View Full Version : I sure could use a nice win

January 30th, 2012, 8:38am
To cheer me up and try to get out of this financial funk I am in. I would be happy with anything today!! I am just stressed with the amount of bills and not enough income to cover them month after month. I have my house on the market at a great price to hopefully get out of this debt. It has accumilated over the years of helping my son through college, car repairs, medical expenses. I do not spend money for things I want or need. Its just paying bills. I am getting so depressed living like this. Thanks for letting me vent!!:grouphug:

January 30th, 2012, 8:53am
Vent away! I hope you get a very large sweepstakes win very soon! Hugs to you to hang in there. :hugs:

January 30th, 2012, 9:19am
If you sell your house where will you live?

January 30th, 2012, 10:59am
I will rent somewhere closer to where my son lives!

January 30th, 2012, 11:09am
:grouphug: I feel your pain! I hope your house sells soon and you get a huge win!

January 30th, 2012, 12:56pm
I hope things turn around for you soon

January 30th, 2012, 4:25pm
:fairy4: Sending a big hug, good wishes, and fairy dust your way. :fairy3:

January 31st, 2012, 7:07am
Thank you everyone for hearing my pain and letting me vent. I appreciate your kind words. And let me add there was no win that I know of yesterday:frown5: