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March 16th, 2004, 8:07pm
2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion chopped
4 - 6 cloves fresh garlic smashed and minced
3 stalks celery chopped
3 unpeeled carrots chopped
1 TBSP ginger minced ( i use slightly less if using ginger root fresh, if no fresh ginger root they sell ginger in the jar in asian food section, do NOT use candied ginger or ginger powder)
1/2 c dried green lentils
1/2 c uncooked pearl barley
4 cups vegetable stock (OR 4 tsp veggie bullion and 4 c water)
1 (aprox 15 oz) can tomatoes and green chilies
1 cup water
1 tsp cumin
pepper and salt to taste
2 TBSP soy sauce

Saute onion garlic ginger celery and carrots in oil over medium heat in a stock pot for 5 minutes. Add lentil and barley turning to coat and saute 3 more minutes. Add rest of ingrediants except soysauce. Simmer covered over med high heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add the soy sauce - simmer 20 more minutes. For thicker stew simmer uncovered *keep an eye on the liquid and add more water as needed. For thinner stew cover for remainer of cooking. This can be eaten plain but i prefer to serve it with a TBSP of sour cream in the bowl. Delicious, warming and will definatly satify most anyone - even my picky 2 yr old snarfs this down. Enjoy and please post if you do make it!

March 16th, 2004, 8:09pm
This looks awesome Fidg, thanks for sharing! I :love: ginger.

Also, when ya gonna share the cheesecake recipes?

March 16th, 2004, 8:23pm
those have to wait.. i may never share them! MUHAHHAHAHHA ill just keep entering them into recipe contests till they WIN then i will "share" :nana:

March 23rd, 2004, 8:07pm
Fidg I am going to make this recipe this weekend. Husband is going out of town, so I'm heading down to my mom's and we are going to cook (and consume alcoholic bevs) all weekend. I think we are making this recipe on Friday, I am really excited to try it!

December 1st, 2005, 1:08pm
Who cares, I am bumping it anyway!

December 1st, 2005, 1:11pm
Who cares, I am bumping it anyway!

hooray! share the joy!

This stuff is AWESOME when it's chilly out