View Full Version : Has Anyone Else Been Bounced E!'s Email?

December 16th, 1999, 3:03pm
Over the past couple of days, E! online's mail server has been bouncing all incoming mail to many of the addresses on its sweepstake's mailing list. And more and more people hit reply to ask what the heck is going on. This Is Making IT Much Worse. All the replies are being bouced right back at everyone else, quickly filling up mailbox after mailbox. Many, many unhappy people.


December 16th, 1999, 3:36pm
I got hit and I just deleted everything. If it keeps coming, I'll probably put a block on it.

I could do anything if I just knew what it was.

December 16th, 1999, 5:45pm
I got about 75 emails, but some of the replies smacked of a joke of some kind. The final one was an apology, with a REQUEST for a reply, and it said that eonline had been made aware of the problem. Since the final email was actually directed to my email address, and had a "friend" of mine's signature request for a reply, I thought maybe someone was playing a game. Maybe not.