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  1. How do I make new windows open full-size?
  2. What does the little black dot on the green envelope mean in the forums?
  3. How do I change my profile, user options or avatar?
  4. What are Junior Sweepers, Sweepers, Senior Sweepers and Master Sweepers?
  5. Roboform, Gator, Type-It-In etc. Questions and Answers
  6. What is MySweeps and how do I use it? Find answers to all MySweeps Questions Here.
  7. Can I use my PO Box as my home address?
  8. If I am not home,will sponsor leave message on answering machine if I win?
  9. question for previous trip winners
  10. Should you give them your phone number
  11. Will I have to pay taxes on my winnings? Tax questions & Answers here
  12. Where Can I Find Sources For Sweepstakes?
  13. Will using Call Intercept cause me to miss a win?
  14. Why are so many sweepstakes void in Florida?
  15. Do emails that are actual winnings come with attachments?
  16. How do I capture the url for a popup window?
  17. Blank Pop-UP box?
  18. If I win a trip for two,will sponsor allow me to go alone ?
  19. Does enabling auto complete violate any rules of entry?
  20. What if I have problems remaining logged in?
  21. Are drawing dates/notification dates realistic ?
  22. Whats the average time you spend entering sweeps and how many do you enter each day?
  23. Snailmail
  24. Work phone number
  25. What is an Avatar and how to I get one?
  26. How do the Sweeper Titles (Junior Sweeper - Master Sweeper) work?
  27. Can two people use the same Avatar ?
  28. Should I have my own email address?
  29. Can husband enter same sweeps?
  30. email from sponsers
  31. What do the terms Not Assignable or Transferable mean?
  32. Can I change my user name?
  33. What does it mean when a thread's title is prefixed with "Sticky:"?
  34. How can you handle the various expenses on a big win ?
  35. Does "enter as often as you'd like" really mean unlimited daily entries ?
  36. How do I remove a sweep from MySweeps- on a Macintosh?
  37. I want a moving avatar, How do I get one?
  38. Unvalidated Sweeps
  39. Can you enter Sweepstakes if you are using a firewall ?
  40. What do all the different Acronyms such as LOL, ROFL, DH etc. mean ?
  41. Is there an equivalent software to Roboform for Macintosh?
  42. How long does it usually take to get notified of a win?
  43. How do you spot a dup
  44. How do you keep track of Enter 1 X Only Sweeps you have entered ?
  45. What if I'm not always available at the phone number I provide on entry forms?
  46. How do I post a new sweep?
  47. Any tips for searching for win notifications in your email?
  48. How are sweepstakes winners typically notified of the win?
  49. Why do I get an email when someone replies to my thread/post?
  50. What exactly are snailmail, phone-in and walk-in sweeps?
  51. What does the red word "new" mean in the sweepstakes listings?
  52. Do affidavits always need to be notarized? Where can I find a notary public?
  53. What is that little pop-up window that sometimes appears?
  54. Does MySweeps automatically keep track of when it's time to re-enter sweeps?
  55. Can I search for unvalidated sweeps in the sweepstakes directory?
  56. Why do I keep getting a blank green page in the sweepstakes directory?
  57. Why can't I submit a new sweep, stay logged in, or post in the forums?
  58. How do I use the Post-a-Note feature for Sweepstakes listed on the home page?
  59. How do I log out?
  60. How do you get the animated figures that appear in various posts?
  61. Are there any email only entries?
  62. Why do they require me to give my exact date of birth?
  63. Why do some sweeps make residents of Canada answer a skill question?
  64. Page Cannot Be Displayed
  65. How do I format my phone number when entering sweeps?
  66. Are Winners called or Emailed?????
  67. If someone has my bank account details can they use it for for unlawful behaviour etc
  68. New Sweepstakes - What Order?
  69. to subscribe or not subscribe
  70. How long has this site been here anyway?
  71. ols profile
  72. How long do my post stay in Forum?
  73. zip code entry 5 or 9 digit?
  74. Roboform and Win XP - Any known problems?
  75. Am I doing something wrong?
  76. Has anyone ever had to buy extra Roboform passcodes?
  77. Why does the Home Page "New Sweepstakes" change to a lower number after a day or two?
  78. Should winners send a thank you to the sponsor of the Sweepstakes?
  79. How do I temporarily unsubcribe to forums or thread email notices?
  80. Must homepage be logged onto before entry form?
  81. Why don't all the sweeps in the new sweep forum make it to the main site?
  82. Must an essay length be exact?
  83. Chances better with paid email boxes?
  84. How do I do I customize my avatar?
  85. How do I add a picture to my post?
  86. Can I use my voice mail number instead of my home telephone number on entry forms ?
  87. Backup MySweeps on Disk?
  88. How can I find out who posted a sweep?
  89. The email subject said I won a plasma TV! BUT..
  90. My sweeps can only hold about 500?
  91. Does automated or electronic ways of filling out forms mean the same as Roboform?
  92. What is a "Gimmie"?
  93. If the sweeps listed under todays date are "new", why do they end so soon?
  94. Can two OLS members using same the computer use the MySweeps feature?
  95. How do you define legal resident??
  96. Why are some alcohol related Sweepstakes void in certain states?
  97. What does "one entry per person/household" mean?
  98. What does ARV stand for anyway?
  99. does unsubscribing to newsletters cause them to remove you from contest?
  100. Question About Sponsors
  101. Question Regarding Mail In Contests
  102. Mail In Entry Envelopes???
  103. What exactly is an affidavit?
  104. I Need Smilies
  105. Google
  106. Paypal
  107. Subscribed to Forum But Not Getting Emails
  108. Notification
  109. Last question
  110. Avatar Selection
  111. What Is That "Do not click here" Link On The Home Page?
  112. Can I enter for my Boyfriend at the same time??
  113. Pictures
  114. What is the Address 2 field for?
  115. Paper Clip?
  116. How Can I Make A Donation To OS?
  117. how do you keep track?
  118. what is a "creative presentation?"
  119. how do you fix an incorrect start date on a sweep??
  120. General Roboform Questions and Answers
  121. Why are so many contests void in TN or force a mail in entry?
  122. Losing My (mind) Sweeps
  123. Is Newsletter Sign Up Required?
  124. Referral List Question
  125. What Does 1 Entry Per Person/ Email Really Mean?
  126. Those who have/do enter snail mail contests...
  127. Can I Keep Expired Sweeps In My Sweeps?
  128. thank you pages
  129. avatar dilemma
  130. Another keeping track question
  131. How Do I Catch Up On New Sweeps After Going On Vacation?
  132. Best way to enter state and phone number?
  133. Will Using MicroSoft Windows "Auto Complete" Feature DQ My Entry?
  134. How Do I Use The Quotation Feature When I Post?
  135. How Do I Add A Picture Or Smilie To My Signature Line?
  136. Temporarily Closed for Cleaning!
  137. How do I find all of my posts?
  138. How do Private Messages (PM's) work?
  139. Why can't I send or receive a Private Message?
  140. What is a signature line and how do I add one?
  141. How do I find/search for older posts?
  142. What is the rate it feature for?
  143. How do these forums work?
  144. Who oversees these forums?
  145. How do I make a buddy list in my PM's?
  146. Where is the search button and how do I use it?
  147. Roboform
  148. Post Card Sizes
  149. what is a dh or ds?
  150. Dumb question but need some advice
  151. Did anybody ever win anything big in online sweepstakes?
  152. how does one become junior,master,etc. sweeper?