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  1. The Consumerist: Comcast Dings Your Credit Report For Moving With Their Precious Cable Modem [Anger]
  2. The Consumerist: Scammy Computer Seller BlueHippo Settles With FTC For $5 Million [Lawsuits]
  3. The Consumerist: The Secret Lives Of Consumer Reports Secret Shoppers [Shopping]
  4. The Consumerist: Is Your Vet Ripping You Off? [Videos]
  5. The Consumerist: Consumer Confidence Plunges [Economics]
  6. The Consumerist: Comcast Stacks FCC Hearing Seats With Sleepy Shills [Net Neutrality]
  7. The Consumerist: Happy Resolution To Very Strange Circuit City iPod Touch Bait And Switch [Success S
  8. The Consumerist: Traveling Gas Sellers Rip Off Homeowners In Michigan [Scams]
  9. The Consumerist: Late Payments On Credit Cards Highest In Three Years [Personal Finance]
  10. The Consumerist: Man Records Phishing Call [Recordings]
  11. 10 Things Your Tax Preparer Won't Tell You - Yahoo! Finance and SmartMoney.com
  12. Millions of eligible filers miss out on tax credit - The Columbus Dispatch
  13. Subprime Primer [slideshow] - Funny
  14. For Those Unlucky Enough To be In CC Debt...
  15. The Consumerist: What Can You Do If PayPal Holds Your Funds For 21 Days? Gamble With It In Their Mon
  16. The Consumerist: Never Budgeted Before? Here's Something Simple You Can Do Right Now [Personal Finan
  17. The Consumerist: Tax Cat: Let's Learn About "Necessary And Ordinary Business Expenses" [Tax Tip]
  18. The Consumerist: Exxon May Have Its Punitive Damages For Valdez Spill Cut In Half By Supreme Court [
  19. The Consumerist: Consumers Behave Stupidly When Things Are "Free" [Studies]
  20. The Consumerist: DirecTV Thinks You Need Protection Plan, Won't Take "No" For Answer [Hidden Fees]
  21. The Consumerist: Comcast Will Charge You $2 To Stop Sending You Junk Mail [Hidden Fees]
  22. Basic Information on the Stimulus Payments
  23. The Consumerist: 19 Free Tax Services Tested And Rated [Taxes]
  24. The Consumerist: Reader Sues Best Buy In Small Claims Court And Wins [Lawsuits]
  25. The Consumerist: A debt-blogging couple in their forties celebrates ... [Debt]
  26. The Consumerist: Complain Like A Nice Old Man [Customer Service]
  27. Bloomberg - Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish
  28. The Consumerist: Kelly's Will Rent-To-Own You This Wii For $948 [Poverty]
  29. The Consumerist: Can't Afford Your Mortgage? Walk Away! [Subprime Meldtown]
  30. The Consumerist: Case Closed: HSBC Won't Tell You Someone In Bulgaria Is Stealing $2,000 From You [S
  31. The Consumerist: Comcast Apologizes For $2 Charge, Says It Will Make Sure CSRs Don't Do That Anymore
  32. The Consumerist: Lead Found In Dental Appliance [Safety]
  33. The Consumerist: Staples Tries To Charge Senior Citizen $390 For Basic Computer Repair [Tune Ups]
  34. The Consumerist: Go Buy A Shredder Right Now [Identity Theft]
  35. The Consumerist: Worst Promotion Ever Causes Riot In Union Square As Hipsters Fight For Cash-Wrapped
  36. The Consumerist: FAA: New Planes Are Held Together With "Substandard" Parts [Aviation]
  37. The Consumerist: Comfort Suite's Shady "Energy Surcharge" Costs You $144 [Hotels]
  38. Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls
  39. The Consumerist: Choose A Qualified Tax Preparer [How To]
  40. The Consumerist: Nissan Dealership Won't Refund Deposit [Bad Salesmen]
  41. The Consumerist: Do Coat Hangers Sound As Good Monster Cables? [Ripoffs]
  42. The Consumerist: Uhaul To Start Charging $1-$5 "Environmental Fee" [Leaks]
  43. The Consumerist: Verizon FiOS "Free LCD TV" Promotion Resulting In A Lot Of Angry Customers [FiOS]
  44. The Consumerist: IRS Reminds You To File Your Tax Return In Order To Receive Stimulus Payment [Tax T
  45. 401k debit cards
  46. The Consumerist: AT&T Mobility Agrees To Refund Money To Florida Customers & Pay $2.5 Million To Sta
  47. The Consumerist: Capital One Invents New Way To Rip You Off For $500 [Complaints]
  48. The Consumerist: Plastic Surgery Company Sues Consumer Site For Negative Customer Reviews [Trademark
  49. The Consumerist: Extended Car Warranties Are A Ripoff [Cars]
  50. The Consumerist: Fed Chairman Asks Banks To Forgive Mortgage Debt [Credit Crunch]
  51. The Consumerist: Countrywide's Risky Mortagages May Be Ballooning Out Of Control [Subprime Meltdown]
  52. No more clipping coupons!
  53. Great Depression II
  54. Data Breach Reveals 4.2 Million Cards
  55. 200 Salmonella Cases in Colo. Town
  56. Heat patches recalled
  57. Flat Panel TVs not dropping much in price
  58. Singulair asthma medication being investgated
  59. 400 Ill from Theme Park
  60. Got Ink? Fill'em (Printer cartridges) up for Free!!!
  61. First Location-Based Cell Phone Ads Get Privacy Thumbs-Up..
  62. Sam Adams Recall......bits of glass in bottles!!!!
  63. Study: Many who think they belong to middle class, in fact, don't
  64. News Flash, "Amazon.com gives $50 credits for HD DVD purchasers"
  65. Blockbuster bids on Circuit City
  66. GasBuddy.........
  67. Food Shortages and Hoarding
  68. CFL bulbs and fire dangers - Be aware!
  69. Going Green ?...You'll want to see this.....
  70. Senior Citizens Resources....
  71. National Archives military records free online until May 31
  72. Disney recall on sleeping bag, toy wand
  73. Bird Seed & Deer Feed Recalled - Long List
  74. Economy Grew .9% in 1st Quarter/2008
  75. Gift Cards & Bankrupt Companies
  76. No more bananas???
  77. Online stores/Companys that offer free shipping..
  78. The Consumerist....where the Shoppers Bite Back
  79. Overstock joins Amazon in suing N.Y. over online taxes..
  80. Want To Spy On Comcast Subscribers? Comcast Has The Job For You!
  81. was this a scam
  82. US Slowdown to Be Long, but no Recession: Survey
  83. Father's Day Suggestion?
  84. How Recessions Work
  85. ENVIRONMENT Detergent ban starts here July 1
  86. Want XP on a new Dell? You'll pay up to $50 extra for the aging OS...
  87. The Truth about Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry..
  88. *important* Fda Recalls All Petco Animal Foods!!!!!!!
  89. gas prices and what have you done?
