nonsense. I am aware of their deceptive ways and do not even know why I would have entered their sweeps. They must have been advertising under a different name. Yes, I think it is mostly scam. .....Robert

wishing you luck
June 22nd, 2000, 10:31am
This company is headquartered near me in NE OHIO. It has been in trouble over copyrights. The company relies heavily on telemarketing to sell its jewelry. When I saw the sweepstakes listed, all I could think was they needed some new lists of names. Please BEWARE

June 22nd, 2000, 12:07pm
I got the same e-mail! I felt that
it was a little hinky. I wish I
had been wrong! Thanks for all the