  90. 'Lean Pockets' Sandwiches Recalled
  91. Top Five Worst Dollar Store Buys
  92. A question for Starbuck's coffee adicts-
  93. Bennigan's filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7
  94. Check out the new style in shoes!
  95. Lenders Say Credit Crisis Hitting Wealthy
  96. 'Extreme Makeover' Home in Foreclosure
  97. Bad economy - more store closings
  98. Shoppers hit with the second biggest increase in prices in nearly three decades
  99. FDIC Failed Bank List
  100. Recession-Proof your Income
  101. Beef - It's not what's for dinner.
  102. Credit Card Scam
  103. WOOHOO! Monsanto sells rBGH to Eli Lilly
  104. Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza Recalled
  105. Amazon drops price guarantee
  106. Carter's Tagless baby clothes may cause irritation
  107. Cell phone numbers being released to TELEMARKETERS!!!!!
  108. Anyone else see this on cnbc!!! Our dollar is in big trouble
  109. Financial Crisis in America Threatens Israel's Stability
  110. Stocks stumble amid new Wall Street landscape
  111. Has Anyone looked at their new Social Security Statement?
  112. FDIC has $50 Billion to cover $1 Trillion!!!!!!!!!
  113. Who really hires Home-Based workers?
  114. Federal bank insurance fund dwindling
  115. Mars Petcare US Voluntary Limited Food Recall
  116. Why is this board so dead??
  117. I'm so sick of Democrats and Republicans!!
  118. Ways to save on energy costs!
  119. Got an idea to help the world? Here's $10 million
  120. The Birk Economic Recovery Plan‏
  121. My bank collapsed yesterday! Biggest bank failure in USA history!
  122. Citibank acquires Wachovia
  123. Wall street crashes
  124. The "rich" were warned in January!
  125. Tell Yoplait to put a lid on rBGH.
  126. NY SUN Out of Business
  127. HAPPY NEW YEAR, federal debt.
  128. Consumer Action Alert thread.
  129. A trip down Foreclosure Alley
  130. Fannie Mae forgives loan for woman who shot herself
  131. unemployment
  132. Archway/Mothers Cookies Co files for bankruptcy
  133. Baby Boomers will bring economy DOWN
  134. Peter Shiff predicts US Economy Collapse in 2006!
  135. Linens N' Things stores closing nationwide
  136. Bottled water exposed…it's not so pure after all‏
  137. Attention: Possible refund on older KMart Gift cards!
  138. The Hartz Mountain Corporation Voluntarily Recalls One Specific Lot of Nationwide Chicken-Basted Raw
  139. RECALL: Delta 1.6 Million Baby Cribs
  140. Greenwashing - companies that purport "eco friendly" to make a profit.
  141. GLOBAL ECONOMY | Gas price in free fall, but flip side of that is trouble
  142. OPEC Orders Cut in Oil Production (NYT)
  143. Raw Pork and MRSA
  144. NC man finds mouse parts in hot dog buns
  145. Circuit City in Trouble
  146. General Mills Issues Voluntary Class One Recall Involving One Day’s Production of Progresso Hearty T
  147. Consumer bankruptcies jump 40% in Oct., top 100,000
  148. One in five homeowners with mortgages under water
  149. Second Stimulus May Arrive by Christmas
  150. Nestle Nesquik Strawberry Powder Recall
  151. Covidien recalls syringes posing risk to diabetics
  152. Hartz Mountain Corporation recalls dog food chips
  153. McCormick & Company Has Recalled McCormick Enchilada Sauce Mix Due to Unlabeled Milk Ingredients
  154. Bimbo Bakeries USA Issues an Allergy Alert on Undeclared Tree Nuts in Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  155. Nestlé Prepared Foods Company Recalls Frozen Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich Products
  156. Wal-Mart Recalls General Electric Toasters Due to Fire and Shock Hazards
  157. Razor USA Recalls PowerWing Three-Wheeled Scooters Due to Laceration Hazard
  158. TV Stands Recalled By Studio RTA Due to TV Tip-over Hazard
  159. Lip Gloss and Jewelry Sets Sold Exclusively at Wal-Mart Recalled by F.A.F. Inc. Due to Risk of Lead
  160. Circuit City lays off 500-800 in Corporate office
  161. Infant Mylicon recall
  162. Hot Dog Recall
  163. "Environmentalists" trying to ban bottled water in USA
  164. FDIC Plan Would Refinance Troubled Loans
  165. Nestle Lean Cuisine recall
  166. PANOS Brands Recalls Vegan Rella Cheddar Block
  167. Walmart worker in Long Island Trampled to death
  168. Tyson sues to keep "antibiotic-free" label - injects eggs with antibiotics
  169. Brita will be recycling their filters come January 2009 in the USA
  170. Products/Brands being tested for melamine
  171. Toxic Toys
  172. WARNING on Pet Treats ( chicken flavor)
  173. Companies That Will Disappear in 2009
  174. Recession to steal some glitz from gadget show
  175. Porn industry seeking bail out from Government...
  176. Review: The Polaroid camera is back, in digital
  177. Palm unveils new smart phone, operating system
  178. Free calls from Skype could come soon to iPhones
  179. Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows 7 is nearly final
  180. Broadcasts to mobile devices to start in 22 cities
  181. Dish Network unveils `Slingloaded' TV recorder
  182. Apple's Jobs takes $1 salary, but holdings suffer
  183. Toyota to roll out safety, driver assist services
  184. Stores' dismal December means prices should fall
  185. Stocks end mostly higher after mortgage deal
  186. Blu-ray discs seen as bright spot in glum season
  187. Dell touts luxury brand but offers few details
  188. Ford shows newest Sync in-car technology features
  189. Verizon Wireless completes $5.9B Alltel buyout
  190. Childrens Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings Recalled
  191. Best & Worst Customer Service Stories
  192. Gottschalks files for Chapter 11 protection
  193. PC shipments decline worldwide in 4Q
  194. Sliced Apples Recalled
  195. Haagen-Dazs Announces Shrinkage
  196. Keebler Peanut Butter Recalled
  197. Commercial paper loans and small business
  198. Collaborate on CONSPIRACY OF THE RICH By Robert Kiyosaki, a free interactive online book in progress
  199. Microsoft resorts to first layoffs, cutting 5,000
  200. How to pick an HDTV for the Super Bowl and beyond
  201. Yahoo's new CEO imposes salary freeze
  202. Intel to cut up to 6,000 jobs in factory shakeup
  203. GE profit drops 46 pct as finance unit struggles
  204. thousands of layoffs reported
  205. U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks
  206. Review: Gloves with fancy fingers for iPhone use
  207. Smooch-a-pooch benefit to help animal shelter
  208. 'Need for Speed' franchise is shifting gears
  209. Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend
  210. Calif. weighs tough TV energy standards
  211. Dark 401(K) secret
  212. The Great Banking Rip Off
  213. Kids' jackets from Gwen Stefani's line recalled
  214. mercury found in corn syrup
  215. How are small businesses doing?
  216. Yoplait going to be rBGH free
  217. Stock Market today at 10 year low - 1997
  218. B Of A Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As 'Idiots'
  219. Hallmark magazine going out of business
  220. Popular Soft Drinks Removing High Fructose Syrup
  221. Rich Americans SUE to keep their names secret
  222. Financial aid to support needy students not subsidize big banks
  223. N.C. woman settles on alternative to leaving family behind, refusing orders
  224. Higher Taxes Hit Working Wives
  225. Has anyone tried for loan modification?
  226. Whole Foods selling 13 stores in settlement
  227. Madoff's new home YEAH !!!!!
  228. Farmers on the Cutting Edge of Energy
  229. Pasta for Your Troubles? Dinner’s on Bernie
  230. 35 Counties Account for 50% of Foreclosures
  231. $100,000.00 in the bank and recieving food stamps
  232. Insurers offer to stop charging sick people more
  233. Drinking Scalding Tea May Cause Cancer
  234. Breaking news!
  235. Obama Wants You ...To Buy a Car!!
  236. Spice recall - salmolnella
  237. 9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas
  238. Mass. man charged in library rape gets life
  239. Apply for free Scholarships for working parents who want to got back to school
  240. Sallie Mae To Return Support Jobs to U.S
  241. Author who predicted crisis sees inflation ahead1
  242. Virgin gives U.S. mobile users who lose jobs a break
  243. Personal Finance advisor goes broke
  244. Turmeric supplementas (Fortodol or Leppin Miradin) recalled
  245. Tell the EU to keep GE rice off their plates.
  246. Your request is being processed... Jamaica Hostage Crisis: Air Passengers Held By Gunman
  247. Walgreens to offer free health care at Take Care clinics to unemployed, uninsured
  248. U.S. mass layoffs rise to highest on record
  249. Yahoo to close GeoCities, other services in revamp
  250. Find missing money